Special Foster Needed for Diabetic Alert Dog in Training

Diabetes Alert Dogs

Our Diabetic Alert Dog program is designed to investigate a detection dog’s ability to recognize, and alert, when a diabetic person’s blood sugar is out of the normal range.

We first introduce the dogs in the study to the hypoglycemic scent using saliva samples obtained when a person’s blood sugar is in the range of 50mg/dL – 70mg/dL. The dogs are first imprinted on the odor from the saliva samples.

To find out more information about donating saliva samples to the study, email us at pvwdcdad@gmail.com.

After many repetitions in various environments, the dogs then begin training on the scent wheel. The wheel is a tool used to present the dogs with many different odors, allowing the trainers to selectively reward only the dog’s indication at the target scent. The wheel is used to refine the training, proof the dogs off of other odors, and communicate to the dog exactly what scent it is we want them to find.

In addition to scent work training, the dogs undergo extensive environmental desensitization ensuring they will be able to confidently and successfully work in any situation. These training elements are then combined and the dog begins training for real world alerts with their trainer, then their owner.

Our training program utilizes positive reinforcement and each step is diligently recorded for research purposes.

Study Objectives

  • Evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of a detection dog’s ability to alert on hypoglycemic scent.
  • Identify the volatile organic compounds unique to this physiological condition that the dogs are alerting on.

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Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance

As the medical alert detection dog field continues to grow, organizations such as the Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance work with a mission to create an Alliance between breeders, trainers, and consumers, offering resources on diabetic alert dogs. Learn more about this organization at www.diabetesalertdogalliance.org

K9 PApa Bear Looking for New Foster Family

PApa Bear, one of our adorable chocolate labs, needs a new place to call home and a new, loving family to take care of him while he completes his training to be a diabetic alert dog. He has already finished his foundational search training, and in 4-6 months he will be ready to keep his future owner safe and healthy by alerting him or her immediately when their blood sugar is outside the normal range.

We Celebrate Our 1st Anniversary!

Today we take a moment to thank all those who have played a role in making our first year such a success!With 16 puppies in our training program and our facility developing to accommodate Search and Rescue Dog training as well as Diabetic Alert Dog and Cancer Detection Dog training, we could not be more pleased.
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