How To Keep Cats From Tracking Litter Around The House

A cat litter tray is both an essential addition to a home, and a messy one. Although some products have been designed to stop litter from escaping, there is only so much they can do. When they move the pieces out of the box, they can get trapped between paws and move to almost every corner of a home. Thankfully there are ways to remedy this and keep your home as clean and hygienic as possible. Let’s take a look at how.

Buy A Quality Litter Tray

Like we mentioned, one of the key ways of keeping a clean home is with a quality litter tray. They vary in terms of what they can do to stop the offshoots from flying around your kitchen or wherever else you place the tray. Some have a hooded design that keeps every fragment in the tray or even just high sides that help.

Otherwise, a top entry litter tray can be highly effective although it doesn’t account for the pieces that become lodged in a paw then later fall onto the floor.

Buy A Cat Litter Mat

Although they are designed to keep the area surrounding their tray clean, a litter mat takes a lot of the punishment instead. Because it traps any debris in small grooves, it will not be tracked around your home. They work in the same way as a doormat does, cleaning paws before they venture off. The texture usually encourages them to wipe their paws as well which is another benefit.

Place The Tray Strategically

A kitchen or hallway might be a favorable place to put a litter tray but it is not always the best. These areas are high in foot traffic meaning litter can be trodden on, picked up on footwear, and spread around a home.

If you have a closet or laundry room then these can be better suited. There is less chance of it being moved and because the floors are often smooth and not carpeted, they are easier to clean.

Buy A Different Cat Litter

Not every cat litter is so easy to track around the house. Some products tend to stay in their place a lot better, particularly the heavier types. If you are using a product with small fragments then it is going to be easier to move and trickier to clean.

Use An Old Rug

Placing the litter mat on a larger rug can also catch the odd loose particle. Not only this, but the texture can wipe off the dust as your cat moves away from the tray before she re-enters your living areas.

Trim The Paw Area

Because a lot of litter is spread because it clings to the hair around the paws, it is a good idea to give the area a little trim now and then. This stops the particles from hanging on before they fall around your home and it is particularly bad with long-haired felines.

Buy A Scratching Post

Sharp claws can also hold onto pieces of litter before they are shaken off which is why it is a good idea to purchase a scratching post. They can allow your cat to file her claws so they are not hanging onto the litter.

What Else Can You Do To Keep The Area Hygienic?

One of the major concerns of cat litter being tracked around the home is that it might have harmful bacteria on it that can spread illness. Of course, this is a big worry which is why a cat owner might feel the need to do more.

Buy A Self Cleaning Litter Tray

The height of modern pet-owning technology, a self-cleaning litter tray takes away the strain of what is a thankless task. There are different methods a company can use to make it work but most of the time they wait a few minutes until the cat has left the tray before removing the waste and leaving only clean litter. This is great because it means they are less likely to tread any fouled pieces around the house.

Regularly Clean The Litter Tray

Although it is best practice to remove the dirty litter regularly, a lot of people don’t clean the tray itself often enough. At least once a week is a good practice to make sure bacteria is killed and the tray is not a place for it to fester.

The same goes for the mat. It is important to find out how to keep a cat litter mat clean so you can get more use out of it, and keep your home hygienic. Some products are easier to clean than others but with a handful of designs to choose from, you only need to know a few methods to keep your home smelling great and free from messy debris. This is how you should clean it:

First of all, check if the product is machine washable, some are which can make life a lot easier. If not, read the instructions on the specific model, then the following is usually a good idea:

  • Shake The Litter Of Debris Over The Trash
  • Use Soapy Water To Scrub The Surface
  • Rinse With A Hose
  • Hang It To Dry

Once it is wet, allow it to dry properly before bringing it back inside. A damp mat could go moldy if not cared for properly.

Use A Pet Door

If you have a laundry room, one of the ways of keeping odor contained is by using a pet door. Not only can this help to remove the odd piece of debris as they move through the gap, but it will stop the odor from moving into the next room and beyond.

Clean Frequently

As much as you can try to keep the area clear of debris, there is only so much you can do. You might be able to significantly reduce the amount of litter you find out of the tray but there will always be the odd piece that can build up if you leave them too long between cleans.

This is why it is a good idea to keep a broom and pan handy, possibly in the area so you remember to clean, and it is easy. A vacuum is going to be more effective and even a roller vacuum can do a nice job.

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