Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior (DRO)

Synonyms: n/a
Scientific Usage: n/a
Operational Usage: A technique used in behavior therapy and training designed to reduce the frequency of a target behavior by giving the subject reinforcement as long as the target behavior does not occur. If the target behavior occurs, the reinforcement is stopped. Actually, DRO is a combination of extinction of the target behavior while providing the subject with reinforcement for doing anything else.
Relevant Discipline: Explosive, General Training, Guide Dogs, Narcotic, Other Working Dog Organizations, Search & Recovery, Search and Rescue, Service Dog, Tracking/Trailing
Citation: http://www.swgdog.org/
Example: The dog is rewarded with dog treats for anything other than the undesirable behavior. A dog that jumps up is rewarded for anything other than jumping up (sitting, walking, standing, etc.)
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