8 Best Wireless Dog Fences in 2019

When you want to leave your dog to play, but don’t want to take up room with wire fences, a wireless dog fence can be the perfect addition to your home. Not only do they help to teach your dog boundaries, but they keep your beloved pooch in one place so you can go out, knowing the house is going to be tidy when you return.

As with any pet product, there are a lot of cheapo imitators. These can seem good at first, but do not have the longevity of the top ten we have found. They vary in terms of materials, some of them are invisible fences, others electric. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your dog will be safe in the area you confine them to, each of the following work to a high standard.

Here are our top 8 picks for the best Wireless Dog Fences:

#8 MASBRILL Electric Dog Fence

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For a non-intrusive, invisible dog fence, Masbrill has created a great option. It has the convenience of being rechargeable, as well as wireless. Simply attach the collar that is suitable for dogs of all sizes, and you can keep your dog safe, and know where they are at all times. You set a critical point, and when the dog reaches this area, the collar will produce a mild shock that will correct their position with a beep. The copper wire reaches 656 feet giving your dog lots of room to roam. It is easy to install and comes with everything you need to get going including boundary flags to help you and your dog to get a sense of the where they cannot go.

Pros: Easy to install
Large area

Cons: Not everyone likes a shock collar

#7 PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range

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This at-home system keeps dog’s away from your counter, or other parts of the house. This is not a containment system and will only keep them away from certain areas, but you can use if to keep them from coming upstairs, or particular areas of your home. The barrier range can be amended, and you can get a distance of up to 2.5 ft and it can also be used outdoors due to the waterproof design. It can help to keep certain pets away from each other, and fits into smaller spaces, using 3x AAA batteries. If your dog keeps getting into the trash when you are out or knocks over plants, then you can use this barrier to keep them away.

Pros: Containment system
Barrier range can be adjusted

Cons: Barrier range could be longer

#6 PetSafe Stubborn Dog Receiver Collar

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This waterproof shock collar helps you to select a controlled area that your dog can move within. Suitable for dogs of 8lb and over, it is compatible with many of PetSafe’s in-ground systems, it even beeps to tell you when the battery is low. You can use it to correct bad behaviour and the batteries actually last up to two months, only taking 2-3 hours to charge. You can correct tone, and static behaviour, and is adjustable to fit most sized dogs. A good option for anyone who already has the in-ground system, but needs an extra collar for multiple dogs.

Pros: Long battery life
Adjustable collar

Cons: In-ground system sold separately

#5 Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence

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This easy to hide copper wire fence goes under your garden surface and only takes minutes to install. The signal is one of the strongest we have seen because of this. This sets boundaries quickly and makes training easy. You can connect an unlimited amount of collars so it doesn’t matter how many dogs you have, you can keep them contained in your garden with Sit Boo-Boo’s dog fence. It uses the latest technology to provide a strong signal and with 955 ft of wire included, you can hide the wires as though they aren’t even there. This product comes with a lifetime warranty, making a safe purchase that you can rely on.

Pros: Strong signal
Stays out of sight

Cons: Have to install underground

#4 OCACA 2019 Updated Wireless Dog Fence System

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Gaining a reputation as a reliable brand, Ocala has made a system that is easy to set up, and comes with an alternative to vibration correcting shocks, using capos instead. With a 330 yard radius, it can cover an ample area and whatever mode you choose, they will activate once they cross this area. You can even use the collars to train your dog and correct behaviour such as barking, turning the correcting method on at your will. The long battery life has been made with the dog in mind, meaning you won’t have to keep taking the collar off as often. With a 180-day warranty, it is a great product, from a trustworthy company.

Pros: Wireless system
Strong signal
3 different correcting methods

Cons: other products have a longer range

#3 WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless & Training Collar Outdoor 2-in-1

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A wireless dog fence with a difference, this comes with remote control and can be used to correct bad behaviour. For the fence, it uses 2.4G frequency technology to ensure it is accurate. The range can reach 1968 ft making it perfect for this with large garden areas where dogs can roam certain parts. It comes with vibration and static warning functions and can be adjusted to work for dog training. The collar can also fit a number of breeds and sizes. The collar itself is made from eco-friendly material and is reflective, making it perfect for night use as well. The light will flash to indicate the battery is low, and it recharges in under 3 hours.

Pros: 1968 ft range
Can be used as a training collar

Cons: Other products have a longer range

#2 Pet Control HQ Electric Dog Fence

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This comes with the electronic collar that provides a gentle reminder when your dog strays out of the designated area. It doubles up as a great cordless dog training kit as you can change the settings to just use the collar and radio remote. It can reach up to a huge 10 acres making it one of the widest ranges you can find. The waterproof collar can withstand tough conditions, and the under-ground cord provides a strong signal that doesn’t rely on GPS. Suitable for dogs between 11-154lbs and can be used to section off herb gardens, swimming pools, or any part of your garden you wish to keep dog free.

Pros: 10 acre range
Comes with remote

Cons: Need to install underground

#1 PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

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The ultimate wireless dog fence, PetSafe has created an all-in-one system that is reliable, and humane. It covers a huge 3/4 acre of space so your dog can still get a lot of exercise even when contained. The wireless method does not take as much time to set up as below ground wires and is simple to install. It doesn’t shock your dog upon re-entry, so when they return to the designated area, they do so without any vibration from the collar. This system is great for camping, and the battery even lasts for up to 3 weeks, before the low battery alert sounds. The collar has 5 different levels of static to help you get the level that works best with your dog.

Pros: Huge 3/4 acre range
Battery lasts 3 weeks
Easy to set-up

Cons: Can be expensive for some

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