10 Best Wet Dog Foods in 2020

Even though there’s certainly nothing wrong with feeding a dog dry food, some people feel that wet dog foods are better for a dog’s digestion and overall health. These type of dog foods are also easier for puppies or older dogs to eat, and the dogs eating them usually enjoy them more than they do dry foods.

Of course, as is the case with any dog food, pet owners need to do their due diligence and make sure they buy a formula that’s made from high-quality ingredients and provide their dog with the highest level of nutrition available. Below are the top ten wet dog foods that accomplish all of these goals and they’re also foods that dogs love, too.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Wet Dog Foods:

#10 Rachael Ray Nutrish Peak Natural

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Even though people may know Rachael Ray from her cooking shows on the Food Network or from being the plucky host of a daytime talk show that bears her name, her pet food company has been quietly making some high-quality dog foods such as this one. It’s made without any gluten, grain or fillers, and is a nice source of vitamins and minerals for dogs. Although the serving pouches are a little bit small, especially for larger dogs, this product does have three exciting flavors that dogs are going to love. These flavors are Wild Ridge Recipe (chicken & lamb), Wetlands Recipe (chicken & duck), and Open Range Recipe (chicken & beef).

Pros: It’s a nutritious formula
This food doesn’t contain very many fillers

Cons: Portion sizes are a little small

#9 Solid Gold Green Cow Grain-Free

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The ingredients in this wet dog food may seem odd to human beings, but to dogs, it’s almost instantly loved by most dogs. That’s because it’s made with a grain-free formula that uses beef tripe as the number one ingredient. For anyone who doesn’t know what beef tripe is, it’s basically the muscle wall of a cow’s first stomach. This ingredient gives dogs real beef protein, minerals, and fats, but does it without gluten, wheat, or added artificial ingredients. It’s a natural and healthy dog food choice that many dogs are going to love.

Pros: Free of artificial flavors & preservatives
Full of healthy fats, vitamins & minerals

Cons: Grain-free formulas may not be suitable for all dogs

#8 Natural Balance Ultra Premium Canned Dog Food

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This high-quality wet dog food has several ingredients that pet parents are going to love. For example, it’s number one ingredient is real beef, and this ingredient is followed by beef broth and beef liver. This not only gives dogs the nutrition they need, but it also gives them a beefy taste that they love. Although this food might be fatty for older dogs, it’s still a quality product for just about every other dog’s life stage and breed.

Pros: Beef, Beef Broth & Beef liver are its first 3 ingredients
Dogs love its beefy taste

Cons: May be too fatty for older dogs

#7 Purina ALPO Gravy Dog Food Variety Pack

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This variety dog food with gravy pack of canned food provides dogs with two exciting flavors: beef with gravy and chicken with gravy. This good is nutritionally complete and contains the vitamins and minerals that dogs of all life stages need to stay healthy. It’s also a food that dogs love, and it’s well tolerated by most dog’s digestive systems. Although the main ingredient of this dog food is water, which is understandable considering the gravy base, it also has more by-products than we would’ve liked. Having said that, it’s still a quality 100% complete dog food and isn’t very expensive at all.

Pros: Dogs appreciate the gravy
Provides a good nutritional balance

Cons: Contains meat by-products

#6 Purina Beneful IncrediBites Adult Dog Food

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This is an exciting dog food variety pack from Purina Beneful that many dogs are going to love. It contains 27 3-ounce cans that are divided into 3 exciting flavors. There are real beef, chicken and salmon varieties, and each of them has a sauce that makes them very appetizing to most dogs. Although the portions of this wet dog food can be a bit small, even for smaller dogs, it is 100% nutritionally complete, is easy to digest and is universally loved by most dogs.

Pros: Variety packs has 3 exciting flavors
Dogs love the taste
It’s nutritionally complete

Cons: Portions are small

#5 Nutro Grain-Free Adult Dog Food

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The gravy variety packs are designed to give pet owners the ability to add a little bit of variety into their dog’s diet. This pack comes with 24 packs of wet dog food with gravy, and this 24-pack is subdivided into 4 different flavors. There are simmered beef and potato stew; savory lamb and vegetable stew; tender chicken with sweet potatoes and pea stew; and roasted turkey, potato, and pea stew. Real protein is the number one ingredient in these flavors, and they’re made with non-GMO ingredients.

Pros: It’s a high-quality dog food
Made with non-GMO ingredients
Proteins is its main ingredient

Cons: Finicky dogs may not like this product

#4 Purina One SmartBlend True Instinct

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Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct is a dog food that’s designed to be a healthier choice for dogs. It’s made with real venison and is made without using any poultry by-products. It also has four different antioxidant sources in it, is easy for most dogs to digest and is a nutritionally complete wet dog food. It’s also free of artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and best of all, it’s loved by most dogs.

Pros: Contains absolutely no fillers
Dogs love the flavor
Easy on a dog’s digestive system
It’s nutritionally complete

Cons: Grain-free formulas aren’t suitable for some dogs

#3 Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Senior Formula

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Blue Buffalo has been continuously cranking out high-quality dog foods for quite some time, and that’s why we were so excited to review this dog food. Even though its made with the needs of senior dogs in mind, so it’s not suitable for younger dogs, it does work quite well for its intended purpose. It’s chock full of nutrition, contains chicken as its number one ingredient, and is nutritionally complete. It’s also easier on older dogs digestive system, and older dogs love it.

Pros: Dogs love its flavor
It’s nutritionally complete for older dogs
Chicken is the number one ingredient
It’s easy on dog’s digestive systems

Cons: Made for senior dogs

#2 Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food

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This gourmet dog food is one that dogs of all sizes and breeds can appreciate. It’s made with chicken, turkey or duck as its number one ingredient and is well-balanced and fortified with minerals and vitamins. This American-made product seems to be truly loved by dogs and doesn’t seem to cause any digestive problems. Although it has more by-products than it should have, it still delivers good nutrition to a dog’s diet and can be served either alone or with kibble.

Pros: Dogs love the taste
It does provide good nutrition
It’s nutritionally complete
It’s easy on dog’s digestive systems

Cons: Contains too many by-products

#1 Pedigree Choice Cuts In Gravy

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This high-quality wet dog food comes in a variety pack that contains 24 packs of 4 different flavors. In this pack are Chicken Casserole Flavor, Grilled Chicken Flavor, Filet Mignon Flavor, and Beef Noodle & Vegetable Flavor. These dog food are made with real beef or chicken and come packed in a gravy that dogs absolutely can’t resist. This formula is also nutritionally complete, is easy to serve, and doesn’t disturb a dog’s digestive systems. Although larger dogs will have to be fed several packs for them to get a serving size, they have the right portion sizes for small to medium-sized.

Pros: Contains 4 exciting flavors
Made with real meat
Dogs love its taste
Has a good nutitritional balance

Cons: Packets are too small for larger dogs

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