10 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair in 2020

When you own a cat or a dog, it’s vital that you own a vacuum that can keep up with the level of hair that these pets shed on a daily basis. Most standard vacuums simply can’t keep up with all of this pet hair, and as a result, end up either missing half of the hair on the carpet or becoming clogged to the point that they are just about useless. And that can be extremely frustrating for just about any pet owner.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to the problem of pet hair, and that solution is to buy one of the many vacuum cleaners for pet hair. There are a number of great models available which are just waiting to tackle your pet hair. All you have to do is find the best pet hair vacuum available and use it properly. Which model is the best model, you ask? Well, it’s one of the vacuums we’ve listed in the following top ten list of the best vacuums for pet hair that are ready to handle any pet hair task in the home.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair:

#10 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright

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This vacuum has a number of tools which come together to make short work of pet hair. This model has an 8.5-amp motor, a 30-foot power cord, and an 8-foot hose. It also has a 1.5-liter dirt cup capacity, has swivel steering and provides a true edge to edge cleaning with suction channel tech built right into it. Another feature found on this vacuum is the newly designed turbo-eraser tool that powers up pet hair quickly and efficiently from upholstery. All of these features come together to make this vacuum a good tool for picking up hair, even though it is a little bit heavier than other models.

Pros: Has an 8-foot hose, has a 30-foot power cord

Cons: Vacuum is a bit heavy

#9 Eureka Floor Rover Upright NEU562A

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This lightweight vacuum for dog hair proves that cleaning up dog hair or even cat hair doesn’t have to be difficult. It has easy glide big wheels that glide effortlessly over floor surfaces and has a multi-stage cycle system that’s designed to never lose suction. Another great feature found on this model is a ten amp motor that picks up a ton of animal hair and deposits nicely into the extra-large capacity dust cup. This unit also has a HEPA filter that can capture particles all the way down to 0.03-microns, which means that it can trap up to 99.9% of allergens and dust sucked up in the vacuum.

Pros: Has a powerful 10-amp motor, is pretty lightweight, very easy to assemble

Cons: Its cord is annoying to rewind

#8 Bissell Pet Hair Bagless Power Glide

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A number of features found on this vacuum should be very interesting to most pet owners. This unit has a powerful motor that really sucks up dirt, pet hair and other particles and delivers it to its small, but adequate dirt cup. Although this unit is a little heavier than most other vacuum models, it does do a good job thanks to its triple-action brush roll which really pulls up animal hair and its suction action technology that provides edge-to-edge cleaning and never loses suction. This vacuum also has multi-action cyclonic separation and a smart seal system that traps allergens and prevents them from escaping into the air.

Pros: Doesn’t lose suction, filter captures dust & allergens, the vacuum has swivel steering, this unit provides edge-to-edge cleaning

Cons: Dirt cup is kind of small, this vacuum is a bit heavy

#7 Shark Pet-Perfect Cordless Handheld

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Although this handheld cordless pet vacuum doesn’t have the power or the features of the large upright vacuums, it does have a number of features which makes it extremely useful for pet owners looking for an inexpensive pet hair removal option. It uses a powerful lithium-ion battery that’s easily charged and which allows the unit to be easily carried from one end of the home to the next. It also has a detachable motorized brush that really scrubs ground-in dirt stains from carpets and helps to loosen pet hair that may be clinging to furniture. All of which makes it a powerful tool for certain cleaning situations.

Pros: The unit is extremely portable, removes dirt from carpets and upholstery, is an inexpensive pet hair removal option

Cons: Its use is limited due to it being a handheld

#6 Shark Rocket True Pet Bagless

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Of all of the animal hair vacuums on this list, this one is probably one of the more innovative ones. It is both a lightweight upright vacuum and when its head is removed, is a handheld unit with an extra long hose. The front of this vacuum is equipped with two LED lights which help to illuminate the area in front of it, and it has an extra-large dust cup that allows the user to vacuum for a long time without having to stop and empty the vacuum. Other exciting features which can be found on this unit include advanced swivel-steering, a weight of under 9-pounds and extra strong suction for picking up pet hair.

Pros: Ultra lightweight,is very powerful, is both an upright and a handheld, has LED lights to light dark areas

Cons: The vacuum doesn’t stand on its own

#5 Shark Navigator Professional Upright

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This upright vacuum does a great job of picking up dirt, dust, and hair on both hardwood and lightly carpeted floor. It does, however, have a bit of a problem being pushed over heavily carpet areas. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do several different things quite well. For one thing, with just a push of a button, the canister can be lifted away and used as a handheld to be used on hard-to-reach areas. It also has swivel steering, a dust cup capacity of 1.2-quarts and has a fairly powerful motor. And since it uses both complete seal technology and a HEPA filter, it can trap up to 99.9% of the allergens it sucks up.

Pros: The vacuum has a large capacity dust cup, is both a handheld and an upright, this unit has swivel steering, uses an allergen seal system

Cons: It’s hard to push over thicker carpet

#4 Eureka Power Speed Bagless NEU182A

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Although this vacuum has an extra large capacity dust cup and a powerful motor, it doesn’t weight a whole lot. In fact, this vacuum only weighs around 10-pounds, so it’s easy for almost everyone to move around the house. It has a 12.6-inch wide nozzle that cuts a pretty good cleaning path and is very easy to maneuver. This vacuum is a little bit louder than most other vacuums, but it does do a good job, is easy to use and is priced competitively. And since it has an extra-long crevice tool, a dusting brush, and an upholstery tool, it can clean just about anything in the home.

Pros: Vacuum is very lightweight, has good suction, has a long power cord, doesn’t cost very much

Cons: This vacuum is extremely loud

#3 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld

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At first glance, this corded handheld vacuum doesn’t look like a model that could really pick up pet hair, but it is such a device. That’s because it has a specially designed nozzle that works in two different ways. It has raised bumps that act as a rake to pull up pet hair stuck to upholstery, stairs and hard surfaces, and this nozzle is made from a rubber that attracts the hair to it. This combination, along with the unit’s 4-amp motor, really do a great job removing pet hair. Unfortunately, what prevents it from being really great is that it doesn’t do a good job picking up light dirt. However, if you’re looking for a pet hair removal system, then this product does a great job.

Pros: This handheld is extremely inexpensive, the vacuum is lightweight, this unit is portable, cleans up pet hair exceptionally well

Cons: doesn’t work well on regular dirt, doesn’t have the power of an upright

#2 Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless

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This handheld cordless vacuum might not have the power of an upright, but it sure does have a lot of versatility. It uses a powerful lithium-ion battery that powers its powerful motor and allows it to be easily carried throughout the house. This unit also has a motorized brush that really works upholstery to help lift pet hair out of it and suck it away. Another cool thing about this vacuum is that it has a couple of accessories which work really well, an upholstery tool and a crevice tool. All of which makes this a great tool for removing pet hair.

Pros: This vacuum is inexpensive, has a powerful motor, is lightweight, is also very portable

Cons: It’s not as powerful as an upright

#1 Shark Rotator True Pet Upright

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Not only is the Shark Rotator one of the nicest looking vacuums available but it’s the one that does the best job at cleaning up pet hair. Although it may be a bit heavy for some people, it does have the features needed to clean pet hair from virtually any surface. It has a powerful motor, built in front-facing LED lights, fingertip controls, and it has dynamic swivel steering. On top of that, it also has a mini-motorized brush, a pet multi-tool, and a crevice tool. It’s a vacuum designed to pick up pet hair, and it does it really well.

Pros: A very nice looking vacuum, this unit has a powerful motor, cleans up pet hair extremely well, has built-in LED lights

Cons: This vacuum is a bit heavy

More products also worth checking out:

Pet Hair Removal Guide

Cleaning up pet hair from your hardwood floors and carpets is some serious business, as anyone with allergies will tell you. Pet hair is an elusive substance that is not only extremely difficult to clean up but also ends up in places you would never imagine it would end up. That’s why it’s important to not only purchase the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, but it’s also important to make sure that you use it so that you achieve the best results possible. 

To help you remove more of the pet hair your pet produces and to also help you restore order to your home, we’ve created this guide that will give you some pointers towards both tasks. Not only are we going to tell you what tools you will need to expertly remove pet hair from your home, but we’re also going to give you some great tips to help you pick up pet hair faster and more thoroughly. 

Tools Needed For Pet Hair Removal

Well, it’s probably pretty obvious that you are going to need a pet vacuum with a powerful motor and great suction to remove pet hair from your home, so we’ll just skip right to the accessories. If you are going to remove every strand of hair from your home, then you are going to need a wide range of accessories that can accomplish the jobs you need them to accomplish. Below are the most frequent vacuum accessories needed for pet hair. 

Scrubbing Attachment: Any pet vacuum worth its weight needs to have a scrubbing attachment with hard bristles. This will enable the user to force up hair that may be ground into the carpet or pet bedding. Once the hair is loosened, the vacuum can then suck up the hair and dispose of it.

Brush Attachment: A brush attachment is a useful tool for working around baseboards or for removing hair from sensitive surfaces such as electronics or televisions. This attachment uses soft bristles to gently push up hairs that may be superficially stuck to surfaces. 

Stair Attachment: The only people who may not need this attachment is people without stairs, although it needs to be said that this attachment is useful on more than just stairs. It can be used to clean smaller areas that have been carpeted or for cleaning furniture, curtains, and mini-blinds. 

Crevice Attachment: This attachment is probably one of the most recognizable attachments on pet vacuums. It’s basically just some variation of a long hose with a narrow end on it. This allows it to get into areas that may be otherwise inaccessible to the vacuum. It’s good for cleaning between the sofa and the wall, for cleaning windowsills and for getting into a tight corner. 

Handheld Cleaner: Not every vacuum cleaner for pet hair has a detachable handheld unit, but it does come in handy for cleaning up pet hair. If the vacuum you choose doesn’t have this device as a detachable accessory, then you may want to invest in a good handheld model for tackling jobs the vacuum can’t handle. 

Pet Hair Cleaning Tips

As promised, we’ve included this special section of the guide to give pet owners a few tips that will enable them to remove pet hair from their home more effectively. We’ve come up with these tips through trial and error, and it’s our sincere hope that these tips will serve our fellow pet owners well. Although not every tip on this list is going to be something that most pet owners don’t know, we do hope that pet owners will learn a trick or two that will make their life a little easier. 

Use a Sponge: This may be a little more labor intensive than some other methods of pet hair removal, it’s extremely effective. Getting down on all fours, take a slightly wet sponge and rub it gently on the carpet. As needed, dip the sponge in water to remove hair that’s stuck to it.

Use Dryer Sheets: Some people use dryer sheets to pick up pet hair from various surfaces. This method does do a good job, but it also tends to make some surfaces shiny, so it’s important to test a small, inconspicuous area of the surface being treated before using it on a widespread basis. 

Use a Lint Roller: Having problems removing dog or cat hair from your furniture? If you are, then you may want to try using a lint roller to pick up hairs. Lint rollers work well to remove hair from clothing, and they work equally well in removing hair from upholstery and rugs. 

Use Duct Tape: Okay, this technique probably isn’t one that you’ll want to use on a regular basis but it does work very well. Just use the sticky end to remove pet hair from whatever surface you choose. It’s especially useful for removing pet hair from clothing before running out the door for the day. 

Tips For Preventing Pet Hair

We’ve saved our final two best tips for last. These tips are designed to help you prevent cat or dog hair from ending up on surfaces in the first place. And if pet hair doesn’t get deposited on a surface, then that’s one last thing that you have to clean. 

Use a Blanket on Furniture: If your dog keeps jumping up on your sofa or loveseat and leaving all kinds of hair on it, then you may want to cover those surfaces with a blanket. It’s a lot easier to throw a blanket in the wash, then to have to vacuum down the upholstery. 

Use a Home Dehumidifier: Few people know that using a dehumidifier in their home will help prevent hair from sticking to surfaces but it’s actually true.  Using a dehumidifier will not only keep your skin from drying out, but it will also make dog and cat hair less likely to cling to hard surfaces. 

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