10 Best Tick Repellents For Dogs in 2020

Just like when the kids come home from school, your dog can bring all sorts of unwanted nasties home. Even if they’ve just been sniffing around the garden, even time they go outside they are at risk of attracting ticks. Although there are plenty of tick repellents for dogs out there, some are more effective than others.

Also, you can buy them in sprays, tablets, and other formats that best suit your dog’s preference. The following list contains the very best products you can get to keep ticks away. They differ slightly, but each one of them will help your dog, and your home to remain free from ticks. Let’s see what they have to offer.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Tick Repellents For Dogs:

#10 Frontline Plus for Dogs Small Dog

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Starting with one of the bigger brands in the industry, Frontline has created this effective treatment for smaller dogs and lasts for up to 30 days per application. You use the swab to apply it between your dog’s shoulder blades where it and repels and kills fleas and ticks on contact. This is an effective way of protecting your dog from nasty illnesses such as Lyme’s disease and with 3 applicators included, it includes enough to last for 3 months. It is a strong formula than most, containing the likes of fipronil and (S)-methoprene to rid your dog of common pests. Do not use on cats.

Pros: Easy to apply
Each application lasts 30 days

Cons: Not as natural as other products

#9 VetriScience Laboratories Vetri Repel Wipes

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These wipes are some of the easiest tick repellants to apply, just rub them over your dog’s coat to give them a long-lasting protection. They are especially handy to keep around when going on long walks, especially through fields where a lot of fleas and ticks can be found. You get 60 in this re sealable container and uses natural Brazil Oil to keep pests away. They are safe to handle and do not leave a sticky, oily layer so you can still pet your dog after applying and has a pleasant smell compared to other brands.

Pros: Easy to apply
Good value
No pesticides

Cons: Only lasts 2-3 days

#8 Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

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One of the most popular tick repellents on the market and partly because it is good value, but also effective. The good news is there are no harsh chemicals used so it is safe around the family but kills the likes of fleas, ticks, larvae and beyond on contact. They use essential oils to repel ticks which is kinder on your dog’s coat as well as skin. A lot of people like it because it can be used on both your dog and furniture. It’s safe to spray around the home to eliminate current pests and protect against further infestation.

Pros: Can be used on your dog and the furniture
No harsh chemicals

Cons: Smell might be too potent for sensitive dogs

#7 Nantucket Spider Best Natural Bug Repellent For Dogs

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This natural spray is made from essential oils and is easy to apply to your dog’s coat. A non-sticky or greasy spray that does not contain deet but does use the likes of geranium which ticks hate. It also repels a variety of other unwanted nasties such as black flies, horse flies, fleas, mosquitos, and beyond making it perfect for walks through the countryside. Made in the USA, they recommend you reapply every 1.5-2 hours which can be a bit inconvenient for some people, but fine if you remember to take it out with you.

Pros: Non-greasy
Repels a lot of pests
Has a pleasant smell

Cons: Needs to be reapplied frequently

#6 TICK BAN Yaya Organics All Natural Extra Strength Tick Repellent

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Holistic dog owners will appreciate the fact that this tick repellent is organic and deet-free. Instead, it uses essential oils to repel ticks and fleas such as cedar wood, rosemary, geranium, peppermint, and more. The formal itself has been tested in a lab for efficiency and is safe to use around children. Vegan and cruelty-free, it is non-greasy and made in the USA. The liquid spray is easy to apply and masks your dog’s pheromones which makes it so attractive to ticks.

Pros: Easy to use
All natural ingredients
Safe for kids and dogs
No diet

Cons: Not as potent as other formulas
Odor is a bit strong for some people

#5 Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

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A very effective way of riding your dog of the ticks it may already be housing, and repelling additional pests when dry. The shampoo itself has a pleasant scent and will protect your dog for up to 28 days which is the same as some of the big brand options. It has been designed with sensitive skin in mind which is why the ingredients include aloe, coconut extract, and oatmeal. It is safe to use on dogs of over 12 weeks old and can even be used on cats over the same age.

Pros: Has a fresh scent
Protects against ticks for up to 28 days

Cons: Not all dogs enjoy bath time

#4 Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray for Cats and Dogs

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Suitable for all sorts of pets, this is one of the most effective and convenient tick repellents for dogs. You can even use the easy to apply spray on cats, protecting all your household furballs at the same time. It kills fleas and ticks as well as their larvae and repels mosquitos for almost comprehensive protection. It gets to work fast, killing pests within 5 minutes and protects your pets for up to 28 days. It has a similar formula to their shampoo product without you having to get your pets wet.

Pros: Easy to apply
Kills a variety of pests
Protects for up to 28 days

Cons: Not as long lasting as a collar

#3 Hartz Flea & Tick Shampoos and Sprays

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This lasts longer than some of the competition but at 7 days, it isn’t the longest. Still, it is easy to apply and kills both fleas and ticks on contact. It stops flea eggs from hatching for up to a month and if you reapply it every week, this will be extended. Dogs with sensitive can still benefit from its tick repelling formula as it also contains soothing aloe. They also advise that you should lightly spray your dog’s bed and surrounding area just to increase the coverage and protection.

Pros: Contains aloe for sensitive skin
Lasts for up to 7 days
Easy to apply

Cons: Has a strong scent

#2 Wondercide Natural Flea, Tick and Mosquito Control for Dogs

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If you are looking for a tick repellent for dogs that can also be used on furniture then this is up there with the best. It is an effective alternative to some of the harsher treatments, using natural ingredients to kill and repel ticks and larvae. It has one of the more pleasant scents, smelling of lemongrass and does not contain toxic ingredients. You’ll need to apply every 2-3 days for the best results but because it is a spray bottle, this should be easy to do. It is also fine to be used on furniture and bedding, protecting different areas of your home.

Pros: Natural ingredients
Pleasant lemongrass scent
No toxic ingredients

Cons: Only lasts 2-3 days

#1 Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

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Because protection from ticks is something your dog always needs, the longer the method you use to repel them, the better. This dog collar for large breeds is great because not only is it very effective, but it lasts for up to 8 months. That means you don’t even have to think ticks for some time. It works on both fleas and ticks and even kills lice in the process. The collar itself is odorless and non-greasy and continuously releases onto your dog’s coat, killing any current pests on impact. It’s the easiest method to apply and lasts a long time.

Pros: Up to 8 months of tick repelling
Easy to use
Kills ticks and fleas on impact

Cons: Not all dogs enjoy wearing a collar all year round

More products also worth checking out:

Tick Repellent For Dogs Buyers Guide

Any poet can bring home a variety of nasties, but few are as invasive as ticks. They can multiply, be a nuisance in your home, but above all, can cause serious illness in a dog, and a human. Because of this, any dog owners must stay on top of their treatment plan, and it all starts with a quality product.

Although some last longer than others, it is a priority that cannot be ignored. This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide, so you can make an informed decision and protect your dog. 

What To Look For In A Tick Repellent For Dogs


Is the tick repellant for dogs suitable for the breed and size of your pooch? This is an initial consideration and an important on. Anything too strong for the size of your dog and it can cause an allergic reaction and irritate their skin and fur. Not only this, but some products are made for treating a variety of pets, just make sure that dogs are one of them.

The same applies to pups as they are not big enough for certain types of tick repellant, always check this before using.

Application Method

This is where tik repellents vary greatly. Some are easier to apply than others, with a simple chew that can be disguised in a piece of chicken or a spray that can be applied easily. Some shampoos are good for eliminating existing ticks but do not last so long. Otherwise, a collar is a popular option and can often last a long time when you use a quality brand. 

Active Ingredients

For it to have the desired impact, a tick repellant for dogs needs to have ingredients powerful enough to kill and prevent ticks but still be safe. These range from the more natural types like lemongrass oil to etofenprox that is less holistic but highly effective. The choice of the owner is between something natural or more chemical led.


To provide adequate protection, the formula needs to work for longer than a day or two. Otherwise, you might find yourself spraying your dog every day, an experience that many pooches do not enjoy. The better options are those that last for months and some collars provide a year’s worth of tick prevention.

Various Uses

There are a lot of tick repellents for dogs out there, and some are more versatile than others. Not only will they prevent ticks, but some brands will keep mosquitoes at bay among other pests. This is another layer of protection against some of the disease spreading dangers a dog may face.


Above all else, the safety of your dog is paramount. This is why it is important to check all the above from the suitability to the longevity so that you provide safe and reliable protection against these nasties. 

What Is The Best Type Of Tick Repellent For Dogs?

Although there is no one size fits all, certain methods are more effective than others. We like the approach of using a tick repelling shampoo first as it can give a fast coverage to kill any existing eggs and ticks in a dog’s fur. Then, it is up to the owner to decide where a collar or spray might be best. 

Some people like to use a spray before they take their dog out for a walk, especially in long grass where ticks are known to roam. However, ticks are still common in a yard so it is best to ensure they are always protected. 

How To Stop A Dog From Getting Ticks

Of course, a reliable tick repellent for dogs is going to be the most effective method as it can kill them upon impact and get rid of any existing trace of ticks. Still, there are other ways to stop an infestation that can help. 

If you have a natural spray and it is safe to use, spray it on their toys, collars, bed, and other areas they like to frequent around the house to eliminate ticks and protect the area further. Even keeping your lawn short and the area tidy and free from dog poop can help to stop ticks from spreading. Although it can be difficult to do, keeping your dog out of long grass on a walk and sticking to the middle of the path can be a sensible approach. 

Checking your dog’s coat with regular grooming, possible with a fine tick comb can help to find any before the situation worsens. Also, remember to look at those hard to reach areas such as between toes and inside the ears as these can be areas they like to hide. 

One of the easiest methods is to look out for excessive itching, particularly if they are scratching one area. 

Can I Use A Tick Repellant On My Lawn?

Although ticks love to hide in a yard and especially around the corners of a yard, spraying them will only do so much. After making sure the product used is suitable for such use, remember to protect your dog with a quality repellent as well. Any clutter and leaves that have piled up should be removed and keeping a well-trimmed lawn will stop wild animals who often have ticks on them from entering your space.

How Much Does Dog Tick Repellent Cost?

Well, you cannot put a price on a dog’s safety so it is best to ensure they have some form of protection, even if using the most affordable option but a quality product still isn’t going to cost much more than $30. Also, consider the act that the cheaper options won’t last as long and will require constant topping up.

The best tick repellents for dogs are those that last for longer so you get the peace of mind knowing that they are protected against these nasties. 

What Are The Risks Of Ticks To Dogs?

These tiny things can pack a nasty punch and in some cases, their bite could end up fatal for a dog. Because they can carry Lyme disease, it could result in a dog suffering from sore joints and arthritis. Otherwise, a fever and a lack of appetite, lethargy, and even seizures are among the most common side effects of a tick bite in dogs. 



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