10 Best Slow Eating Bowls – Dog Food For Labs in 2020

Labradors are notoriously unfussy eaters, so it should be easy to get the right food into their diet right? Well, this might be true, but they need a little help to stop them from eating too fast. They can easily get upset stomachs and not absorb food in the right way as they gobble their meal within seconds.

This is why we have created a list of the best slow eating bowls for labs, and included some useful apparatus to encourage them to chill and make mealtimes challenging. They vary in size, and are made from different materials but each one is there to prevent them from bloating or eating so fast they vomit. Here are some of the best.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Slow Eating Bowls – Dog Food For Labs :

#10 ALL FOR PAWS Interactive Food Maze

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It’s almost as pleasurable for you to watch your Labrador eat from this slow eating bowl as it is for them to eat thanks to the fun design. There are so many pockets and corners to store food in they will have to negotiate a new challenge every time they finish a section. Made from eco-friendly, food-safe materials it comes with 2 mazes which you can change to offer them a new challenge day by day. It is fine to go in the top rack of the dishwasher and will take longer for your dog to finish their dinner than a lot of other slow meal bowls.

Pros: 2 changeable mazes
Different corners to place food
Dishwasher safe

Cons: Not as sturdy as other brands

#9 Freshlove Slow Pet Feeder

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Sometimes when a dog cannot wait for mealtime, a challenge is the only thing that can slow them down. This slow feeder is great for using alongside dog food for labs as they are some of the fastest eaters going. Dogs have to negotiate their way around the varied heights of the soft raised sections which helps to reduce the likelihood of vomiting and weight issues. It can be used by any breed although smaller dogs might benefit more from this design. Because it is low to the ground it is best used with dry food and the soft silicone is easy to clean.

Pros: Causes dogs to eat slower
Good value

Cons: Can be messy

#8 Outward Hound 3in1 Up Feeder Elevated

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You can adjust the height of this food bowl making every meal different or just help your dog have a comfortable dinner that is slower than usual. The ridges of this dog food bowl offers a problem to solve which can reduce bloating and gastric issues from eating too fast. The base is slip-resistant and it is harder to move compared to other brands. It can be folded down to floor level if necessary and the bowl is actually removable which makes it easy to clean.

Pros: Adjustable heights
Ridges to slow down mealtime

Cons: Eating from a raised bowl can cause bloating

#7 Neater Slow Feeder

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This sizeable product is great for bigger dogs making the likes of dog food for labradors last longer. The small indents hold small pockets of food which means a dog cannot gulp down huge amounts in one go. This prevents bloating and vomitiing and causes them to take their time. It can hold up to six cups of food so if you are just trying to get your dog to slow down, and not necessarily lose weight then it is a good slow food bowl. You can adjust the height although if you raise it too much, it can cause bloating.

Pros: Sections off food into small amounts
Holds up to six cups of food

Cons: Adjustable height isn’t always preferential

#6 HDP JW Skid Stop Food and Water Bowl Slow Feed

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Dog food for labs needs to be placed in non-slip bowls that have a bit more of a sturdy feel. Because labradors are big units, they can push food bowls around the room which can sometimes tip them over. This sturdy slow food bowl is great because the non-slip feet are reliable and well-built. The different levels section food off extending the time it takes to finish a meal. They come in different sizes so you can buy different bowls for all your dogs and when mealtime is over, you can wash them on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Pros: Non-slip feet
Sturdy design

Cons: Not as complex as other bowls

#5 NEATER PET BRANDS Slow Feed Bowl Stainless Steel

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The quality of this stainless steel food bowl is hygienic but beyond its great looks, it is more practical for labradors than it looks. The circular middle means the food moves around the bowl so your Labrador will have to work a little harder to finish their meal. This slows down feed time and prevents stomach upsets from dogs that cannot help themselves. It is deep enough to hold up to 4 cups of food but also works to manage a dog’s weight but aiding digestion through slower eating.

Pros: Stainless steel is more hygienic
Slows down meal time

Cons: Can be harder to clean

#4 JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl

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This clever design separates food to slow down meals and is made from recyclable materials. It makes food go further and your Labrador can enjoy both wet and dry food in the easy to clean maze-like design. There are non-slip grips at the bottom when they are getting a little enthusiastic but expect their tail to wag as they move around the bowl, working out how to best get each mouthful. Because labradors don’t know how to slow down, this bowl gives your family some answers when trying to work out how to avoid the likes of vomiting and bloating.

Pros: Good for wet and dry food
Made from recyclable materials

Cons: Non-slip feet can fall off over time

#3 PAPIFEED Slow Feed Dog Bowl

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For a modern design that has added technology to help you optimise your dog’s health, this is an intuitive slow dog food bowl with a difference. It features a digital scale that you can use to make sure your dog is getting the right amount of food for a controlled diet and the grooves present a challenge that causes them to slow down when eating. The stainless steel bowl and food separator can be removed to make them easy to clean and you can even record the food intake of the last meal to make sure you are consistent. The weight of the device means it doesn’t have to be placed next to a wall making it a great all-round product for your dog’s health.

Pros: Includes digital scales
Records the weight of their last meal
Easy to clean

Cons: Can be expensive for some people

#2 Siensync Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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For an eco-friendly slow feed bowl that labradors will benefit from, Siensnyc has created an excellent option. Made from food-safe materials, it is strong enough to be moved around by your Labrador as the grooved pattern makes meals more fun. Dogs need stimulation or they get destructive in the home so by making eating a challenge, you are protecting your furniture as well as aiding digestion. It is easy to clean because it can go on the top shelf of the dishwasher which makes light work of the deep ridges.

Pros: Dishwasher safe
Grooves help to slow down eating

Cons: Moves around a bit more than other brands

#1 Outward Hound Fun Feeder

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This looks a bit like a puzzle that needs solving but one thing it will do it make sure your lab eats slower. The grooves separate the food into smaller spaces meaning they have to work harder to get it out. The maze pattern means they have to forage rather than gulp everything down in ten seconds and the challenge is good for mental stimulation so they don’t get bored. It comes with a non-slip base when they are getting excited and are made from BPA-free materials. They’ve sold over a million bowls which is no surprise as they help to improve dog’s digestion around the world.

Pros: Comes in various colours
Proven to slow down meal times

Cons: Some dogs can flip it over

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