9 Best Puppy Toys in 2020

When it comes to the best puppy toys, you need something that is going to keep them occupied, and away from the furniture. This means it needs to be interesting, and a challenge. All dog’s like the famous Kong toy, partially because it ends in a treat but also because it takes some time for them to work it out. The thing is, every puppy is different.

Some will want to have to train their brain a little whilst others just need something that feels good when they chew it, their teeth are growing after all. A puppy can be very active in the day and if you are leaving them alone for hours at a time, you need a puppy toy that is going to last. For play time or a bit of a break, we have found the very best that the internet has to offer to save you the trouble.

Here are our top 9 picks for the best Puppy Toys:

#9 Toozey Puppy Toys

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When you Geta new puppy, you need a war chest of toys to keep them occupied. They love to chew into just about everything so if you can give them something that is theirs to get into, it just might save your table legs and couch. With this pack of seven toys you get a little bit of everything. There is a rope for some fun play and a squeaky platypus and donut. There is a rope ball for fetch and every item is made from durable materials that will last longer than cheaper puppy toys. These are ideal for puppies and small dogs and the chewing will help to alleviate any gum inflammation or teething issues.

Pros: Lots of variety
Durable toys
Ideal for teething issues

Cons: Some of the items are more durable than others

#8 KONG Puppy Teething Stick – Small

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A bit reason for your puppy constant chewing is that it just makes their inflamed gums feel better. This is why it is important to buy puppy toys that specifically help them navigate their way through this tough stage, and take away some of the pain. Kong has created this teething stick that is ideal for their gums and the ridged design helps to clean young teeth. The rubber is soft to be kinder on their gums and can be used to play fetch or just left in their play area to help keep their brain active.

Pros: Soft material is great for young gums
Helps to clean teeth

Cons: Doesn’t hold their attention for long

#7 OurPets IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

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To give your puppy something to keep their mind occupied, an IQ treat ball is a great thing to have around. Keep it out of sight so when you do give it to hem, it feels special then fill it up with a crunchy treat that they will have to paw at the dispense. It challenges your dog and comes apart easily when you need it to and is fine to wash. You can adjust the difficulty so younger puppies don’t get frustrated and older puppies don’t get access to all the treats straight away. It is a great toy to reduce separation anxiety as it takes their mind off of you when you are leaving the house.

Pros: Adjustable difficulties
Easy to clean

Cons: Not as durable as other toys

#6 KONG Puppy Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy

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Perfect for puppies, this treat-dispensing toy is made from soft rubber that is durable, yet ideal for puppy teeth. They will paw at the hive shaped toy as it rolls around and treats flat out they will pause to gather their reward, then start again. It helps to give them a break from boredom and if you fill it before you leave the house, they can play with it before they realise you have gone and get separation anxiety. The shape gives it an unpredictable bounce which makes it fun for playing fetch and you can fill it with peanut butter, small treats, kibble, and more.

Pros: Fun toy for fetch
Brain training
Great for puppy teeth

Cons: Can be difficult to clean

#5 KONG Puppy Flyer Dog Toy, Small (Assorted Colours)

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This is great for fun games of fetch in the park and your puppy will be wagging its tail in excitement every time they see it. Made from durable but natural teething rubber that is kind on young teeth. When they catch it, they can alleviate pain in their gums and carries the reliable KONG brand name so you know it is built to last. It is an ideal size for puppies and no too heavy for them to enjoy. You can’t beat the bonding experience you get when playing fetch and it is a perfect way of making time together fun.

Pros: Rubber is kind on puppy teeth
Great for teaching them to fetch

Cons: Not all puppies are ready for fetch

Pros: Soft on young teeth and gums
No strong odour

Cons: Only for smaller puppies


#4 oneisall Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

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They claim this is an indestructible dog chew so with that in mind, it should have what it takes to last the puppy years where chewing is most prominent. They are made from food-grade nylon which makes them extremely durable and in the bacon flavour, they will keep coming back for more. Chewing can help to reduce stress so this is going to provide a lot of hours of relaxing play-time. Not only does it help to keep their teeth clean, but it can be used for fetch.

Pros: Made from food-grade nylon

Cons: Might be hard for some puppies

#3 KONG Puppy Goodie Bone – Small

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Available in different colours to match your dog’s personality, this durable goodie bone is going to give your puppy hours of worry-free chewing thanks to its non-splintering design. It is made from the natural rubber formula that they use for a lot of their puppy toys because it is soft on their teeth. At 5.5 inches long, it is fun for puppies up to 9 months old and can be fun to use for a game of fetch. Recommended by vets, it is safe for young jaws and you can even put treats into the side of the bone-shaped design for added stimulation.

Pros: Perfect for young gums
Can put treats in the side
Made from natural rubber

Cons: They can grow out of it quickly

#2 Chuckit Ultra Ball, Durable High Bounce Rubber Dog Ball

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You rarely meet a puppy that doesn’t like to play ball. For older puppy that has the energy of a cocker spaniel, a durable ball is a must-have. These balls are tough with their rubber core that is built to last so you can get a lot of play out of it. They are springy and bounce very high which encourages the puppy to have to think and jump to catch it. The smooth surface is waterproof and easy to clean. They are also portable so you can keep them in the car for those special trips to the park.

Pros: Great value
Durable rubber core
Easy to clean
High vis colours

Cons: Not all puppy play ball

#1 SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

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This might not have the fun and mental stimulation as some of the other toys but it offers them comfort that cannot be underestimated. It helps you to crate train your puppy and stop them from whining in the night. For a toy that looks so cute, it certainly is functional as well. It has a heat pack that goes inside the toy that pulsates gently like a heartbeat giving the toy a real-life feel that will comfort your puppy. It is great for making them feel safe in a new environment or if there are fireworks nearby. Your puppy will sleep against it, happy for the company and drag it around wherever they go.

Pros: Great for separation anxiety
Heat pack keeps your puppy warm
Long battery life

Cons: Not as fun as other toys

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Puppy Toys Buyer’s Guide

A puppy toy just might be the best investment a pup owner could make. Hear us out a second – think of what such a purchase can do for the preservation of your kitchen tables legs, or the side of your sofa! By distracting a teething puppy, you can preserve your furniture, and ease some of their pain along the way.

This is only going to be possible with a quality product. A sub-par puppy toy won’t entice a puppy enough to work, and may be destroyed too easily. Because of this,  and other reasons, we have created the following buyer’s guide, so you can make a purchase that works and lasts.

What To Look For In A Puppy Toy


Not every puppy toy has to be tasty enough to make them want to chow down as much as possible, but it certainly helps. Some of the best products are those that have a bacon-like taste to them which will have the puppy coming back for more. Try and buy from a reputable brand as these tend to be the ones where the taste lasts. longer than the first day or two.


Anything that can keep a developing mind busy can help those developing teeth. A little brain training can go a long way towards keeping their interest so the likes of Kong toys that present a challenge are popular for a reason. Any form of a puzzle they have to work out is good for teaching them some smarts, especially if you can fill it with a tasty treat.

Strong Materials

The last thing you want to come home to is a room full of pieces and fragments of a ripped up puppy toy. Not only can this mean they have nothing to play with and move onto the furniture, but the fact that the puppy toy hasn’t lasted wrong is always negative. Strong materials such as reinforced rubber or strong rope are popular for a reason. Sometimes these cost more than your cheap store-bought products, but most people can see the sense in investing in quality.


A lot of the time, the texture of the puppy toy is what feels good against their teeth and gums. Some products have little ridges and grooves to give a different texture that will alleviate a lot of growing pains in this area. 

Cooling Relief

Some of the most popular puppy toys are those that can be stuck in the freezer or fridge for a little while so they feel good on gums when they chew down. The product still needs to be protected by durable materials and check that it is suitable for aggressive chewers if you know your pup falls into this category. 


A puppy toy where you can hold the other end and play a little tug o war is not only fun, but this can encourage the pup to play with the toy when you are not around. Sometimes a puppy needs a little encouragement to recognize that a toy is something to play with and chew on. Plus, any opportunity to bond with them should not be missed.


This is a matter of safety above all else as a young pup needs to have toys that are suitable for its size. The same goes for the breed of the pup as anything that breaks into pieces can cause them to choke. Also, consider the fact that it is not going to be as fun if it is too big and bulky for them they are less likely to play with it.

Sensible Design

Although it can be fun to buy a squeaky toy that resembles a household item, no one wants to encourage a puppy to chew things that look identical to their shoes or other belongings. A sensible design is one that can look quite plain, so it can be easily distinguished from things a pup might find around the home.

What Is The Safest Puppy Toy?

There are certain aspects that a safe puppy toy can boast of that others might not. First of all, it should stay in one piece, without small bits coming off that can cause choking. Also, it should be made of non-toxic ingredients that are safe to consume. One of the easiest ways to ensure that the toy is safe is to purchase a product that is tailor-made for young mouthes so it is the right size and fit for a pup.

Can I Give A Puppy Rawhide?

This is a big no-no for any puppy owner. Consider the fact that these break into unpredictable sizes that can be small yet sharp and are known for causing choking in pups. Not only is it seriously hard for a puppy and can break their young developing teeth, but the sharp ends can cause cuts and get stuck in the side of their mouth. 

When they do chow down on it, the rawhide becomes soft but in large pieces, this is difficult to break down. As a consequence, puppies are known to try and swallow pieces that are too large, again causing them to choke. On top of all this, the materials included in the most rawhide recipes are not suitable for a puppy.

How Many Puppy Toys Should My Pup Have?

Although some people believe that can you never have too many, some pups might get overwhelmed by too many choices and ignore them for household items. There is nothing wrong with keeping a couple in different areas of each room or to keep a certain number of toys on rotation to see what they prefer. 

Safety Tips For A New Puppy Toy

One of the main things to remember is that puppies shouldn’t be left alone with certain toys. Not only can many of them present an unexpected choking hazard, but sometimes they need a little encouragement to see the strange new item as a toy. Remember to check on the toy from time to time to make sure it is not fraying or fragmented. When you spot any signs that the toy is past its best, it is best to replace it with something new.


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