9 Best No Pull Dog Harnesses in 2020

Even well-trained dogs need a little help sometimes. Discipline is something that can be taught, but when a dog sees something they want to chase, their instincts can kick in. If this is the case, or if you are still training your dog, you need a no pull dog harness that won’t let you down.

With so many products out there, it can be hard to set them apart. Some are made of thicker materials, some are more breathable, and others are designed for comfort. There are different types, and some are more effective than others. The best no pull dog harnesses should be a combination of all three. To help you find the one that is right for you and your dog, here are our top ten.

Here are our top 9 picks for the best No Pull Dog Harnesses:

#9 Red Dingo Plain Red Dog Harness

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This doesn’t have the thick straps of the others but is a good alternative in the warmer months. It couldn’t be any simpler, the buckles attach to the front and clip on and off with ease. The nylon material is strong and easy to keep clean. With lots of colours available, you can get different designs for different dogs so you don’t have to keep adjusting the size. The carbon steel D-rings won’t break and this offers you the chance to buy a good value harness that will not choke your dog. It’s hard not to like the dog bone clips.

Pros: Sturdy materials
Good for summer

Cons: Not as robust as other designs

#8 The Company of Animals HALTI No-Pull Harness

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A harness with a different approach, you can attach it to the front and back yet it doesn’t detract from the amount of movement your dog gets. The chest panel is padded making it kinder on your dog, especially when going to runs or long walks. The straps are adjustable meaning there is room for growth, and it comes in three sizes. When combined with the leash it makes a great training aid. You can get better control over your dog from the first walk and with the secure lock chord your dog will never feel restricted.

Pros: Adjustable straps
Reflective material

Cons: Not as sturdy as other harnesses

#7 Ruffwear Multi-Use Dog Harness

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A simple device but one that is made from quality materials. Built to last, the aluminium leash attachment is sturdier than most and is held in place next to the padded handle. This is great for close control and can help you to get your dog out of tricky situations or obstacles. The 2-lead attachment areas are easy to operate, meaning your dog won’t get frustrated with the time it takes to put it on. The woven straps have been specially designed to be tough and comes with reflective trim.

Pros: Quality materials
Easy to put on

Cons: Handle not as useful for bigger dogs

#6 BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

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This is a well-built harness that will absorb a lot of the pulling without choking your dog. The no rip nylon is tough and comfortable for your dog. There are two places for you to attach the leash, with one on the chest it will help you to keep your dog close when you need to. It has reflective strips, which is always a sign of a good no pull dog harness. There is even a handle which you can use to pick up your dog when the time calls, although this might be a bit tricky if you own a dog the size of a German Shepard!

Pros: Two leash attachment points
Reflective strips

Cons: Handle only useful for smaller dogs

#5 Blueberry Pet 10 Colors Multi-Colored Stripe Collection

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For a no pull dog harness with a difference, try the Blueberry Pet range that offers a bit of colour as well as functionality. The chest strap is not adjustable so be sure to get the right size when you purchase, this does mean they won’t come loose at any time. It comes with two clips, one to the front which is better for training and a second on the back is for dogs that are better behaved. A lightweight design, it is made from breathable material and the eco-friendly plastic buckles are sturdy.

Pros: Two clips
Very comfortable

Cons: Chest strap not adjustable

#4 PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

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This upgraded harness looks like it has all the features you need, and it does. The two buckles on the chest make it easy to put on with the single neck buckle for fast attachment. It helps to keep your dog under control, reducing the impact when they try to pull without choking. The fabric feels soft and is breathable thanks to the mesh design. The reflective stitching is useful for night walks and the material dries quicker than most, making it great for beach walks. There is room for growth making hot one of the best no pull dog harnesses on the market.

Pros: Reflective stitching
Soft, breathable fabric
Quick dry material

Cons: Three buckles to do up when putting it on

#3 Julius-K9 16IDC-C-0 IDC Powerharness

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With so many sizes, there will be one to fit your dog, and even the colour schemes range from camouflage to the British flag design. The chest strap and edges are reflective so you can walk your dog with confidence at night. The lining is gentle on your dog’s fur will make sure it is non-irritating and the chest strap design is kinder on the neck when walking. The buckles are durable and designed to withstand frosty weather. You can even attach a handle for close control. The cover is water repellant and made from quality materials making this an excellent no pull dog harness for professional dog trainers as well as pet owners.

Pros: Non-irritating lining
Attachable handle
Lots of colours

Cons: Could be tighter around the neck

#2 Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

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One of the easiest no pull dog harnesses to put on thanks to the step-in design. The reflective material makes it ideal for night time walks and comes in some vibrant colours to suit your dogs personality. The mesh fabric is breathable so it will not cause your dog to overheat. The velcro closure keeps your dog secure, and the dual D-rings keep the leash in place without the risk of your dog coming loose. A reasonably priced harness that will save you a lot of time and hassle, making sure your walks are fun.

Pros: Reflective material
Breathable fabric
Easy to get on and off

Cons: Might be a bit chunky for warmer months

#1 Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

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Available in four sizes and six colours it is a no-pull option made from thick straps for added comfort. This means your dog will not choke when reaching the end go the lead and is attached with ease. The two buckles offer you the chance to release it fast so taking it off is simple, and a clip on the chest and back offers you the chance to walk your dog with comfort. Whatever size you choose, they are still adjustable so there is room for younger dogs to grow, or dogs with added fur can be given more room when their coat comes through. With padded cushioning, it is one of the safer options for your dog and made from durable nylon to make sure it never breaks.

Pros: Chest and back clips
Easy on-and-off
Cushioned Padding

Cons: Can take some training to get used to

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