10 Best Fish Oil For Dogs in 2020

When your dog enters the senior years, it can be a worrying time. they might show some discomfort in the way they walk, and their hips and joints can be restrictive. This is why it is important to make sure they have the right supplements and fish oil for dogs is just one of them. It can help to get them back on their feet and restore some of their former vitality.

By alleviating inflammation, fish oil is great for any dog with allergies no matter what their age. It can also reduce itchiness. We’re going to take a list at the top ten fish oils for dogs, some of them come in capsule form, others liquid, but they are all very effective.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Fish Oil For Dogs:

#10 Vita Pet Life – Milk Thistle Liver – Support for Dogs

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This is more of an all-rounder than some of the specially designed fish oils for dogs but it does contain 45 mg EPA from fish oil powder and 30 mg of DHA which promote heart and brain support as well as healthy skin and improved immune system. The other ingredients have been designed to help your dog maintain a healthy bladder and kidney to detox waste from their blood. They are chew sized and great for dogs who have sensitive stomachs but the fish oil content isn’t as high as other products.

Pros: Promotes healthy skin and immune system
Other benefits include detoxing waste

Cons: Not as much fish oil as others

#9 Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Pet

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Nordic Naturals has a reputation for making quality supplements for pets and this only adds to their status as a trusted brand. They use the same high-quality ingredients as a lot of their products tailored towards humans. The DHA in omega-3 is great for supporting healthy skin and coat in your dog, giving it a shine that it may have lost over the years. You can purchase this formula in liquid or soft gel form which gives you options depending on how fussy your dog is. In one soft gel, you get 1,000 mg of fish oil which is more than enough to support a healthy diet.

Pros: High quality ingredients
Big dose of Omega-3

Cons: Can be difficult for smaller dogs to swallow

#8 Pawlife Omega 3 for Dogs

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A quality brand that gives your dog everything it needs to battle allergies and promotes healthy skin and coat. They come in packs of 120 chews which are tasty and can feel more like a treat to some dogs, making it easier to get into their system. The fatty acids in the omega-3 help to lubricate joints so older dogs can move easier and the added flaxseed gives your dogs coat a real shine. A lot of customers comment on the quality of this product, saying itchiness is a thing of the past when using it and the added vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system.

Pros: Gives a healthy shine to a dogs coat
120 chews last a long time

Cons: Not all dogs like the flavour

#7 Iceland Pure Unscented Pharmaceutical Grade Salmon Oil For Dogs

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The last thing you want is scented fish oil for dogs so it is no wonder this is such a popular product with dog owners. It comes in an aluminium bottle and the scent-free formula contains a lot of EPA (644 mg) and DHA (476 mg) in every spoonful and has a reputation for being anti-inflammatory. It also has the important omega oils that help to lubricate joints so if you have a senior dog, this is a great option for making them more comfortable and active. The ingredients stop your dog from itching and are tested by a 3rd party for purity.

Pros: Excellent EPA and DHA content
Lubricates joints
Scent free

Cons: Pump isn’t always reliable

#6 Maxxipaws – maxxiomega Omega Oil for Dogs

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A great way of getting a proper dose of the omega oils 3 6, & 9 into your dog’s diet for a healthy-looking coat. The EPA (325 mg) and DHA (315 mg) content are high which is great for healthy joints. Made in the USA, all dog owners will be pleased to know it does not have a fishy smell and neither does it leave a similar scent on your dog’s breath, meaning more cuddles! The pump dispenser makes it easy to keep your surfaces clean and includes vitamin and E which is an antioxidant that benefits the skin as well as the immune system.

Pros: Made in the USA
No fishy smell
Includes vitamin E

Cons: More expensive than similar brands

#5 Finest for Pets – 100% Pure Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fish Oil for Dogs

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The quality fish oil in this product contains a good amount of Omega 3, 6 & 9 to reduce scratching and shedding, leaving their coat with an added shine. The leak-proof bottle comes with a pump to make it easy to get into your dogs’ bowl and the pleasant taste will enhance the flavour of their meal, encouraging them to lap it all up. You get the benefit of a variety of fish oils including mackerel, sardines, anchovies, and herring. The combination of oils helps to ease stiff joints and Finest For Pets has included a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pros: Pump makes pouring easy
Money back guarantee
Variety of fish oils

Cons: A lot of packaging

#4 PetHonesty – Salmon Oil for Dogs

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These Alaskan salmon oil chews are great for dogs who enjoy a healthy treat. The salmon helps to promote a healthy immune system and supports a healthy heart and coat. It contains omega 3, 6, & 9 to relieve itchiness and the vitamin E even reduces shedding. It has a clever ingredients list that does more than support healthy joints and a better coat, the kelp within the formula is known to improve their immune system. It is made in the USA without corn or preservatives and is the fact that they come in a bite-sized chew is even better.

Pros: Promotes a healthy immune system
Relieves itchiness
Made in the USA

Cons: You might need to break down the chew for smaller dogs

#3 Vital Pet Life – Salmon Oil for Dogs

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If your dog has a particularly dry or dull coat then this is a great product for bringing it back to life. The salmon oil contains various essential fatty acids that help to alleviate itchiness and dry skin, keeping your dog comfortable. The omega-3 also helps to battle inflammation and the likes of arthritis which can stop a lot of senior dogs from being as mobile. A dose of this all-natural formula will start to nudge your pooch onto the road to recovery where they can run and play again.

Pros: Alleviates itchiness
Promotes a healthy skin and coat
Good value

Cons: Not all dogs like the taste

#2 Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs

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One of the best all-round fish oil for dogs is within this quality product that offers excellent value and a kind formula. It contains natural salmon fish oil to promote healthier skin but also supports joints and hips. The omega 3 & 6 within each bottle keeps their coat soft and even support their immune system. The pump-action makes it easy to administer straight into food without spilling and no matter what breed your dog is, this is kind on stomachs. It is a tasty food additive that is simple to use and contains high-quality ingredients to keep your dog active.

Pros: Promotes healthier skin and coat
Supports hip and joint health
Pump is good for keeping it mess free
Quality ingredients

Cons: Smell can be strong

#1 Grizzly Salmon Oil Omega-3 Dog Supplement

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This all-natural omega-3 supplement is made in the USA and has a taste that dogs can’t get enough of according to their owners. The wild-caught Alaskan salmon is high in natural omega-3 and nourishes the body as a whole including support to the immune system, organ health, and healthy skin. The salmon is full of antioxidants and is brilliant for supporting joints and hips so senior dogs will particularly benefit from using it. The salmon is caught just downstream from the Grizzly Salmon headquarters so the quality that goes into every bottle has not had to travel far.

Pros: Contains wild-caught Alaskan salmon
Made in the USA
Excellent quality
Reliable brand

Cons: No longer comes with a pump

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