10 Best Dog Treats in 2020

Every dog owner wants to make sure that their dog knows he or she is well appreciated. And one way to ensure that the dog feels loved is to give it high-quality treats as a reward for good behavior or simply because they are being cute and cuddly. Of course, the pet owner also wants to ensure that all of the treats they buy for their pets is not only satisfying to them but is also made from quality ingredients.

Finding the best dog treats isn’t an easy task but we were able to do it. We found treats that are not only well-loved by dogs but are also made from some of the best ingredients available, and we’ve placed them in a convenient top ten list. Any of the following treats are sure to make not only a bunch of dogs happy but is sure to make their owners happy as well.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Dog Treats:

#10 Smartsticks Vegetable & Chicken Chews

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These high-quality dog treats are not only made without using rawhide, but they’re also made using real ingredients that are not only tasty to the dog but are also highly digestible. They are made with quality ingredients which include such things as sweet potatoes, chicken, peas, and carrots, so they also provide the necessary nutrients an active dog needs. These treats don’t just provide essential vitamins and minerals, however. The act of the dog chewing them up also helps them to remove tartar from the dog’s teeth, and this can result in better oral health for the dog as well.

Pros: Easy-to-digest
Has vitamins & minerals

Cons: Corn is its number one ingredient

#9 Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic

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Old mother Hubbard may have lived in a cupboard, but we’re pretty sure that these treats from the Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company probably won’t stay in a cupboard very long. That’s because dogs love these treats and most pet owners will realize just how much they love them once they start feeding them to their dog. This product is manufactured by a company that’s been trusted for over 93-years and is known for making premium treats. These bone-shaped biscuits are also made with all-natural ingredients, and are never made using artificial preservatives, so dogs not only love them but pet owners will, too.

Pros: Available in several different treat sizes
Has no artificial preservatives

Cons: Can be a bit expensive

#8 Solimo Chicken Jerky For Dogs

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Although it was the chicken jerky treats that our dogs liked, the truth of the matter is that all of the jerky treats created by this brand are pretty good. They’re also available in duck or sweet potato and duck, so pet owners can choose one that suits their pet’s taste the best. All of these treats are made without using gluten or soy, wheat or corn, and the animal protein used in them is always the first listed ingredient. Even though these treats don’t smell the greatest, dogs love them, and they’re a quality way for any pet owner to reward their pet’s good behavior.

Pros: Chicken is the number one ingredient
Dogs love them
Contains no soy, wheat or gluten

Cons: Product made in China
They have an unpleasant smell to them

#7 Whimzees Natural Grain-Free Dental Treats

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At first glance, it would be easy to think that these alligator-shaped treats had alligator meat in it, but that’s not the case at all. These treats don’t contain any meat whatsoever in them. They are completely free of meat, grains, wheat, gluten, and GMOs, so consumers can rest assured they’re giving their dogs the highest quality treats possible. What ingredients are found in these treats? Pet owners can expect them to contain include potato starch, powdered cellulose, sweet lupin meal, and calcium carbonate. These hard dental chews also clean teeth as the dog chew them.

Pros: Vegetarian formula
Doesn’t contain rawhide

Cons: Doesn’t contain meat

#6 Pet ‘N Shape Chik N’ Skewers

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Manufactured from all-natural ingredients, these dog treats will not only be loved by dogs but will also be appreciated by the dog’s owners as well. They are made with natural ingredients that include chicken breast and rawhide, and they don’t contain soy, artificial colors or soy like other treats. They also don’t contain corn or wheat, two cheap ingredients usually used to bulk out pet treats. That means that dogs are less likely to have allergic reactions to these treats then they are with treats that contain a lot of grains in them. And since these treats come in a variety of different sizes, there’s a package suitable for pet owners who have one dog, and a package suitable for multi-dog households.

Pros: Contains natural ingredients
Comes in a variety of sizes

Cons: Contains rawhide

#5 Zuke’s Natural Training Treats

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These high-quality treats are not only made with some of the best natural ingredients available, but they’re also made in a facility in the United States, so consumers can rest assured they’re manufactured according to exacting standards. These treats are made with real chicken as the first ingredient and are made with other quality ingredients including barley, rice, and cherries. They’re never made with rawhide and are never made using wheat, soy or corn. They are soft and chewy treats that are perfect for dog training and each treat contains only 3-calories or less.

Pros: Less than 3-calories per treat
Doesn’t contain wheat, corn or soy
Manufactured in USA

Cons: Finicky dogs may not like them

#4 Nudges Chicken Grillers Canine Treats

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These dog treats are loved by all types of different dogs, and they’re made with some high-quality ingredients. Although they do contain sugar as their number four listed ingredient, which may be too much sugar for most dogs, it does contain a lot of natural ingredients. For instance, these treats are made with chicken as its number one ingredient and are made with ground rice, tapioca starch, natural smoke flavor, and just a little paprika. The ingredients that won’t be found in this formula are artificial colors, preservatives, or animal by-products.

Pros: Chicken is the number one ingredient
Dogs love them

Cons: Contains a lot of sugar

#3 Good ‘N Fun Triple Flavor Kabob

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These dog treats not only make good dental chews for dogs, but they are also made from some very good ingredients. Even though they are primarily made with rawhide, they also contain real chicken and duck. That makes them a good source of protein for dogs and dogs end up loving them. They also help to satisfy a dog’s natural compulsion to chew and will provide the dog with plenty of chances to pursue their love of chewing. Pet owners are supposed to give their dogs only one of these treats a day and each one provides a minimum of 55% crude protein and a maximum of 3% crude fiber.

Pros: Contains real chicken and duck
Dogs love them

Cons: Contains rawhide

#2 Nudges Health and Wellness Chicken Jerky

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These high-quality dog treats are almost universally loved by dogs and are made with some very high-quality ingredients. Although they do contain a bit more sugar than we would like our dog treats to have, they also contain a lot of great ingredients that balance it out somewhat. For example, this formula contains chicken as its number one ingredient and also contains a healthy dose of glucosamine and chondroitin for bone and joint health. This product is also manufactured in the U.S and is never made with soy, corn or wheat products. It’s also free of artificial flavors and preservatives, too.

Pros: Chicken is the number one ingredient
Dogs love them
Contains Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Cons: Contains a lot of sugar

#1 Greenies Original Regular Size Treats

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Dog owners and trainers all over the world give their dogs these high-quality treats. That’s because they are not only well-loved by dogs, but because they convey several benefits to the dog as well. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, they help to clean tartar of off dog’s teeth, and they freshen their breath. They are recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, and probably the best thing of all about these treats is that dogs go crazy for them. That’s why no dog owner should be without a box or two of these quality treats.

Pros: Provide teeth cleaning benefits
Dogs love them
Freshens dog’s breath

Cons: None

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