10 Best Dog Toys in 2020

As a pet owner, we love giving our dog toys as much as she enjoys playing with them, and I think most other pet owners probably feel the same way. There’s just something extremely satisfying watching your canine friend play or chew on a toy that you just purchased for him or her. Especially when that toy becomes a prized personal possession for the dog.

When giving a toy to a dog, it’s important that a few things are also kept in mind to ensure that the toy is right for the dog, and above all, it’s safe for the dog to use. That’s why we’ve decided to list ten of the best dog toys available, so pet parents can enjoy giving their canine children toys they will love for a long time to come.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Dog Toys:

#10 Hartz Dura Play Medium Bones

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This 3-pack of dog toys features latex bones that are designed to be extremely durable and to provide the dog with a lot of playtimes. These bones can be thrown as fetch toys for the dog, or they can simply be used by the dog as a chew toy. They’re made with a specialized power-play core that allows them to remain durable and helps them hold up to teething puppies. These latex dog bones are soft, flexible and if they’re tossed into the water, they’ll even float. That makes them one of the best toys for playing outdoors with a dog, and they’re sure to provide the dog with a lot of summer fun.

Pros: These latex bones can float, They can be used as fetch toys

Cons: They may not hold up to aggressive chewers

#9 Benebone Maple Wood Stick Chew Toy

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These chew toys are designed with a special blend of real maple wood and nylon, so the dogs can get a rich maple flavor as they chew on it. Although this product isn’t edible and the pet owner should supervise their dog and take appropriate steps to ensure they don’t eat this product, this chew toy is actually less like to splinter and be a consumer than other dog toys. This product is made using high-quality components in the USA and is designed to be easy to chew by just about any dog. All of which makes this product one that many pet parents have decided to give to their canine children.

Pros: They’re less prone to splintering, Dogs love chewing them

Cons: Dogs must be supervised to ensure they don’t eat this product

#8 Zippy Paws Birthday Cake Squeaky Toy

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This squeaky toy makes loud noises when the dog chews on it, and it’s filled with soft stuffing, so it won’t hurt the dog’s mouth as hard toys can. This product has a whimsical birthday cake design that’s available in either blue or pink, depending on the pet owner’s personal preferences. This product is also made from quality components and makes a great gift for puppies or smaller dogs. Pet owners who have aggressive chewers or larger dogs might want to avoid this toy, however, because its stuffing and its squeaker can easily be ripped out by dogs who do a lot of chewing.

Pros: Available in either pink or blue, Dogs love making it squeak, It has a whimsical design

Cons: Soft stuffing and squeaker ends up getting ripped out by many dogs

#7 Tennis Wools Small Dog Balls

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Dogs have been playing with tennis balls for just about as long as these balls have been around. And why not? They make it easy for a pet owner to play fetch with their pet, which not only increases bonding between the animal and its owner but also gives the dog a little bit of exercise. These tennis balls aren’t regulation ones, however. They’re about the size of a golf ball, so they’re actually made for smaller dogs or cats. And for people who have ferrets, this toy is also a remarkable one to have around. These balls are handcrafted in Nepal and are made out of Merino wool, so users know that they’re well made.

Pros: Great for playing fetch with a dog, Made of high-quality Merino wool, Designed for small dogs

Cons: Not suitable for medium to large size dogs

#6 Monster K9 Extremely Durable Chew Toy

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Pet owners who have dogs that are aggressive chewers knows how hard it can be to buy a toy for their pet that they won’t rip up in under 2-seconds flat. Fortunately, this ultra-durable chew toy is manufactured with such concerns in mind. This product is designed for aggressive chewers and has been tested by a variety of dog breeds include German Shepherds and Pitbulls. It’s made out of natural rubber, so it’s 100% safe and is completely non-toxic. Although this product is designed for chewers and is fairly durable, pet owners should realize that they will still need to supervise their pet to ensure they don’t chew it to pieces.

Pros: Designed for aggressive chewers, Is a great puppy teething toy

Cons: This toy can still be ripped apart despite it durable design

#5 Hartz Frisky Frolic Latex Toy

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These charming squeaky toys from Hartz have a whimsical design that a lot of pet owners are going to love. Although we aren’t sure what animal these characters are supposed to be, some of us just assume that they’re some sort of hedgehog because of the little rounded spikes that come off of them. Regardless of what animal these characters are supposed to be, however, one thing is for sure. Dogs love these toys and can’t stop chewing them. Of course, that can present a problem as these hollow toys can be chewed through, so supervision of the dog is advised while they’re playing with this toy.

Pros: Dogs really enjoy this toy, They have a whimsical design to them, They make squeaking noises

Cons: Dogs may chew up these toys easily if left unsupervised

#4 Chew King Durable Fetch Balls

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These fetch balls are made from natural rubber and are made in a number of different vibrant colors. They are also available in one of two sizes, include 2.5-inch medium diameter balls or 3-inch large diameter balls. These dog toys are great for playing fetch with and can even be used with a ball launcher for added fun. And since they’re made out of natural rubber, they don’t get soggy the way that tennis balls tend to do. These balls are also extremely durable, although pet owners with aggressive chewers may find out that they aren’t indestructible.

Pros: They’re great fetch balls, Can be used with a launcher, They’re pretty durable for most dogs

Cons: Aggressive chewers may chew through the balls

#3 Squishy Face Studio V2 Flirt Pole

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This Flirt Pole is a great way for a pet owner to play with their dog, provide their dog with some exercise, or train him. This product has a 36-inch pole section and a 52-inch cord that’s equipped with a felt lure that the dog can go after and chase. Since this product has a bit of reach, it can easily be used by pet owners with mobility issues and will provide the dog with hours of fun. And probably best of all, this flirt pole can be used with all dog breeds, regardless of their size.

Pros: This flirt stick can be used for all sizes and breeds of dogs, Provides the god with exercise, Allows pet owners to easily play with their dog

Cons: Dirt, grass and plant materials can easily become stuck to this flirt stick’s felt lure

#2 Goughnuts Interactive Tug Toy

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This tough tug toy from Goughnuts is designed for use with large dogs and aggressive chewers. Although it’s not indestructible, it’s more durable than many other dog toys available and should provide the dog with hours of fun. It’s a figure eight design, so it also allows the pet owner to play tug-of-war with their dog. This durable product is approximate 11-inches long, 6-inches wide, and it has a 1.5-inch cross-section.

Pros: This tug toy is extremely durable, Dogs love to chew on it, Allows pet owners to play tug-of-war with their dogs

Cons: This dog toy has a strong latex smell

#1 Chuck It! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

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These high bouncing balls are made from natural rubber and are designed to be durable enough to be used for long periods of time. Although they’re not completely indestructible, they are capable of holding up to some pretty good chewing without failing. They can be used in a launcher for epic games of fetch with your dog or can be used in swimming pools because they can float. These balls also are available in a variety of different sizes and in vibrant colors.

Pros: Can be used with a dog ball launcher, Provides hours of fun, Dogs love them

Cons: Agressive chewers can damage them

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