10 Best Dog Harnesses in 2020

Anyone who is still using a collar on their dog may want to begin using a harness instead. That’s because harnesses convey a number of benefits to the dog owner. For instance, with a harness, a pet owner has better control over their dogs, especially dogs that are easily distracted. And these devices also help to discourage dogs from pulling—which is a definite benefit to big dog owners who don’t like their pet pulling them down the street.

Before you can harness the benefits of these devices, however, you first have to find out which of them are the best. After all, you’ll want a harness that is not only well made but also durable. And you’ll want to make sure it won’t improperly constrict your pet. That’s why we’ve chosen ten of the best dog harnesses currently available, so you can choose one that suits you and your pet.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Dog Harnesses :

#10 Rypet Small Harness & Leash Set

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Designed to fit small dogs with chests up to 15.5-inches, medium dogs with chests up to 19.5-inches or large dogs with chests up to 25-inches, there’s one of these cute dog harnesses for just about any size dog. The only exception to that would be that it might be hard to find a good fit using this harness for really big dogs because they tend to run a little bit small in the size department. Having said that, however, this product is extremely well made using an air mesh fabric that breathes and is a very easy to adjust harness. It’s also available in a number of intriguing colors, so every dog can exude their own personal style.

Pros: Looks cute on a dog, Feels well made, Harness holds up to frequent use

Cons: Runs a little bit smaller than anticipated, The leash doesn’t feel durable

#9 Rabbitgoo No-Pull Adjustable Pet Harness

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There is probably any number of different reasons to give why we like this dog harness. Not only is it sized to fit medium to large sized dogs, but it’s also made from high-quality material. It’s also designed with two metal leash rings that allow the pet owner to choose how they walk their dog. There’s a chest attachment clip that prevents the dog from pulling and a back attachment clip for more casual walking expeditions. Although the soft fabric makes this harness a little bit more difficult to adjust than comparable products, once adjusted, it’s extremely comfortable for the dog and doesn’t rub or cut off the dog’s circulation.

Pros: Harness is comfortable for the dog, It doesn’t choke the dog, Is a well made product

Cons: The straps are hard to adjust

#8 Voyager Step-In Air All-Weather Harness

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Available in a variety of reflective colors, this dog harness is ready to keep any dog under good control. Some of the colors this vest can be bought in include yellow, red, blue, black, lime green or pink. These harnesses are a little bit bulky, but they’re also well made and look like they’ll hold up to years of use. They use a breathable mesh that allows for proper air circulation and has reflective bands on them to enhance the dog’s visibility while he or she is being walked. Additional features found on this harness include double D-rings, a high-quality buckle, and a hook and loop fastener system.

Pros: Has double D-rings for added security, Uses an air mesh that allows air circulation, Has reflective bands on the harness sides

Cons: The harness is a little bulkier than anticipated

#7 Big Dog No Pull Harness

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Even though this harness is only available in one of three colors, either black, pink or orange, it is available in sizes suitable for just about any sized dog. A small harness can be purchased for extremely small dogs, or bigger harness can be purchased for larger sized dogs, and they are all true to fit. These harnesses equally distribute tension across the body of the dog, so the animal doesn’t choke. Other features found on this harness include a handle for help in controlling the dog, a D-ring leash attachment point, and a reflective quality to the harness that increases the dog’s visibility in low light conditions.

Pros: Made using high-quality materials, Has a padded liner

Cons: Limited number of available colors

#6 Poy Pet Reflective Harness For Dogs

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Although this harness is available in sizes from XS all the way through XL, the harnesses designed for larger dogs may still be a little snug for extremely large dogs. With that being said, just about everything else about this product is right on the money. It’s made from high-quality materials and has reflective stitching that adds durability and visibility to the harness. It also has 4-way adjustable straps that allow the harness to be adjusted as the animal grows. This harness is good for walking the dog in all types of weather and is designed to provide the user with years of service.

Pros: Has reflective stitching, Is made using high-quality materials, Doesn’t choke the dog

Cons: May not be suitable for extremely large dogs

#5 Eagloo Walking Pet Harness

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This harness is made from high-quality components, is sized true-to-fit, and is easy for the dog to wear. Although it has to be slipped over the dog’s head for it to be fit on the dog, once it’s on the dog it’s extremely comfortable on the dog’s skin. This product is also extremely easy to adjust and has a no-pull design. It allows the pet owner to control the animal easily, so they can concentrate on walking the dog instead of trying to hold it back. Another great feature about this product is that it comes with two zinc rings, one on the chest and one on the back, that gives the pet owner some options while they’re walking their dog.

Pros: Constructed using high quality materials, Is comfortable for the dog to wear

Cons: Some dogs may not like that it has to be slid over the dog’s head to be fit

#4 Barkbay Heavy Duty No Pull Harness

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If you want to determine if your dog will mind having this harness put on them, all you have to do is decide whether or not your pet can tolerate having this harness slipped over their head. After all, some dogs have no problems with harnesses put on them in this way, while other dogs do. This product is made from high-quality no-rip nylon that’s resistant to wear and is designed to last for a long time. It’s also equipped with anti-chafe padding and a breathable mesh that ensures that your pet is as comfortable as possible when you’re taking them out for a walk.

Pros: Made of a no-rip material, Is comfortable for the dog, Has a handle for increased control of the dog

Cons: Has to be slipped over the dog’s head to be put on

#3 Chai’s Choice Best Adventure Harness

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This stylish looking dog harness comes in a number of different colors so the pet owner can match the color of it to their dog’s personality. It comes in colors that include red, black, green, brown, orange, teal, or blue. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to put on and take off the dog, and it has a mesh lining that allows for proper air flow around the dog. It also has a sponge padding in the belly and chest area of the harness, which makes it even more comfortable for the dog. And since it uses nylon webbing with 3M reflective material, the dog is always visible—even in low light conditions.

Pros: Made from quality ingredients, Has a handle for dog control, Has padding in the chest area

Cons: Seems to be a little loose on some parts of the dog

#2 Pupteck Soft Mesh Small Harness

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Even though some dog owners have complained that these harnesses run a little small, so they have to order a size bigger for it to fit their dog, once the correct size is determined these harnesses fit very well. That’s because they’re made from a high-quality polyester material that makes them weather-resistant, extremely durable, and soft to the touch. They also have an air mesh that allows air to circulate around the dog and doesn’t cut off the dog’s circulation when the dog is pulling. This harness is also lightweight and comes in one of three exciting colors: red, cream and pink.

Pros: Made from high-quality materials, Comfortable for the dog to wear, Feels very durable

Cons: Sizes run small

#1 Winsee No-Pull Choke-Free Harness

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Although the fit of this harness might be a little wonky on medium sized dogs and require a thorough adjustment, for just about all other dogs it works like a dream. It’s made using high-quality materials, doesn’t pull or choke the dog, and has reflective straps so the dog can be seen in low-light conditions. It also has a well-made handle that the pet owner can use to keep the dog under control. Additional features found on this harness include two metal D-rings, quick-snap buckles, and a customizable neck that allows for a custom fit.

Pros: Made of quality materials, Is comfortable for the dog to wear, Looks good, Doesn’t choke the dog

Cons: Has to be thorougly readjusted for medium-size dogs

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