10 Best Dog Foods For Allergies in 2020

Some dogs have allergies to certain kinds of food. That means that the dog’s body has an abnormal reaction to the food that the dog ingested. This reaction can take a variety of different forms and can include everything from tummy issues to diarrhea, excessive itchiness, vomiting, and sometimes even an increased risk of ear infections. After a dog has been diagnosed with a particular allergy, then pet owners need to find a dog food that won’t cause this allergic reaction for the health of their pet.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for pet owners to find a dog food that’s specially made for dogs with allergies. Sure, some dog foods claim to be allergy-free, but that doesn’t end up being the case. That’s why we’ve decided to find ten of the best dog foods for allergies, so pet owners can help keep their dogs happy and healthy.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Dog Foods For Allergies:

#10 Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach

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Purina Pro Plan Focus is a dog food formula that’s specifically designed for dogs that have skin and stomach sensitivities. Although each dog’s sensitivities are different, this formula is less likely to cause skin or stomach problems because it’s free of corn, wheat, and soy—three ingredients most commonly associated with these problems. This food is also free of other common ingredients that cause allergic reactions such as artificial colors and flavors. And because it contains real salmon in it, then it’s also capable of supplying the dog with the Omega 3 fatty acids it needs for healthy joints, skin and immune system.

Pros: Great for dog’s who are allergic to corn, wheat or soy
Contains no artificial colors or flavors

Cons: This dog food has a fishy smell to it

#9 Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredients Food

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When dogs have stomach sensitivity issues, then they can have problems eating enough food to meet their nutritional needs. And this can result in the dog becoming lethargic, losing the luster in their coat or developing other health conditions related to malnourishment. Fortunately, this dog food is designed to deal with stomach sensitivity issues. It’s a grain-free formula that’s free of artificial colors, preservatives, and colors, so it’s better tolerated by dogs with sensitive stomachs. And since it’s complete and well-balanced as well, it will ensure that the dog gets all of the nutrition they need daily.

Pros: Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs
It’s a grain-free formula

Cons: Food has a strong smell to it

#8 Blue Buffalo Wilderness High-Protein Grain-Free

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A lot of dogs can’t tolerate the grains found in some dog foods, so Blue Buffalo decided to create this high-protein grain-free dog food formula. It’s a product that’s made without the use of grains but is packed full of healthy carbohydrates supplied by peas and sweet potatoes. It’s also packed with Omega 3 fatty acids to support the dog’s skin, vision, and immune system. Although not all dogs will eat the hard life-source bits, most dogs tend to generally like this dog food.

Pros: It’s a high-protein formula
It’s a grain-free formula

Cons: Some dogs don’t like the hard “Lifesource Bits”

#7 P.S For Dogs Lamb Recipe

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Of all of the dog foods we’ve seen, this is one of the few that’s not only hypoallergenic but is also grain-free and has a low-glycemic rating. That makes it suitable for dogs with a variety of food sensitivity and allergy problems, as well as dogs who are intolerant of certain ingredients. Although it may be a little too expensive for some pet owners, it’s a formula that dogs seem to love and it’s one that’s very gentle on dog’s sensitive digestive systems.

Pros: It’s a low-glycemic dog food
It’s a hypoallergenic dog food
It’s a grain-free food

Cons: This dog food is quite expensive

#6 Purina One SmartBlend Limited Ingredient Food

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Although not all dogs are going to love this dog food, for those who do enjoy it and have sensitive stomachs it’s a lifesaver. This product has a limited amount of ingredients in it, so it’s less likely to cause stomach problems than other types of dog foods. Pet owners have also reported that their dogs that had diarrhea also got better after switching to this product. Overall, it’s a high-quality product that’s designed to help dogs with sensitive stomachs and other digestive problems and it does seem to work great.

Pros: Is gentle for dog’s with sensitive stomachs
It’s a good that’s good for dogs with diarrhea

Cons: Some dogs may not like it

#5 Diamond Naturals Skin & Coat Recipe

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This high-protein dog food is made without any of the grains that cause stomach issues or skin sensitivities in most dogs. It doesn’t contain any corn or wheat at all. In fact, it doesn’t contain any grains in it whatsoever. It’s also free of artificial colors, flavors, and fillers. It’s a product that’s proudly made in the U.S from high-quality ingredients and is easily digestible by most dogs. Although it’s smell is a little fishy, most dogs love the wild salmon taste of this food, and it meets all of their nutritional needs as well.

Pros: No artificial colors, flavors, or fillers
Contains no corn or wheat

Cons: This dog food has an unpleasant smell to it

#4 Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

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One of the first things worth mentioning about this product is that it’s one of the most highly recommended foods with dogs with sensitivities among veterinarians. Another thing worth mentioning is that its made in the U.S from quality natural ingredients. And it’s also worth mentioning that it’s packed with both Omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E for a healthy-looking coat. Best of all, however, is that it’s great for dogs who have skin problems or who have sensitive stomachs.

Pros: Great for skin and stomach sensitivies
It’s made with natural ingredients

Cons: Not all dogs enjoy its taste

#3 Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredients Diet

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The truth of the matter is that any dog food is less likely to cause stomach issues, skin issues or cause allergic reactions if it’s made with a limited number of ingredients. After all, the fewer the ingredients, the less likely the dog is going to react with one of them. That’s why this dog food is so effective. It’s made with a limited number of ingredients and meat is its number one ingredient. It’s also made without corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives. And that means it has more of a chance of being tolerated by just about any dog.

Pros: Meat is its first ingredient
It doesn’t contain artificial colors or preservatives
It’s made without corn, wheat or soy

Cons: This food is a bit expensive

#2 Instinct Limited Grain-Free Dog Food

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Although this product does cost more than most other brands of dog foods, it is a high-quality product that’s easy on dog’s stomachs and is well tolerated. It’s also a product that’s less likely to cause skin irritations because it’s made without using corn, soy or wheat products. It’s also free of dairy and egg products, two ingredients that can cause intestinal distress in some dogs. All of that makes this a dog food that pet owners may want to take a closer look at.

Pros: Contains no corn, wheat or soy ingredient
Contains no dairy or eggs
Is easy for dogs to digest

Cons: This is an expensive dog food

#1 Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Dog Food

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This dog food contains everything a person could want in hypoallergenic dog food. It’s made with just one type of protein, salmon, and then mixes in some easy-to-digest carbohydrates. What they don’t add to this formula are additives, wheat, gluten or artificial ingredients. This creates a formula that’s easy on dog’s stomachs, is less likely to cause bloat or gassiness, and is better for dog’s skin. And all of that means that this is one of the best dog food for allergies currently available.

Pros: Contains limited ingredients
Made with high-quality salmon
Contains easy-to-digest carbohydrates
Has no wheat, filler or additives

Cons: This food is a bit expensive

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