Best Dog Food For Huskies in 2020

A wolf-like dog deserves a quality meal, otherwise, a huskie might go looking for it themselves, they are keen to escape artists after all. Because every breed has unique needs when it comes to mealtime, it is a good idea to invest in a quality dog food for huskies. When they have all the nutrients they require, you will notice a difference in the shine of their coat, and often a happier huskie.

You might not have your huskie working in the arctic, pulling sleighs, but they still have plenty of energy and need food that helps to complement their personality. This is why we have created a list of the best dog foods for huskies. Each one has the right balance of proteins and quality carbs that they deserve every mealtime.

Here are our top picks for the best Dog Food For Huskies:

#6 Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

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The words grain-free are always a good place to start so it is nice to find a quality product that also uses good protein sources for a huskie. The turkey and chicken formula should be well tolerated by most, and the real vegetables ensure there are plenty of nutrients for a pooch as well.

With no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives it has plenty going for it, especially with a minimum of 34% crude protein content. The omega fatty acids are there to help their coat shine and the reasonable price tag makes it even more appealing.

Pros: Quality protein number one ingredient
No artificial colors or preservatives

Cons: Bag doesn’t seal as well sometimes

#5 Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Stomach Dry Dog Food

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This is an incredibly popular dog food that is well suited to huskies for a sensitive stomach. The salmon and rice formula should be well tolerated by most huskies as they are often easily digested. Because it contains prebiotic fiber, it should be easily passed by a senior dog or a huskie with a sensitive stomach and to add to this, there is no corn, soy, or wheat to worry about.

The natural ingredients combine to make it an excellent choice for brain and joint health and development and with added antioxidants, it also promotes a healthy immune system. There is also no poultry by-product – one of the key ingredients to avoid and the sign of a quality dog food when it is not in the formula.

Pros: It contains prebiotic fiber for healthy digestion
No corn, soy, or wheat
Added antioxidants
No poultry by-product

Cons: Not every husky is keen on salmon

#4 NUTRO WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS Large Breed Adult & Senior Dry Dog Food, Chicken

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If you have a senior pooch, then this is a quality dog food for huskies that are getting on in years. The main ingredient is farm-raised chicken so it is off to a good start with a quality ingredient that is ideal for muscle recovery after exercise. The brown rice and sweet potato combination are great as they are quality carbs that are easier to digest than a lot of the alternatives.

There are ingredients for healthy joints which becomes a common issue for older huskies and it is good to see the likes of Vitamin E for immune system support. All the ingredients are non-GMO, no wheat, corn, soy, or animal by-product so you can be sure that your huskie is getting a quality meal with no filler.

Pros: Number one ingredient is farm-raised chicken
Brown rice and sweet potato for quality carbs
Ingredients for joint support
Non-GMO and no wheat, soy, or corn

Cons: Goes fast

#3 Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe

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For a huskie puppy dog food, this is one of the best. It contains many of the ingredients you expect to see in quality food that helps young muscles to develop. Using quality chicken meal for building lean muscle and ideal levels of calcium for proper bone growth, it is well thought out.

The recipe only gets better as it contains fish oil which is high in DHA. This is perfect for developing eyes and brains and we also like that Hill’s Science is made in the USA. It is not artificially flavored or colored which is always a good thing and the small bite-sized pieces go down a treat. Because even young huskies can suffer from digestive issues, it is good to see this formula contains ingredients that help to ensure the precise nutrition is well tolerated.

Pros: Quality protein
Contains fish oil for eye and brain development
No artificial colors of flavors
Ideal for a developing huskie pup

Cons: Kibble is quite small even for a large breed pup

#2 ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food

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One of the best dog foods for huskies, this product from Orijen has quality in abundance. The high protein content is ideal for a huskie so the fact that it is made from fresh regional ingredients such as free-run chicken and turkey and wild-caught fish makes it even more appealing. The grain-free formula includes the parts of an animal that a huskie can get a great benefit from such as cartilage and organs make up part of the 85% animal origin ingredients.

The minimum crude protein content of 38% in the adult feed makes it stand out, as does its biologically appropriate approach to creating a quality large breed dog food. This is an award-winning formula so its hardly surprising to see that it is so popular with huskie owners.

Pros: 38% crude protein from quality sources
Grain-free formula
Regionally sourced ingredients
Biologically appropriate

Cons: Can be a bit pricey for some

#1 Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

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We found this to be the best dog food for huskies because it has the combination of quality ingredients and a reasonable price tag. With real lamb as the first ingredient, you get a sense of the quality, especially because there is no poultry by-product. This formula also includes life source bits, Blue Buffalos combination of antioxidants, and vitamins to ensure your huskies’ immune system gets the support it needs.

A huskies coat is part of what makes them so handsome so it is good to see omega 3 & 6 finding its way into the formula. What is doesn’t contain is equally as impressive so expect no soy, corn, wheat, artificial preservatives, or flavors from this quality food that is ideal for a healthy huskie.

Pros: Real lamb is the number one ingredient
Added antioxidants and vitamins
Omega 3 & 6 for a healthy skin and coat
No artificial flavors or preservatives



More products also worth checking out:

Dog Food For Huskies Guide

Every breed has unique requirements for their diet so to help keep your huskie in the best condition possible, it is a good idea to do your research when it comes to dinner time. There is a vast difference between low-quality dog food for huskies and the best. You can’t always tell what is good just by the price tag which is why it is good to do a little research.

To help make this important purchase an easy one, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Dog Food For Huskies

High Protein Content

This is a must-have for any dog food but particularly high energy breeds such as huskies. Because they need lean muscle support, the high protein content of 23% and above is often enough but if a dog food for huskies can provide 30% and over, then even better.

Quality Protein as The First Ingredient

This is a sign of protein being the main ingredient in a formula, as it should be. The best proteins come from whole protein sources and the likes of free-range chicken or wild-caught salmon are a good sign.

No Animal By-Products

These are a sign of low-quality dog food and certainly one to avoid for a huskie. Little more than filler, poultry, and other animal by-products. They are often difficult to digest and offer little nutritional benefits. Sometimes they are treated with artificial flavors to make them more appealing for a pet so be wary if you find this on the side of the bag.

Grain-Free Formula

Some decent products use minimal grain in their dog food but the better options usually stay away from it entirely. This is because grain can be difficult for a dog to digest, particularly for breeds like huskies which often suffer from digestive complaints.

These products are only better if the grain they have removed is replaced by a quality ingredient. if they have loaded up on low-quality carbs, then avoid.

Joint Support

If a huskie is creeping towards the senior years or is already there, they are going to need quality joint support. Most products tailored towards older large breeds contain ingredients to maintain some elasticity in their joints so look for a product that is made with fish oil or has a protein source of oily fish.

Bag Size

A typical amount for a huskie to eat every month is around 30 lbs so keep this in mind when searching for the ideal dog food. Although they can get bored of the same recipe day in day out, you don’t want to be caught short. Plus, the value is always in the larger bags no matter what brand you opt for.

Immune System Support

No breed is completely safe from illness so it is good to give their immune system a boost with quality nutrients and vitamins. A lot of products contain vitamin E and C, and plenty of whole vegetables.


Although other breeds are much larger, a huskie is still a sizeable dog that needs proper bone support. This is why a lot of dog foods for huskies contain plenty of calcium. A puppy, in particular, will need lots of calcium in their diet. 

Why Is It Important To Find Quality Dog Food For Huskies?

To give a huskie the best chance of living in comfort, it is important to give him the right ingredients for a balanced diet. They are active dogs so they need quality carbs and plenty of protein from a quality source to help their lean muscles recover from exertion.

A lot of the time, a huskie can sense that low-quality dog food is not so good and will turn their nose up at it if they find it in their bowl.

What Type of Dog Food Is Best For A Huskie?

No one type of food is best for a huskie but certain factors make a brand favorable. Still, a huskie can often get bored of the same recipe over and again so you might need to switch things up from time to time.

A lot of experts recommend a dog food for huskies that contains high-quality whole protein as the number one ingredient, with a good blend of fats and nutrients.

How Often Should I Feed My Huskie?

During the puppy years, a huskie should be fed three times a day in smaller portions. As they approach adulthood, it is best to give them their meals twice a day and you can leave the food as they are not like a lot of other breeds.

Some dogs are notorious for eating anything they can get hold of but a huskie will walk away from the bowl when they are full.

How Much Does A Husky Eat Per Month?

The common portion size is two cups of dry food a day for a huskie. This can vary a little bit as a general rule, its pretty close for most.

The more active your dog is, the more they might need to eat but if two cups work, then expect a 30 lb bag of dog food for huskies to last around a month.

Why Do Huskies Not Eat A Lot?

These are huskies we’re talking about so don’t expect it to share the same eating habits as a labrador which will eat until it gets to the bottom of the bag.

It’s not unusual for a huskie to leave some food in the bowl but if they neglect their food for long periods, it can be a good idea to switch foods as they can get bored of the same meal every day. If the food is left out for a long time then they might avoid it so it can be good to take the bowl away if they leave it.

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