9 Best Dog Boots in 2020

Because we want to take our dog’s everywhere we go, there are several new products hitting the market to make it happen. The likes of snow, rain, and even ice are all obstacles that can prevent us from taking our pooches for walks. Thanks to the latest trend that is dog boots, it is now possible to make sure your dog is never left at home because of the elements.

Because they are so popular, a lot of low-quality products are out there. The best dog boots should be durable, grippy, easy to get on and off and be comfortable for your dog. Once you find the right pair, your dog will get used to having them on and will be excited to run through the snow or follow wherever you go. We have compiled a list of the very best to make things easier.

Here are our top 9 picks for the best Dog Boots:

#9 Large Pawz Durable All Weather Dog Boots (12 boots)

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For an entry-level boot or just something a bit cheaper to try before you spend higher amounts on thicker dog boots, these are a good way of testing the waters. The disposable material is crafted from natural rubber and biodegradable. Easy to get on without having to fix straps they might make your dog more comfortable with wearing something on their foot for the first time. They are best for keeping the water out and allow your dog to feel the ground as they walk. They won’t do much to keep out the cold but fit like a sock so are pretty comfortable.

Pros: Easy to get on

Cons: Not as grippy as other dog shoes

#8 HaveGet Waterproof Dog Shoes Adjustable Straps

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One of the easiest dog boots to get on thanks to the large velcro strap that wraps around the keep their foot secure. The orange design also makes them stand out and will catch the eye of drivers, alerting them to your dog’s presence. The waterproof material makes them ideal for winter months and rainy days meaning you can always fit that daily walk in. The soles feel soft but are durable and have a good amount of grip so you can wear these on long walks in different terrains.

Pros: Waterproof
Good amount of grip
Easy to get on

Cons: Some dogs find it easy to slip out of them

#7 Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots

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Many users comment on how the neoprene material is perfect for their dog because it conforms to the shape of their pad and foot. Some boots can be too sturdy in their design which doesn’t help when it comes to comfort, unlike these dog shoes. They are water-resistant and have a good amount of traction for some of the slippery surfaces you might encounter in the colder months. The inner lining is perfect for keeping feet warm and are easy to get on and off. Your dog will benefit from the ability to be able to get out in any weather and there is also a reflective strap.

Pros: Conform to the shape of the foot

Cons: Only available in 5 sizes

#6 WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

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These are only available in smaller sizes so for the teacup dog or puppy, they are a fashionable boot. They look like a pair of winter snow boots and are sherpa lined making them very warm and ideal for winter walks. The velcro straps help them to stay on place and they offer a good amount of support with a very durable sole that keeps their feet above the cold ground and protects them from sharp objects. They keep paws clean and slip on easily.

Pros: Fashionable boot
Rugged sole
Velcro straps keep them in place

Cons: Only suitable for smaller dogs

#5 Trixie Walker Active Protective Boots, Medium, Black

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They might look like a pair of kids trainers but that’s because they are crafted from quality materials and the breathable mesh allows their foot to breath, making them ideal for summer months. They are durable so will last for many long walks and hikes and the grippy sole means your dog won’t slip. The velcro straps can be fitted tight to make sure they don’t fall off so if you are going on a run, you won’t have to retrace your steps looking for a stray shoe. They come with reflective stripes and a convenient loop fastener.

Pros: Breathable mesh design
Anti-slip sole

Cons: Not ideal for long legged dogs

#4 Colourful House Waterproof Pet Boots

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Good for larger dogs, these durable dog boots look great and perform well under pressure. the moulded rubber bottom has enough grip for them to be worn on slippery surfaces and gives them enough padding to step over rocks when hiking. They usually stay on pretty well compared to other boots so even if they are jogging alongside you, they will stay firmly in place thanks to the elastic velcro straps. They do not slide around and offer a bit of respite for dogs with injuries who need a bit of support. It’s best to study their size chart properly as some people have been unhappy when ordering.

Pros: Sturdy moulded rubber bottom
Good support
Stay on well

Cons: Can be difficult to get the right size

#3 Xanday Breathable Dog Boots

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The mesh material on the upper allows these to be more breathable than most making them one of the best dog boots for warmer months when you want to go on those long hikes with your dog. The adjustable straps stay in place well, hugging the foot whilst the stretchy material allows the foot to move comfortably. There is reflective material making them useful at nighttime. With an anti-slip sole, they can be worn on slippery terrain and come in red, black, or blue depending on your taste. They are one of the easiest dog boots to get on and off which will take some of the stress off your dog when putting them on for the first time.

Pros: Stretchy material
Very breathable mesh upper
Anti-slip sole

Cons: Not waterproof

#2 PUPWE Dog Booties

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Using high-quality fabrics, these dog boots still manage to remain well-priced and stand up to the demands of harsher terrains. They cope well with dirt and have a non-slip printed sole that will support the foot and keep out the cold. They are breathable and don’t weight their feet down which means they are great for sunny days when the road is usually too hot on their feet. With two straps to keep them in place, they feature reflective material to keep you safer at night and can even be worn indoors.

Pros: Good value
Lightweight for added comfort
Reflective material

Cons: Size chart isn’t always accurate

#1 QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Large Dogs

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These are the best dog boots because of their added features and superior comfort. Your canine will secure and they expand on the feet so do not pinch. The dual adjustable velcro straps keep them in place and make your dog feel confident in their step making them ideal for long treks and hiking. The straps have reflectivity lining which also means you can use them at night, helping your dog and your group to stay safe. The sole is hard-wearing and grippy, more like a proper boot than a cheap product. They are waterproof so will keep their feet dry and are hand washable.

Pros: Quality sole is durable and grippy
Reflective straps
More comfortable than most

Cons: Get a little heavy when wet

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