10 Best Dog Beds in 2020

Dogs are valued members of our families, so it’s important to treat them as such. And for many of us, that means not making them lay on the floor but giving them a bed of their own. A place where the dog can sleep after a long day of walking, playing, and/or barking. And hopefully, one that will support the dog’s body properly to prevent them from experiencing sore joints, which is especially important for older canines.

Finding the best canine beds isn’t always an easy proposition for pet owners, however. After all, there are quite a few things that need to be considered including the age of the dog, how they sleep, and of course, their size. Although we can’t cover all of those variables, we can list the top ten dog beds currently available, so our readers can choose the one right for their pet.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Dog Beds:

#10 Joyelf Orthopedic Foam Pet Bed

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This high-quality pet bed is made using some very nice materials, so it’s designed to not only hold up to regular use but to also be useful to the pet. This model is made using a solid memory foam base that cradles the dog’s body and helps to take the pressure off of their joints. Although the sizing of this bed seems a bit off, with it seeming to be smaller than what it should be, if pet owners order a size larger than what’s stated, then the dog should fit this bed comfortable. Another thing to like about his bed is that it has a removable cover that can be taken off and thrown in the washer when necessary.

Pros: Dogs love to sleep in it, supports the dog’s body well.

Cons: The size of the bed is a little bit smaller than it should be.

#9 Better World Pets Quality Dog Mattress

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This 5-inch thick bed is made from only the best shredded-memory foam, so when a dog lays on the mattress, it’s as comfortable as can be. This model will help dogs with hip pain or arthritis, which makes it well suited for both young and old dogs alike. This product also has a waterproof washable cover that can be removed and thrown in the washer when it becomes dirty. And since this product doesn’t have a funny design, as some other dog beds do, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space in a room.

Pros: Great for older dogs, is a waterproof bed.

Cons: The bed can develop a funny odor to it.

#8 Majestic Pet Products Pet Bed

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This dog bed is available in a variety of different sizes, so there’s a size for just about any dog out there. The sizes include a 24x18x7-inch model that’s suitable of dogs up to 25-pounds; a 32x18x8-inch bed that’s suitable for dogs 25 to 40-pounds in size; a large 40x29x9-inch bed for dogs 40 to 70-pounds in size; and a super-large model that’s 52x36x14-inches and is suitable for dogs 70 to 110-pounds in size. These beds are made with a waterproof denier base, offer spine support, and are manufactured with care in the U.S.

Pros: These beds are sized correctly, they’re extremely soft

Cons: Some of the larger sizes can be difficult to fit into a standard washer.

#7 Best Friends By Sheri Doggy Bed

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This dog bed comes in several different sizes including 30×30-inch model, a 36×36-inch model, and a 45×45-inch model. These sizes allow the pet owner to find the specific size they need for their own dog. These beds also come in one of two different colors, either Frost or Taupe, so a bed can also be chosen that fits the dog’s sense of style. Other benefits of these dog beds are that they have a round shape that allows dogs to burrow, their fur cradles the dog and keeps him or her warm, and they’re designed to provide the canine with proper head and neck support.

Pros: Bed is made from high quality components, dogs love sleeping in it.

Cons: The bed can sometimes becomed matted after washing.

#6 WWE Pinch Corner Lounger

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Although this bed is kind of small and is only really useful for smaller dog breeds, it does have a particular sense of style to it. This model is designed to look like a WWE wrestling ring and has a leopard print exterior that a pet owner will find to be either charming or tacky. Since this bed has a pinched corner design, it can actually be placed just about anywhere in a room without taking up a whole lot of space. It’s especially well suited for placing into corners, so living room traffic won’t bother the dog as she sleeps. All in all, it’s a nice little bed that smaller dogs will probably love.

Pros: Great pet accessory for WWE fans, designed to fit into a corner.

Cons: Bed is only suitable for smaller dogs.

#5 P.L.A.Y Pet Lifestyle Lounge Beds

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Available in a variety of sizes from small through extra-large, there’s one of these beds for just about any size dog. This lounge bed is also extremely comfortable and comes in a variety of different colors including black, grey, mustard, teal, ocean blue, brown, and ash. Another thing for pet owners to like about this bed is that its filling is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles, so they can feel good about not only buying a bed that will keep their dog comfortable, but also a bed that’s made in an Earth conscious way.

Pros: Bed comes in a variety of sizes and styles, bed is extremely comfortable for dogs.

Cons: Bed is a bit expensive.

#4 eLuxury Supply Deluxe Canine Bed

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Available in a smaller 23×27-inch size; a medium 27×36-inch size; and a larger 36×45-inch size, there’s a bed size for just about any breed a pet owner may have. Although the memory foam is a bit stiff and not as soft as it should be, this bed does provide nice support for a dog’s body. These beds also feature 100% cotton covers that can be removed and washed in a washing machine, if the pet owner so desires. And since these beds come in a variety of different colors and styles including Blue Medallion, Fire Hydrant Red, Green Medallion and Red Plaid, there’s a color that fits just about any room’s decor.

Pros: Available in a variety of sizes, available in a variety of different colors, supports the dogs body.

Cons: This bed’s memory foam is a little stiffer than it should be.

#3 Chuck It! Travel Dog Bed

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These small beds are approximately 30×39-inches in size and are designed to accommodate dogs up to 50-pounds in size. They’re basically like dog sleeping bags with a rip-stop liner and a poly-suede surface, so they not only keep the dog cool during summer months but they’re also easy to pack up for traveling. They are also easy to clean and are water-resistant. Another thing to like about these dog beds is that they have a sewn-in loop, so they can be hung to air dry while the dog it camping with his owner.

Pros: Folds up for traveling, keeps the dog cool in summer, is an inexpensive bedding option.

Cons: They don’t have a lot of cushioning.

#2 K&H Pet Products Dog Cot

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This elevated cot is made using quality components and is easy to assemble. This product has a nice metal frame, waterproof 600-denier fabric, and even has non-skid rubber feet on it, so it doesn’t move around a whole lot. Although there are some parts of this bed that could be potentially damaged by dogs that are aggressive chewers, all in all, it’s a quality product that should hold up well for most people. And since this product keeps the dog elevated, it’s well suited for keeping the dog cool during the summer months.

Pros: Bed is inexpensive, it’s easy to assemble, it holds up well to frequent use.

Cons: Aggressive chewers may damage the corners of this bed.

#1 Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Lounger

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Although this canine bed does cost more than most of the other products on this list, that’s probably because it’s made with some very high-quality components. This model is made with a 4-inch memory foam mattress and has a 100% suede cover that’s soft to lay on. This bed is also designed with the dog’s comfort in mind and will not only support the dog’s head and neck but will also relieve pressure from the dog’s joints. That allows the dog to sleep comfortably every single day they use it.

Pros: Made with high-quality materials, does a great job supporting the dog’s body, comes in a number of different sizes.

Cons: Bed costs more than many other dog beds.

More products also worth checking out:

A Dog Owner’s Guide To Bed

Although there are plenty of us who allow our dogs to sleep in bed with us, there are times when we just want our pets to go into their corner of the room. And since we don’t want them to be uncomfortable, we ensure that they have the best dog bed available. Unfortunately for some dogs, not everyone knows or agrees what makes a dog bed a great one and what makes them unworthy for a dog to sleep in. To cut through the confusion, we decided to write this guide that will help everyone buy a dog bed they’ll be proud to allow their dog to sleep in.

The Mistakes People Make When Buying A Dog Bed

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this article, we think it’s worth mentioning the top mistakes that people make when they’re buying a new bed for their dog. If all of our readers know what the common mistakes are when dog owners buy their pets beds, it might help eliminate some of these egregious mistakes.

  • Choosing The Wrong Bed Size
  • Choosing The Wrong Material
  • Choosing the Wrong Bed Shape

Step One: Consider The Size Of Bed The Dog Needs

Now that we’ve covered some of the more common mistakes that pet owners make when they buy a bed for their dog, it’s time to turn our attention to some of the things that pet owners need to consider when they’re buying a new bed. And the number one step in that process is the size of the bed. Far too many people either buy a bed that’s too small or too big, which can cause problems. Below are some of the common dog sizes and the bed size that’s most likely to fit that type of dog.

  • Up To 42 Pounds: Small Beds
  • 40-60 Pounds: Medium Beds
  • 60-120 Pounds: Large Beds
  • 120+ Pounds: Extra Large Beds

Now that we know what size beds conform to the weight of the dog, it’s now time to measure the dog from nose to tail to get an accurate idea of the actual dimensions the bed should be. Make sure to perform this measurement while the dog is in the curled up position and sleeping to get the best results. If your unsure of what size is needed for the dog, it’s better to size upwards than it is to size downwards.

Step Two: Consider The Shape Of The Dog’s Bed

Almost as important as the size of the dog bed is the shape of the bed. Choosing the proper shape for your dog will ensure that the dog will use it. If you purchase a bed that doesn’t conform to the dog’s natural sleeping style, then they’re simply going to find someplace else to sleep. Therefore, choose a shape that the dog is going to appreciate. When it comes to these pet beds, there are two basic shapes available: Round Shaped Beds and Rectangular Shaped Beds. Which one is right for your pet? Let’s take a quick look at each one.

Round Dog Beds: If the dog spins in a circle before laying down, then a round-dog bed is probably the best best.

Rectangular Dog Beds: If the dog lays stretched out, then they probably need a rectangular dog bed.

Of course, some dogs switch from one position to another, depending on where they sleep or how they feel. In those instances, the pet owner might want to consider purchasing each of these bed types to ensure that their fur baby is as comfortable as they can be while they’re sleeping.

Step Three: Choose An Appropriate Bed Filling

The next thing to think about is what’s inside the bed unless you purchase an elevated dog cot, then there’s no filling whatsoever to consider. For other types of beds, however, it’s worth thinking about the stuffing that’s used inside the bed. When it comes to these pet beds, there’s usually one of three different materials used inside of it. These materials are Memory Foam, Spun-Polyester Fill or Polystyrene Pellets. Let’s take a close look at each of these three different types of bedding material to see what might or might not be appropriate for your canine.

Memory Foam

Memory foam would be our preferred choice for most dog beds because it’s not only comfortable but also helps with orthopedic problems. This material also helps to prevent the dog from overheating because it has a distinctive cooling effect. Of course, its cooling properties means that it should only be used as an indoor dog bed and should never be used as an outdoor bed, especially in cold conditions.

Spun-Polyester Fill

This material is soft, warm and very cozy for most dogs. It’s also a material that’s hypoallergenic, so it’s suitable for dogs that may have allergy problems. Some brands not only use a polyester-fill in their beds but also adds cedar to it. This adds to these materials warming properties. However, if the dog is used for hunting, then it’s not advisable to use a bed with cedar in it because it could affect their ability to pick up scents.

Polystyrene Pellets

The last material that can be found in many dog beds is polystyrene pellets. This material isn’t as firm as memory foam, so it shouldn’t be used for older dogs or for dogs that might have joint problems. However, it is a good material to consider for younger dogs because it allows the dog to burrow down into the bed. On the other hand, this material isn’t appropriate for dogs that might be chewers, so if your dog chews, choose another bedding material.

Step Four: Some Final Dog Bed Considerations

The above information is everything the pet owner is going to need to consider when shopping for the best dog bed for their pet. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few lesser important considerations that the pet owner might want to think about. Below are some of the other features that you might want to think about before purchasing a new bed.

  • Removable Covers For Washing
  • Waterproof Fabrics
  • Chew-proof Bedding Made From Ripstop Nylon
  • Removable Pillows
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