10 Best Dental Chews For Dogs in 2020

Dental chews for dogs are a great way for pet owners to give their dogs a nice treat, all while they’re helping to keep the dog’s teeth and gums healthy. And dogs with healthier teeth and gums are not only happier but also tend to live longer. They’re also a great way for dogs to indulge their natural chewing instincts. That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and review the ten best dental chews for canines, so pet owners can buy a product that their dogs deserve to have and one that will keep their doggy smiles in good condition.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Dental Chews For Dogs:

#10 Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste Chews

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These high-quality dental chews for dogs are designed with a patented soft center that acts like toothpaste. This center not only helps to make teeth look noticeably brighter but also helps to remove tartar and bacteria from the teeth. It’s even capable of eliminating bad breath thanks to the addition of odor-fighting ingredients such as cinnamon, alfalfa, cloves, and vanilla. And it’s also a product that dogs love, although that can be a problem because some dogs tend to wolf it down instead of chewing it, and this may make it less effective than it should be.

Pros: They clean teeth well
Dogs generally love them

Cons: Dogs tend to eat them too quickly

#9 Virbac C.E.T Enzymnatic Oral Hygiene Chews

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These dog-chews is one of the most vet-recommended dog treats for dealing with bad doggy-breath. It’s also a product that does a good job cleaning dog’s teeth, although it can create a mess as dogs are chewing it. These poultry-flavored treats are generally well-loved by most dogs and are made from high-quality beef hide. Probably the most remarkable thing about these chews, however, is that they have a dual enzyme system that helps the dog reduce tartar and plaque just by chewing them.

Pros: Vet recommended for bad doggy breath
Dogs seem to like them a lot

Cons: Dogs tend to make a mess with them

#8 Kirkland Signature Dental Chews

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These dental chews from Kirkland Signature are made in such a way that they provide the necessary surface area and friction that a dog can remove tartar off of its teeth just by chewing it. And for that purpose, it does do a good job of removing plaque and tartar and making the dog’s teeth whiter. It also seems like it’s well-loved by most dogs. So as a dental chew, this product works well, but we do wish that it used higher quality ingredients. Its primary ingredients include potato starch, glycerin, gelatin, pea protein, and dried-chicken.

Pros: They’re inexpensive
They clean teeth well

Cons: Ingredients aren’t as wholesome as we would’ve liked

#7 Milk-Bone Advanced Oral Care Daily Chews

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These Milk-Bone dental chews are designed in a way that makes them very effective. They not only are large enough not to be swallowed whole by most dogs, but they’re also equipped with various design features that help them come into contact with more of the dog’s teeth. It has a twist design that helps to clean back teeth and it’s made with ridges that act like toothbrush bristles. They also have a chicken taste that most dogs love and is well tolerated. All things considered, these are great dental chews for dogs, although they do tend to cost more than comparable brands.

Pros: Dogs love to chew them
Dogs have to chew them to eat them

Cons: They cost more than comparable dental chews

#6 Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews For Small Dogs

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Although this product costs more than comparable brands, dog owners with small adult dogs between 10 and 24-pounds may want to give these dental chews a try. That’s because small dogs not only love this product, but it does a great job of removing plaque and tartar. It also does a great job of freshening a dog’s breath as well, so the dog’s mouth smells as clean as it actually is. It’s also a product that’s made using quality ingredients, so pet owners can feel good about giving it to their dog on a daily basis.

Pros: Great for small dogs
Dogs like this product a lot

Cons: Costs more than comparable chews

#5 Purina DentaLife Adult Dog Treats

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These quality dog treats are designed for small to medium-sized dogs and are made without artificial flavors or colors. They do a great job of reducing tartar buildup on dog’s teeth, and dogs tend to like the flavor of them. That’s due to their unique design and porous texture that helps clean below the dog’s gumline. Although these chews might be a little too big for a dog that falls on the smaller end of the size spectrum, they’re a good treat for most dogs.

Pros: Contains no artificial colors or flavors
Dogs love them

Cons: Might be too big for smaller dogs

#4 Pedigree Dentastix Dental Dog Treats

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These quality dental dog treats come in 3 in three different flavors: original, fresh and beef flavors. Each of these treats is designed in such a way that they’re easy for dogs to chew on and are capable of removing up to 80% of the tartar that has built up on their teeth. It’s even capable of cleaning down to the gum line, so the dogs can enjoy fresher breath as well. And because they’re reasonably priced, just about everyone can buy this product for their dogs.

Pros: Comes in three different flavors
Reasonably priced

Cons: Not all dogs love them

#3 Pedigree Dentastix Triple-Action Treats

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Although these treats are only designed to be eaten by larger dogs, they are a great product that does a great job of cleaning teeth. They are a triple-action treat that cleans teeth, reduces tartar buildup and also freshens breath. Most of this can be attributed not only to its X-shape but also due to the quality ingredients that can be found in each treat. It’s no wonder so many people buy these treats to keep their dog’s smiles looking their best.

Pros: Dogs absolutely love these treats
They do a great job of cleaning teeth
They freshen breath

Cons: Not suitable for smaller dogs

#2 Checkups Dental Dog Treats

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These dental dog treats might be kind of large, but they do a great job of cleaning a dog’s teeth and freshening their breath. These treats can reduce plaque by up to 25% and tartar by up to 62%. Although not all dogs are bound to love these treats, most of them do and therefore will eat them up as fast as they can be given to them. Another thing to like about these treats is that they’re free of wheat and gluten, which just makes them a healthier snack for any dog.

Pros: They do a good job of cleaning teeth
They’re reasonably priced
They also freshen breath

Cons: Some dogs may not like them

#1 Greenies Original Dental Treats

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There’s a reason why Greenies are some of the most well known dental chews available, and it’s because they’re the best dental chews for dogs period. Dogs love to chew these treats, which allows them to power away from the tartar and plaque that has accumulated on their teeth. And it even freshens their breath. And because this product is made with quality ingredients, it’s also easily digestible and a lot healthier than many comparable chews.

Pros: Are easier for dogs to digest
Made with quality ingredients
Do a great job of cleaning teeth
Dogs love them

Cons: They have a premium price tag

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