Best Cat Brushes in 2020

She might not like it at first, but a cat brush can help with a little shedding in the summer months and just makes your beloved feline look her best. It can be useful for spotting ticks and fleas and preventing hairballs when your cat grooms herself. A lot of people don’t even realize how effective the better products are, or that there is more than one type of cat brush available.

It is important to brush your cat at least once a week to prevent tangles alone, not to mention the other benefits. Because of this, we have created a list of the best cat brushes on the market. Each one has something unique to offer and there is a product for every budget.

Here are our top picks for the best Cat Brushes:

#6 DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove – Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove

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For something a little different, these gloved cat brushes are as effective as they are eye-catching. The good news is that cats love the feel of them so if your feline friend is not one to sit and let you brush her usually, this is a great alternative. If your cat is shedding then these are ideal as the loose hair comes off as you smooth your hand over her back.

The tips are made from 255 silicon which is gentle on cats’ skin and they are a good all-round option as they can be used on cats, dogs, horses, and other pets. What makes them so useful is the fact that they can also be used in the bath to smooth over your pet and allows the wearer to reach those difficult spots such as the face and along the tail.

Pros: Easy to use and comfortable to wear
Made from 255 silicon
Fine for all hair types
Allows the wearer to reach difficult areas

Cons: Not as effective as other brands

#5 Safari Pet Products CSFW405 Complete Brush for Cats

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For a reasonably priced cat brush, this has enough quality about it to make it a worthy purchase. It works by gently removing tangles thanks to the soft ends and massages the skin without scratching. One of the other benefits of using this cat brush is that it distributes natural oils for a silky coat.

What some might see as simple, this doesn’t need to use some of the fancier approaches. For no-frills, basic cat brush, this is a great option. The large grippy handle makes it easy to work through cat hair so if you aren’t in the market for a self-cleaning cat brush, this is worth considering.

Pros: Good vaue
Removes tangles without scratching skin
Soft tips of bristles
Comfortable handle

Cons: Not self cleaning

#4 Andis Pet Steel Comb

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As simple as it looks, this is one of the most effective cat brushes, and available at a reasonable price. What you see is what you get here and the two ends of this brush provide different teeth density. This means you can remove tangles and dirt on one side then brush out shedding on the other. It also stimulates the skin to get the blood flow moving when it smoothes the surfaces.

The narrow teeth are good for short-haired cats making and both ends can be used for long-haired felines so it is pretty versatile despite its simplistic design. They can be picked up in a 7.5 or 10-inch model and are easy to hold, lightweight, and convenient to take from place to place.

Pros: Easy to use
Dual density of teeth for different thickness of hair
Made from quality stainless steel

Cons: Not self cleaning

#3 GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats

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When you need to demtt a long haired cat, this is the best brush and can be used for professional grooming. It is two sided which is where is becomes dual purpose. One one side there are less teeth which makes it ideal for dematting difficult areas and the denser side is great for detangling and getting a grip over shedding.

The sharp teeth with rounded edges ensure they get through thick hair without causing discomfort and the soft gel handle is more comfortable than most. This cat brush can also be used on long haired dogs making it one of the most versatile brushes on our list. To stop shedding from taking over your home, this option from GoPets is one of the most effective.

Pros: Dual sided comb for dematting and detangling
Rounded edges make it more comfortable
Grippy handle
Comes with a satisfaction guarantee

Cons: Need to be gentle when using it

#2 Furminator Undercoat deShedding Tool for Small Cats – Short Hair

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For a cat brush for short hair, this is the ideal product. To prevent shedding in cats under 10 pounds, this clever product doesn’t cut skin but does a good job or removing loose fur. As with many of the better products in the world of cat brushes, this has an ejector button to get rid of loose hair without having to touch it.

By deshedding, you are giving your small cat added comfort as there are fewer tangles and hairballs to worry about. With a skin guard at the edges, this product doesn’t snag as it brushes which is great if you are dealing with a nervous feline. The conformed shape of the brush ensures it glides to the shade of the cat’s body for added comfort topping off a well thought out product.

Pros: Ideal for short cat hair
Ejector button
Removes tangles and hairballs
Skin guard on the edges

Cons: Not as useful for larger cats

#1 Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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One of the most popular cat brushes on the market and for a reasonable price. It is a self-cleaning brush so it is easy to see why so many people swear by its effectiveness as it removes your cats undercoat gently. It also eliminates tangles and knots that your cat would otherwise be working away at for hours. The fine bent wires are angled so they do not pull and harm your pet.

We like how easy it is to dispose of the hair once you are done. By pressing the button on top, it retracts the bristles, forcing the hair to fall into the trash. It also massages as it grooms which helps to improve blood circulation and has a grippy handle to make it easier on the user. This is especially useful when your cat doesn’t enjoy grooming and you want to get it done fast.

Pros: Easy to diospose of hair after
Removes knots and tangles
Great value
Improves blood circulation



More products also worth checking out:

Cat Brush Guide

No one likes to have to pick up fur during the shedding season. Not only does it seem to never end, but it can also cause discomfort for your cat. A cat brush can help to reduce the likelihood of hairballs and helps to maintain a smooth and plush coat. This is only when you purchase a quality product.

the problem with a sub-par cat brush is that it can snag and cause your cat. to run at the sight of the brush. To help prevent this and make grooming time less daunting, we have created the following buyer’s guide so you make a sensible purchase.

What To Look For In A Cat Brush

Comfortable Handle

To start with, the comfort of the user is important. Most cat brushes feature ergonomic handles that are shaped for comfort. With a stainless steel brush, this might not be possible so look for a silicon or gel handle that is comfortable to hold.

Self Cleaning

Not all cat brushes offer this but it can help make clean up more convenient. Usually, in the form of a push-button, it pulls the teeth back into the brush, causing the excess hair to fall into the trash as you hold it over. This is a hygienic way of disposing of shedding.


There are different ways you can groom your cat so you will need to choose between different styles of cat brushes. Some are designed to remove shedding in a traditional style brush whilst others might be in the shape and style of a glove, with grooves to remove hair as you stroke your kitty.

Hair Suitability

So cat brushes are dual-purpose so they work on all types of cat hair whilst others are for specific hair types. Make sure you know whether the brush is designed for short-haired or long-haired cats before you purchase or you risk harming their skin or buying an ineffective product.

Skin Friendly

Some brands have harder bristles which means you will have to be more careful when using the cat brush. Otherwise, look for a product that is known for being kind on the skin. The right product should stimulate blood flow, not irritate.

Wide Head

The wider the cat brush the better up to a point. This can mean fewer strokes which is better for a cat that startles easily. The faster you can get the grooming done without rushing, the better in some cases.

Why Buy A Cat Brush?

Some people spend a lot of money on a rare or pedigree cat and some require regular grooming to look their best. However, it doesn’t matter what breed you have in your home, brushing your cat’s hair is something you should be doing regularly.

When matting builds up, it doesn’t matter how frequently your kitty self grooms, they can be near impossible to remove without a little encouragement. This is where a quality cat brush can help. They can remove tangles and matting as well as shedding so your cat is more comfortable.

The more loose or matted hair there is, the more chance there is that your cat will cough up a hairball which can be an unpleasant experience. Any dirt that has accumulated, especially in hard to reach places around the head or tail is easily removed with a decent brush.

Should I Buy A Cat brush For An Old Cat?

A senior cat is arguably the most in need of a brush as at a certain point, they find it difficult to groom themselves effectively. Giving them a helping hand can help to reduce matting that they may otherwise have prevented had they been capable.

Otherwise, a senior cat might develop health issues from poor hygiene that can be prevented with regular brushing.

How Often Should I Groom My Cat?

This depends on the breed and whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat (outdoor cats are more likely to get debris in their coat). Also, the density of hair will be a major factor.

A short-haired cat, for example, will not need brushing as much and you can get away with a weekly brush. If you go overboard you can have a detrimental effect, even creating bold patches from over-brushing.

A medium-haired cat like a mixed breed feline will require regular brushing. This is particularly during the shedding period and you might need to brush them up to four times a week.

Long-haired cats are a different story altogether. These need brushing pretty much every day so if you have a Persian or the like, keep this in mind. Daily brushing will prevent matting from forming which can be particularly difficult to remove once they worsen in long-haired breeds.

How To Brush A Cat Who Hates being Brushed

There are certain things you can do to make this experience easier on your cat. As time goes by, they will become more relaxed which is why it is important to regularly brush.

A good approach can be to start by stroking one area with your hand, then lightly use the brush. Don’t overdo it the first few times then start to brush a little firmer until you gradually make your way to proper grooming.

Start with one part of the body, the head is a good place but try not to comb until the point that they become agitated or move. Try to move on before they grow restless. A good time to groom a cat is when they are already relaxed so if they are in the middle of an afternoon nap, start by gently brushing them.

Use the right brush for their hair type and you can always try and persuade them with cat treats if things don’t go so well.

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