10 Best Carpet Cleaners For Old Pet Urine in 2020

Whether you’ve just noticed a fresh stain or there is an old one bothering you, a carpet cleaner for old pet urine will help to make your home a more hygienic place. Pet urine attracts all sorts of unwanted bugs and rodents, not to mention the smell can be awful.

A lot of people think it will be near-impossible to lift old stains from carpets but there are quality products that make it easy to restore your carpet to a former glory. For the unsightly stains in the middle of a rug or carpet, or multiple blemishes, the following top ten carpet cleaner for old pet urine will help make your home a better place for you and your pets.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Carpet Cleaners For Old Pet Urine:

#10 Rug Doctor Platinum Urine Eliminator Spray

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On the label, this promises everything you want when it comes to pet stains. It is great for on the spot removal of stains and older blemishes helping to lift marks and odor completely. It’s safe to use on multiple surfaces including pet beds and does not leave a sticky residue. The convenient spray bottle helps you to apply it accurately and the sparkling breeze scent is more pleasant than a lot of the competition. In the price range, it is hard to find better value although other products will be tougher on more stubborn stains.

Pros: Good value
Safe on multiple surfaces

Cons: Not as strong as other products

#9 Bissell – Woolite INSTAclean Permanent Pet Stain Remover

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Going by the price alone, it is easy to see why purchasing this is so appealing but it offers a high performing formula that is tailored towards pets and great as a carpet cleaner for old pet urine. You get two bottles in a pack which adds to the value and when sprayed on the problem area, it gets to work within 30 seconds. It helps to keep pets away from the area so they don’t form bad habits and is tough on urine, faces mud, blood, vomit, and beyond.

Pros: Gets to work fast
Great value

Cons: Better for pet stains instead of an all over clean

#8 OUT! Advanced Stain and Odor Remover

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they market this as being good for tough doors which is a fitting definition of old urine from pets. It features a triple concentrated enzyme bacterial formula that breaks down stains and odor. With multiple uses, it works on vomit, bloody, faces, as well as urine making it a great product to keep at home when you have pets. A lot of people use it to prevent re-marking so the likelihood of a bad habit forming is reduced. It is also safe to use in homes with children and of course, pets.

Pros: Works on a multitude of stains
Helps to eliminate odor

Cons: Not as effective on bigger stains

#7 Amaziing Solutions Pet Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover

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What draws a lot of people to this carpet cleaner for old pet urine is the fact that is has a more subtle scent than most. Some products do have a strong chemical smell to mask urine but this uses a different approach. It is effective on stains and uses natural enzymes to lift stains and make sure your home is suitable for guests and better for your pets. You can use it on upholstery and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee so you can purchase without risk.

Pros: Pleasant scent
Money-back guarantee
Can be used on multiple surfaces

Cons: Not everyone likes the mint smell

#6 KIRBY Genuine 237507S Pet Owners Foaming Carpet Shampoo

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Although it is on the pricier side, it is easy to see why this lavender-scented formula is so popular. Not only does it smell good but it is a heavy-duty formula that works hard to eliminate stains and leave surfaces clean and odor-free. This is why it is one of the best carpet cleaners for old pet urine and is ideal for wet vac systems that make the whole process a breeze. With no harmful ingredients, it is fine to use in homes with young children and even helps to keep pet dander under control – great for those with allergies.

Pros: Can be used in a wet vac
Safe to use around kids

Cons: Can be a bit pricey for some people

#5 Bubbas Super Strength Concentrate Pet Odor Eliminator

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A popular product among pet owners that can be used in any wet-vac machine to lift stains and get rid of pet doors for good. Used by professionals it prolongs the life of the carpet and removes allergen particles which helps visitors who are allergic to pets. It is also used in hotels and pet kennels so you know it must be doing something right and the non-foaming formula is effective and great when used on couches. Use it to get rid of a small stain or a patch of bad odor or give your carpet an all-over clean and a new look.

Pros: Strong formula
Used by professionals

Cons: Strong smell

#4 Sunny & Honey -Carpet Miracle – Concentrated Machine Shampoo

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Although it isn’t tailored towards pet or marketed as a carpet cleaner for old pet urine, when you need a miracle, this is the sort of product that can help. Sometimes, people don’t want to try a holistic cleaner and just want to go straight to a reliable brand such as this one. We can understand why, the non-toxic and biodegradable formula works in wet vacs and is tough on stains and doors. Also safe on all colors and safe around pets and children. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee so if it doesn’t work the oracle you need it for, you can get your money back.

Pros: Non-toxic
Strong when it comes to stain removal
Works on water safe surfaces

Cons: Has a stronger scent than most

#3 TriNova Natural Pet Stain and Odor Remover Eliminator

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This is a popular stain remover and one that is perfect on old urine. First of all, it gets rid of the unpleasant smell that you can’t help but notice every time you pass and contains 100% natural ingredients. The organic formula still manages to be professional strength that breaks down stains to leave your carpet or rug free-from stains and smelling great. Because the ingredients are natural, it is safe to use around your pets and children, restoring surfaces to a former glory so you don’t avoid certain parts of your home.

Pros: 100% natural ingredients
Safe around pets and children

Cons: Requires some elbow grease

#2 Hoover PETPLUS Concentrated Formula

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A pet plus formula made by the reliable brand that is Hoover, this works hard to remove stains, messes and smells from carpets and rugs. The scent is more pleasant than most and has a fresh cotton smell that beats the heck out of what it is covering. Non-toxic, it is made in the USA and is fine for use on the carpet as well as upholstery and in the car. The formula is 100% biodegradable and works well in a wet vac to make cleaning even easier.

Pros: Pleasant scent
Works in a wet vac

Cons: Can be a bit pricey for some people

#1 Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

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Anything that says professional-strength should grab your attention when it comes to pet stains and thankfully, this product lives up to the hype. Many people like the fact that it is chlorine-free and safe on all colored carpets, so reputable that it even gets rid of the smell as well as the stain .It doesn’t matter how tough or old the stain is, this is the gold standard carpet cleaner for old pet urine and can be used on all types of furniture, surfaces, and even kennels. It works because it includes enzymatic bacteria which is tough on ammonia crystals helping to ensure your home is in a much better place than before.

Pros: Tough on stains
Eliminates odor
Professional strength
Fine around humans and pets

Cons: Has a strong scent

More products also worth checking out:

Carpet Cleaner For Old Pet Urine Buyer’s Guide

Among the many thankless tasks that come with being a pet owner, cleaning up old urine has to be up there with the worst. Not only does the smell seem to never leave, but the stain can be one of the toughest to get out, especially when you discover one that has been left for a while. 

The solution is simple, a quality carpet cleaner for pet urine will do the trick, but finding one is easier said than done,. This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide, so whatever nasty surprise you find, it is going to be easy to remove.

What To Look For In A Carpet Cleaner For Old Pet Urine

Stain and Odor Removal

We’re not saying that cats are the worst full stop, but the scent of their urine seems to be harder to remove and is more pungent. Whatever the type of pet you have in your home, it is important to find a carpet cleaner that doesn’t just remove the stain, but also the odor. Most reputable brands are proficient at both when looking for a specialist product, just be sure that the brand you are considering is capable of doing the whole job.

Works Fast

This is going to be especially important with high traffic areas of a house if you have guests or young children that frequent the area. Most are designed to work within the hour although some might require a second spritz to get rid of any remaining signs of a stain. 


The majority of carpet cleaners for pet urine are made with ingredients that are safe to use around pets and children, but some contain harsh ingredients that are not so suitable. Before purchasing, make sure the ingredients used are suitable for homes where there are young hands or furry ones around. 

No Strong After Smell

Although there is going to be some level of scent produced by a product that contains chemicals and other harsh ingredients, it is better if the brand does not leave a strong after smell. You are trying to remove the smell of pet urine, not mask it with another. Any product that uses chlorine or strong chemicals is likely to leave a strong smell.


In contrast to a strong smell, a pleasant fresh scent left behind is never a bad thing. This is common with a lot of modern companies making it more than just bearable to stay in the area that has been cleaned afterward.  

Multi-Surface Use

Not every product is suitable for certain surfaces making it important to check before purchasing. The last thing you want is to eliminate the stain and create another. This will usually be indicated on the label and is important to prevent any damage to the carpet or rug.

Natural Ingredients

We’re not saying that this is for everyone, but for those who are holistically minded, there are carpet cleaners for pet urine available that are made with a natural formula. They can still be professional strength and capable of lifting stubborn stains that have been left for a while.

Benefits Of Using A Carpet Cleaner For Pet Urine

One of the main plus points is that they do a lot of hard work. This means there can be minimal scrubbing and the product can be left so you don’t have to stay close to the strong scent. Another benefit is that it is much cheaper to clean the carpet than have to replace it. Even if you have discovered multiple patches, these products can save a lot of money.

The result is a better carpet, with a pleasant fresh scent and an area that has been scrubbed and treated so even the bristles on the carpet are softer.

How Long Do You Need To Leave A Carpet Cleaner For Pet Urine For?

This depends on the brand as every product will have a different formula with a varying strength but as a general rule, on to two hours is a standard time that these products need to lift the stain. Some may work faster and although an hour is not long, it is not uncommon for a stubborn stain to need additional treatment. 

However, some products require the user to leave the area for several hours so b sure to read the instructions carefully before applying.

How To Stay Safe When Applying The Product

Every brand will give slightly different instructions as to how to apply their formula and the more natural, the better. However, it is best to start with a pair of rubber gloves and ensure the area is well ventilated so any scent can be removed safely. Make sure there are no flames around from a candle or fireplace and keep children and pets out of the room until it has dried completely.

Repeat this process if it is necessary to apply again and when storing the container, ensure the safety cap is on. 

Can Pet Urine Be Harmful?

As awful as it can smell, pet urine can be detrimental to your health, The bacteria in dog and cat urine can make your family ill, with toxoplasmosis being one of the most common flu-like results of exposure to pet urine new and old. Not only this, but the effects of the ammonia scent can be harmful. so it is always best to remove it as soon as you find any around the house. 

How Much Does Carpet Cleaner For Pet Urine Cost?

The good news is that these products do not cost a lot and there are products to suit every budget. It is easy to find a reliable brand for under $10 but spending a little extra can be a sensible idea. This might get you a product that works faster, has a higher quality of ingredients, and will leave a more pleasant scent than a lot of the alternatives. At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on a safe and hygienic home, and your clean carpets will be all the evidence you need that using a quality brand was a good idea.

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