10 Best Canned Dog Foods in 2020

Canned dog food can be a healthy choice for just about any dog but is especially well suited for animals that may have health or dental problems that prevent them from eating dry food. Of course, as is the case with any product, some brands are really good, and others that pet owners should avoid completely. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between bad and good dog food products unless the pet owner is ready to do a whole lot of research.

We know that our readers lead busy lives and probably don’t want to spend a whole lot of time looking for their pet’s next canned food, so we decided to do the research ourselves. During our research, we’ve discovered ten of the best-canned dog foods currently available, so pet owners can choose one for their dog from among the best brands available.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Canned Dog Foods:

#10 Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin

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This quality soft canned dog food is made from quality ingredients and is manufactured especially for dogs that have sensitive stomachs or skin allergies. This product is a grain-free formula that contains natural fiber to boost its formula and is made with Omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin E to maintain healthy skin and fur. This food is manufactured in the United States and is one of the more highly recommended dog foods recommended by veterinarians. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this food include chicken broth, salmon, carrots, turkey, potatoes and pea protein.

Pros: Veternarian recommended
Ideal for dog’s with sensitive stomachs

Cons: Can be hard to remove from the can

#9 Taste Of The Wild Grain-Free Food

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One of the first things any pet owner is going to notice about this product is that it’s made with meat as its number one ingredient and meat broth as its number two ingredient. That means that its duck formula contains duck and duck broth; its venison formula contains beef and real lamb broth; its salmon formula contains real salmon and fish broth, and its wild boar formula contains real beef and beef broth. This product is made without the use of any grains, and never contains artificial colors or flavors. All of which simply means it’s a quality, wholesome food for any dog.

Pros: Meat and broth are its first two ingredients
Dogs love the taste

Cons: May give some dogs gas

#8 Weruva Grain-Free Paw Lickin’ Chicken

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Even though this dog food is a bit more expensive than comparable brands, it’s pretty easy to see that it’s made with quality ingredients. The number one ingredient listed on this food’s can is chicken, and the second most ingredient found on the ingredient’s list is chicken broth. After those two ingredients are a lot of other great additions to their formula including sunflower seed oil, potato starch, vitamin E, potassium iodide, and vitamin B12. Ingredients that can’t be found in it include gluten, GMOs, carrageenan, artificial colors, or artificial preservatives.

Pros: Contains high-quality ingredients
Dogs love this food

Cons: Is a bit expensive

#7 Purina Beyond Grain-Free Adult Dog Food

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One of the best things that anyone can say about this product is that it’s number one ingredient is chicken. The next best thing to say about this product is that it doesn’t contain poultry by-product meals, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives. It also doesn’t contain soy, corn or wheat either. Although not all dog’s stomachs will tolerate this grain-free formula, for the vast majority of dogs, it’s a product that they’ll love and is good for them. And dog owners will love its reasonable price.

Pros: Food is reasonably priced
Dogs seem to love it

Cons: May cause stomach upset in some dogs

#6 Natural Balance Beef Formula

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With beef, beef broth, and beef liver as its top three ingredients, pet owners can rest assured that this canned dog food contains the type of food that dogs need and want. But it isn’t all about the meat with this formula because it also contains several other ingredients that help to contribute to the dog’s overall health. In this formula include ingredients such as brown rice, potatoes, carrots, oat bran, and a myriad of vitamins and minerals. Although not every dog will love it, the vast majority of dogs will find this food enjoyable and will want to eat it.

Pros: Meat is its #1 ingredient
Is packed with nutrients

Cons: Not all dogs will love it

#5 Pedigree Choice Cuts In Gravy Steak & Vegetable

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This high-quality dog food contains chunks of real meat that dogs are going to love. Although some of these chunks might be too big to feed to puppies or smaller dogs, for most dogs it’s easy to eat, and it delivers the essential nutrition they need. This product is made with real beef, chicken, pork liver, and vitamins. It also contains whole rice, dried carrots, and green beans, natural flavors, and minerals, so pet owners can rest assured it’s quality food for their dogs.

Pros: Contains real meat
Dogs love the taste
Has a reasonable price tag

Cons: Chunks may be too big for smaller dogs
Contains wheat flour

#4 Purina Pro Plan Focus Weight Management

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Just like humans, sometimes dogs gain too much weight and need to go on a diet and this product is specifically designed for overweight dogs. It’s made using a high-quality formula that includes turkey and liver, chicken, rice, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Although it does contain meat-by-products and wheat gluten, it also contains a good deal of protein and has a low amount of fat, which could help dogs achieve a more healthy weight. It’s also a dog food that many dogs are going to enjoy eating.

Pros: Helps dogs maintain a healthy weight
Contains less fat than comparable dog foods
Dogs really like it

Cons: Contains meat-by-products and wheat gluten

#3 Blue Buffalo Homestyle Senior Recipe

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Blue Buffalo is a dog food brand that’s well known for creating high-quality pet foods and this one is no exception. It’s a formula designed exclusively for older dogs and is well tolerated by dogs of just about any age. This product is made with chicken as its number one ingredient and it contains a myriad of other high-quality ingredients including chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, peas, brown rice, barley, and flaxseed. It also contains cranberries and several vitamins to round out its nutritional profile.

Pros: Made with meat as its #1 ingredient
Dogs love the taste
Well tolerated by older dogs

Cons: Has a very powerful odor to it

#2 Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct

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Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct is a canned dog food that doesn’t contain a whole lot of unnecessary byproducts. It contains turkey and turkey broth as its first two ingredients, and it is loaded with other natural ingredients that include pork lungs, liver, venison, and a whole lot of vitamins and minerals. This product provides the dog with a variety of antioxidant sources to support the dog’s immune system. This food is also well tolerated by dogs, and most dogs simply can’t get enough of it.

Pros: Contains poultry as its main ingredient
Contains no by-products
Dogs love it

Cons: It’s a very dense dog food

#1 Nutro Wild Frontier Vital Prey

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Although this food is a little bit thicker than some other dog foods out there, that’s only because it’s made using only the highest quality meat ingredients. For a person to know it’s a quality product all they have to do is check its ingredient’s list. Its label says that it has wholesome products such as lamb, liver, chicken broth, dried pork broth, dried eggs, and potato starch. It also has several dried vegetables including peas, diced tomatoes, and carrots, and is chock full of vitamins and minerals. It’s a dog food that any pet owner can feel good about feeding to their dog.

Pros: Its a grain-free formula
Contains real meat
Dogs love it

Cons: It’s a little bit thicker than comparable dog foods

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