9 Best Bones for Dogs in 2020

Your choice of the best bones for dogs depends on whether you think he would enjoy a tasty treat from a real bone with meat on or off, or a synthetic option that lasts. Some of the toy bones are meat flavoured which adds to their enjoyment and the benefit is, they can be used time and again.

Still, either type ensures you can leave the house knowing your pet has something good to chew on. Your choice of dog bone will depend on the size of your pooch, and whether they are an aggressive chewer. Bones for dogs come in all sizes and can be great for dental hygiene so whatever you choose from our top ten, they will benefit greatly.

Here are our top 9 picks for the best Bones for Dogs:

#9 Jack&Pup Premium Grade Roasted Beef Ribs

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Ok just remember these rib bones are for the dog, even though they look and sound great! Slow roasted and at 7″ they are a good size for your dog to paw at and chew down on. They are naturally smoked and made from grass-fed, free-range cattle so the quality is higher than most of us eat. Jack&Pup doesn’t use any preservatives or chemicals when making these odour-free rib bones for dogs. They are completely digestible and have not been found to cause upset in dogs and even promote healthy teeth and gums.

Pros: Carefully sourced
No preservatives
100% digestable

Cons: They don’t last long

#8 Pawstruck White Knuckle Dog Bone

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The big knuckle bones are made from grass-fed cattle and are free-from chemicals and artificial ingredients. They are slow roasted to increase the flavour making them a popular treat in many homes. They come in large pack sizes up to 100 so it’s possible to always have something around. They don’t have a strong odour like a lot of other brands so they don’t stink out the cupboard. The texture and lack of added ingredients make them good for removing plaque and are 100% natural.

Pros: No strong odour
Made from grass-fed cattle
No artificial ingredients

Cons: Not as good for aggressive chewers

#7 Pawstruck Knee Cap Bones for Dogs

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These meaty treats made from beef kneecaps are a long-lasting option that cleans your dog’s teeth as they scrape around the sides trying to chew down at different angles. Made in the USA they are high in protein and low in fat offering a natural bone for dogs who love full flavour. Even aggressive chewers will have to spend some time breaking these down and since they are made with no artificial colours or chemicals they are much better for a dog’s diet than store-bought treats. They come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a variety of pack sizes.

Pros: No bad odour
Good for aggressive chewers
Natural and made in the USA

Cons: Can attract ants if left alone

#6 Redbarn – Small Peanut Butter Filled Bone by REDBARN

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For a bone filled with flavour, Redbarn has a great reputation for making delicious treats. With this peanut butter filled bone, your dog will spend hours trying to get the contents out. The 5-pack offers great value and getting past the nearest filling on the sides proves challenging. This is great for mental stimulation as you probably know – dogs get destructive when they’re bored. Although this is a small bone, it can be too difficult for very small dogs and some users comment on how their bigger dog had more fun with it.

Pros: Made in the USA
Good brain challenge

Cons: Not all dogs like the flavour

#5 DreamSticks Rawhide Free Vegetable Chew

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Anyone concerned about the digestive issues that can occur with rawhide will appreciate this formula that is free from such ingredients, instead, it has vegetables on the outside and real chicken inside. Enriched with vitamins, they are easy for your dog to digest so even sensitive stomachs can give them a try. These are good value treats but won’t last a long time so if you’re looking for something that you can leave your dog with that will last hours, this isn’t the product.

Pros: Easy to digest
No rawhide
Good value

Cons: They don’t last very long

#4 K9 Connoisseur Dog Bones

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These popular dog bones are ideal for small and medium-sized dogs who need stimulation through chewing and are a grain-free snack that helps to clean their gums as they chow down. They are made from free-range cattle and are strong enough to avoid early breakage of the bone which can be dangerous for a dog’s mouth. This six-pack offers great value and is made in the USA. They are great for dogs that cannot be left alone for too long without chewing the furniture and helps to give them some stimulation when you are out.

Pros: Six in a pack
Made from free-range cattle

Cons: Can be a little messy

#3 Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones Dog Treats

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There are no animal by-products included in these tasty treats that do not splinter and come with a meat-filled centre. They make an excellent alternative to bones if you are concerned about your dog being left alone with them. You get 24 in this multi-pack which should last a long time and means you always have something in the cupboard should you wish to give your pooch a treat. These treats are suitable for dogs of all sizes because they have to chew them to break them down. Made in the USA, they only use farm-raised meat.

Pros: Will not splinter
Good value
Suitable for dogs of all sizes

Cons: Don’t last as long

#2 Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Dog Chew

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This textured dog bone chew has the grooves that feel nice on gums and teeth and the durability to withstand a fair bit of abuse. They come in all sorts of sizes and flavours but one of the most popular seems to be chicken. There are raised bristles that help to clean teeth so it offers a solution to making sure your pup has good dental hygiene if they won’t let you clean their teeth. Made in the USA from tough Nylon materials, they are designed with aggressive chewers in mind.

Pros: Tough Nylon material
Come in different sizes and flavours
Raised bristles clean teeth

Cons: Fussy eaters prefer different flavours

#1 Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy, Made in USA

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This quality bone for dogs is flavoured for their enjoyment and can be used time and again. The angular shape is more like a wishbone but allows them to put a paw on one side as they chew the other. Made from 100% real food ingredients, many pet owners comment on how it appears to have an irresistible flavour that their dog cannot leave alone. It is infused with real bacon and made in the USA. You can get them in small, medium, and large sizes so you don’t have to worry about buying something your dog can’t handle. Thanks to the rugged materials they can withstand a lot of chewing and should last a long time.

Pros: Real food flavour
Made in the USA
Wishbone shape for easy chewing

Cons: Big dogs can still chew through it

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