10 Best Betta Foods in 2020

Speaking generally, Bettas are one of the easiest fish to care for. Low maintenance, and beautiful to look at, they still require quality food to ensure they live a long time. As with any pet food, there are specific ingredients that each breed and species needs to help them live a healthy life.

Bettas are no exception to this rule and the following features the best Betta foods you can find. They are made by reputable brands. Some float, others are just made from premium ingredients but all of them have something to offer your Bettas. With lots of value to be had, all budgets are tailored for.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best Betta Foods:

#10 Northfin Betta Bits

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Many people like this product because they do not contain any fillers, artificial pigments, or colors to help make it as high-quality as possible. The 1mm pellets are tiny compared to most which are better for fussy eaters who will not even consider eating something too big. They are slow to sink which makes it easy for Bettas to catch them in their mouths and they won’t have any trouble digesting them to get the nutritional benefits. Northfin says they create less waste which helps to keep the tank clean – anything that can help with that is good news as far as we’re concerned!

Pros: Slow sinking pellets
Easy to digest

Cons: Resealable bag not as convenient

#9 API Betta Fish Food

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A quality meal for Betta fish, this formula has been made to ensure the fish create less ammonia which is better for the water quality. As with many of the products on our top ten list, these are floating pellets which are the preferred type for Bettas who usually like to feed at the top of the tank. They are easily digested even though they are 2mm in size. This is still small but other products make their pellets even more compact. You’re not going to have to part with a lot to get your hands on this Betta food but when you see the brightness of their colors after eating it, you’ll probably be glad you did.

Pros: Fish make less ammonia for a clearer tank
Easily digestible

Cons: Other small pellets are smaller

#8 New Life Spectrum Betta 70g Fish Food

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With color enhancing ingredients, this really brings out the vibrancy in your Bettas’. Because the pellets are 1mm, they are convenient to eat, even for those who turn their fins up and some brands. The carefully selected formula has been tailored to a Bettas needs so there is everything for added vitality and plenty of protein. It also contains garlic and ginger to give it an immune-boosting side to complement the likes of antarctic krill and sustainable squid. The binder is bentonite clay which contains less starch.

Pros: Small pellets are preferable and easy to consume
Added garlic and ginger to boost immune system

Cons: Has a strong scent

#7 SAN FRANCISCO BAY Brand Freeze Dried Bloodworms

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This is the first of two bloodworm snacks for Bettas and although they shouldn’t be used to replace their daily food, they are great for adding some protein into their diet. Most fish enjoy these treats and with 51.66% protein, they are also getting a good amount of nutrition. For community tanks, these are ideal so if your Bettas share their space, these are a universal fish treat. Freeze-dried to lock in the freshness and protect them from parasites, they are good for bottom feeding and top feeding fish.

Pros: Good for added protein
Freeze dried for freshness

Cons: Not to be used as a replacement for their daily meal

#6 Omega One Betta Buffet Flakes

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From the reputable brand that is Omega One, these buffet flakes have been formulated to give Bettas a balanced diet. The wild salmon flakes contain a lot of omega 3 & 6 which are great for bringing out their bright colors. Naturally insoluble, they are better than most feeds when it comes to keeping the tank clear and are known for producing less fish waste. Made in the USA with 43% crude protein, your Bettas are getting everything they need to keep them in good health.

Pros: Insoluble flakes keep the tank clean
Brings out their bright colors

Cons: Can cloud the water in smaller tanks

#5 Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food

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A popular brand, possibly because of the quality. A favorite for many Bettas, they are a bit more expensive than other brands but that is understandable given the ingredient profile. Ocean Nutrition has tested the formula to make it ideal for Betta fish and use fresh ingredients to make it hard to resist. It contains fish meal and krill meal with a big 36% crude protein. For fussy eaters, the smaller pellet size will be ideal and it will also be good for other fish types such as paradise fish.

Pros: Small pellets good for fussy eaters
36% crude protein

Cons: A bit pricer than other brands

#4 Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets

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Created specifically with Bettas in mind, this quality pellet based formula floats to make it easy for them to eat and is made to their unique nutritional requirements. Because they float, you can keep an eye on how much they eat and also ensures the water does not become cloudy from unused food. They feature natural ingredients to bring out their vibrant colors and support a healthy immune system. The fish meal formula contains loads of protein and comes in a small pellet size that is easily digested.

Pros: Floating pellets
Brings out Bettas’ vibrant colours

Cons: Dispenser is a little tricky at times

#3 Omega One Freeze Dried Blood Worms

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An ideal meal for the likes of Bettas, this universal dried blood worm product will also be good for other types including a variety of marine and freshwater species. There is a lot of protein in these treats so they are good for adding a bit of nutrition into the diet of fussy eaters. They should be used alongside a regular meal but with 55% crude protein, it is easy to see why they are a popular product. Freeze-dried to keep parasites away they are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Pros: Good snack for Bettas
Lots of protein

Cons: Not a replacement for a normal feed

#2 Tetra TetraPRO Tropical Color Crisps

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With a balanced ingredient profile, this has been created with Bettas in mind as a daily food that contains natural color enhancers. Any top feeding fish owner will know that unless the food floats, picky eaters will go hungry. This crisp style food will stay on top for longer, giving them more time to choose when they want to feed. Highly palatable, a lot of Betta owners comment on how vibrant their colors are. If your current food is clouding the water, then this offers a fuss-free meal that works to keep the tank clear.

Pros: Natural color enhancers
Floats which is ideal for Bettas

Cons: Some will still sink to the bottom

#1 Wardley Betta Fish Food

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A top Betta fish food that is made up of 1.2 oz floating pellets that makes it easier for the Bettas to find the food and reduce waste. This all keeps the tank clear so you can see their bright colors which are enhanced when eating this food, thanks to the quality ingredients. There is also a stabilized vitamin C which is great for their immune system. There are no artificial colors or dyes and are great for a variety of small fish. On top of all this, many people comment on the excellent value they offer, costing a lot less than other brands but still offering a lot of quality.

Pros: Added vitamin C for better immune system
Easy to eat, floating pellets
Great value

Cons: Some picky eaters still won’t eat it

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