7 Best Bark Collars in 2020

The best bark collars are tools that any dog owner can use to get better behavior out of their dog. After all, the pet owner can’t always be around to tell the dog when it’s not appropriate for barking. And they do a fantastic job helping to alleviate stress in some dogs because excessive barking can cause a dog to increase their stress levels. When used properly, these collars can be a great asset that can be used to improve a dog’s behavior.

However, it’s important that the dog owner buys a high-quality device for their dog and that they use it properly. To help our readers sort the good from the bad, we’ve listed ten of the best collars for dog barking currently available. Any of the following collars will reign in bad barking behavior and leave both the dog and the pet owner a whole lot happier.

Here are our top 7 picks for the best Bark Collars:

#7 Dog Rook Anti-Barking Collar

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Although this dog bark collar doesn’t have a shock-option, it does have a lot of other features that make it a worth training tool for just about any dog owner. This model has 7 different sound and vibration levels, so the pet owner can set the collar into the mode that works the best for their deck. This model also fits dogs from 11-pounds up to 22-pounds and also fits dogs with neck sizes of 9 to 22-inches in size. And since it’s water-resistant, it can be used both indoors and outdoors for best results.

Pros: Collar is soft
It’s water-resistant

Cons: No shock option available

#6 Montour Barking Collar For Dogs

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Right out of the gate, the one thing that we noticed about this product is that it might not fit all dog breeds. Although it’s designed to fit dogs 11 pounds up to 150 pounds, on some dog breeds it just didn’t fit all that well. Having said that, however, there are quite a few things that we like about this collar. We loved its water-resistance and its 9 levels of adjustment, which is the highest adjustment level of any bark collar. We also liked its automatic shutdown feature and that it has shock and no-shock options. If it fit some smaller dogs better, it would’ve been one of the best collars on our list.

Pros: Has automatic shutdown feature
9 levels of sensitivity
Shock & no-shock options

Cons: Might not fit all dogs

#5 Ankace Dog Training Collar

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Using a sophisticated Qualcomm bark detection microprocessor, this collar is pretty good distinguishing between the dog’s barks and the barks of neighboring dogs, so it doesn’t get set off prematurely. It also fits just about all size dogs thanks to its adjustable collar, and it’s comfortable for dogs to wear. This model also has 5 sensitivity levels and 2 training modes for convenience. Unfortunately, its instructions aren’t very clear and it may be confusing for consumers to set it up, so we had to deduct points on an otherwise great pet collar.

Pros: Has shock and no-shock options
It’s waterproof
Fits all dog breeds

Cons: Instructions aren’t very informative

#4 Tebaba Anti-Barking Collar For Dogs

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This bark collar had its control chip in 2019, so it’s designed to work extremely well for controlling rampant dog barking, and we have to say that it works pretty well. It fits all breeds, has 3 different training modes, and has 7 sensitivity levels. It can only be triggered by the dog’s barking and not other dogs, so there’s a reduced chance of it going off prematurely. Although it doesn’t have a warning beep that would help correct dog’s behavior before the shock or vibration went off, it’s otherwise a great collar for controlling barking.

Pros: It’s an inexpensive model
Has 3 operating modes
Fits all dog breeds
Weather resistant

Cons: Has no dog warning system

#3 Pop View Humane Dog Training Collar

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This product might not have a shock option, but it does do a surprisingly good job at controlling rampant dog barking. It’s designed to fit dogs 11 pounds through 120-pounds, or dog’s with necks sizes from 7-inches to 21-inches in size. It has 7 different sound and vibration levels. It doesn’t have rechargeable batteries, unfortunately, but the batteries are easy to change, and it is still pretty easy to use and does a good job of controlling barking.

Pros: Has 7 operating levels
Suitable for all dog sizes
Has a reflective collar
It’s comfortable for the dog to wear

Cons: Doesn’t have a shock option

#2 PetNF Automatic Dog Bark Stopper

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This is a great collar for controlling barking, and it contains many of the features we like to see in these products. It’s waterproof up to IP67 standards, it has a smart sleep mode that will kick on, so the dog isn’t disturbed while he or she is sleeping, and it has an anti-false alarm triggering system. Although its beeps are a bit loud, it’s easy to use a collar that fits a variety of dogs and does a good job of controlling dog bark behavior.

Pros: Stops barking extremely well
Comfortable for dogs to wear
Is equipped with intelligent detection
Shock & no shock options available
It’s waterproof

Cons: Beep can be loud

#1 Pet Yeah Smart Bark Collar

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Even though this product is a little more expensive than comparable models, to our mind it’s worth it. This product has 5 adjustable sensitivity levels, 2 training modes, and it is fully rechargeable. Its battery can be charged in approximately 3-hours, and after that, it will provide up to 10-days of use. This bark collar is also waterproof, has a variety of shock and non-shock options, and isn’t susceptible at all to false triggering as some other collars are. All of which makes it a product that many dog owners are going to want to buy for their dogs.

Pros: It’s waterproof
It has 2 training modes
Has both shock & no-shock modes
Has an intelligent sensor
Very well made

Cons: Cost a little more than other models

More products also worth checking out:

A Guide To Buying The Best Bark Collar For Dogs

As we’ve seen from looking over the best bark collars available, these devices are amazing. In only a few sessions, these collars can correct a dog’s behavior so that the dog isn’t always barking at every little thing that captures their attention. In fact, some dogs have their behavior corrected in a way that sometimes the collar never has to be used again. But for that to happen, the consumers are going to have to use these collars properly and buy the best ones available.

In this article, we’re going to give our readers the tips they need to purchase the best bark collar available, so they can use it for training purposes. We’ll talk about the different bark collar categories, as well as features that impact their convenience, safety, and effectiveness. Now that we’ve stated our core purpose, it’s time to jump right into the thick of this guide.

Bark Collar Categories

Even though there are dozens of different types of bark collars available, all of those can be placed into one of the following four categories: Static, Ultrasonic, Vibrating, And Spray bark collars. Since each of these different collars works differently from one another, it’s important to think carefully before deciding on any particular one. Below are some of the basics of each of the four types and how they work.

Static Collars: Although these collars are some of the most controversial ones available, they also just so happen to be extremely effective. They work by passing a pulse of static electricity to the dog when they bark. Although past models of these collars were considered cruel, the ones manufactured nowadays can be adjusted to the consumer’s preference, so they can avoid passing too strong of a shock to their dog.

Vibrating Collars: These collars don’t produce a shock the way that static collars do, but they vibrate instead. This vibration will often make the dog stop barking immediately because it’s not a pleasant sensation for the canine. These collars usually beep at the same time as the vibration occurs, so the dogs eventually associate the beep with the sensation. Some collars then allow the collar to be set to only the sound, so eventually, the user can stop using the vibration feature altogether.

Ultrasonic Collars: These bark collars are effective, but they’re not quite as effective as static dog collars. These collars work by emitting an ultrasonic sound that dogs don’t like when they begin barking and that causes them to immediately stop. Some pet owners feel that these types of collars are more human than static pulse collars, which accounts for their popularity. Unfortunately, for some dogs that suffer from problem barking, these collars are simply not effective enough.

Citronella Or Citrus Spray Collars: These collars are considered to be the most humane, but unfortunately, they are also the least effective. These collars work by releasing a citronella or citrus scent into the dog’s face when they begin barking. This causes many dogs to stop barking immediately. However, during our research, we discovered that these collars only work for dogs with a light to moderate barking problems. They won’t work very well for dogs that bark a lot or suffer from stress barking.

Bark Collar Effectiveness Features

Now that we’ve covered the basic types of bark collars, it’s time to talk about some of the features that make these devices more effective. To ensure that the bark collar functions the way it’s supposed to function, it’s important to follow the below tips. These will ensure that these collars will work in a way that’s conducive to good training and ensure that they operate safely and effectively.

  • Choose the appropriate size collar for the dog
  • Fit the collar to the dog’s neck according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Look for collars that have adjustable features that can be adjusted
  • Look for collars that emit a warning sound that helps dogs reconsider their barking before countermeasures are launched

Other Features To Consider

Just by following the proceeding tips, consumers should have a pretty good idea for what type of dog bark collar they may want to buy. However, there are still a few more things to consider before purchasing a new one. Some of the features that consumers may want to consider can be found below.

Intelligent Sensors

When buying any bark collar, the consumer is probably going to want to buy one that’s equipped with an intelligent sensor. An intelligent sensor prevents the dog collar from going off from sounds occurring around the dog. Without the sensor, just about any noise can potentially set off the dog collar’s countermeasures, which can confuse the dog. Collars equipped with this feature won’t go off unless the dog barks.

Training Modes

Training modes allow the collar to be used in conjunction with a training regimen, so it doesn’t simply stop barking at the time but helps the pet’s owner train their dog to stop barking on their own. These collars can be set to emit a beep in conjunction with the collar’s countermeasures. Eventually, it can then be set to just beep to stop the barking as the dog has now been trained to associate the beeping of the collar with the vibration or shock of the collar.

Look For Collars With Multiple Modes

Many bark collars made nowadays are designed in such a way that they can be used in different ways. For example, some collars can be set to shock or vibration, according to the consumer’s preferences. These collars allow the consumer to start in vibration mode and only work up to static pulse mode when it becomes necessary.

Waterproof Collars

Although not all of the best bark collars are waterproof (or water-resistant), it is a useful feature for the collar to have, especially if the dog gets caught outside in light rain or snow.

Recharge Time

The last thing to consider is the rechargeable battery in the bark time. Some bark collars hold a charge very well and will last for days without being recharged, but some don’t work as well. Therefore, it’s important to choose one that has at least a 3-hour battery life on it for best results.

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