Approach-Avoidance Conflict

Synonyms: n/a
Scientific Usage: A conflict resulting from being both drawn and repelled by the same stimulus. With distance the stimulus appears more desirable, and with closeness the stimulus seems less desirable, in contrast with approach- approach conflict. As the individual approaches, because the stimulus appears less desirable the individual withdraws, leading to an increase in the stimulus’s perceived positive features relative to the negative ones. More information about relative value and outcomes can resolve these situations, but if they are unresolved, displacement behavior may occur.
Operational Usage: n/a
Relevant Discipline: Explosive, General Training, Guide Dogs, Narcotic, Other Working Dog Organizations, Search & Recovery, Search and Rescue, Service Dog, Tracking/Trailing
Example: This can be seen in Human Remains Detection (HRD) dogs that tend to shy away from overpowering amounts of odor (whole bodies) when they have been trained using smaller amounts of odor (body parts and/or fluids).
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