Each week, we bring you the top 5 amazing, ridiculous or just plain awesome pet and animal stories from around the web. We call them, the Furry Five:

5. Campers Find Out Lost Puppy Is Really A Wolf

A group of campers in Idaho where in for a huge surprise when they found what they thought was a lost puppy.  They immediately took it to a nearby vet clinic and found out they had a wolf pup! They drew a blood sample from the pup to find out whether it’s a wolf, a wolf hybrid, or something else. Officials spent much of the past week looking for a wolf pack near where the pup was found in hopes of returning him back to his family. Sadly, they could not find any sign of a pack in the area. In the meantime, Zoo Boise agreed to take the pup temporarily and to help Fish and Game find it a permanent home.

4. Khloe Kardashian Narrates Kitten Video

3. Should Bison Be The National Mammal Of The U.S.?

Western lawmakers are seeking to make the plains bison America’s “national mammal.” Bison advocates launched a “vote bison” public relations campaign Friday to coincide with the bill. The National Bison Legacy Act introduced in the Senate is backed by lawmakers from Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, the Dakotas and Rhode Island. The largely symbolic measure would provide no added protections for the estimated 20,000 wild bison in North America. Tens of millions of bison, also known as buffalo, once roamed most of North America. Overhunting reduced the population to about 1,000 animals by the turn of the 20th century.

2. The First Cat Video EVER!

1. Device Lets Humans Talk To Dolphins

In the future, you may be able to have a conversation with a dolphin thanks to a new speaker device. According to Discovery News, a speaker has recently been invented in Japan that can reproduce and project the full range of dolphin sounds, including those used in communication. Dolphins can detect the slightest change in frequency and pitch, and can both produce and hear noises well above and below our range of hearing. The invention is able to mimic and play back every sound that dolphins use to communicate. Scientists plan to do an ongoing series of tests, broadcasting specific compilations of dolphin vocalizations and sounds, recording the animal’s response to each. Hopefully, after enough research, these tests can decode some of the dolphin’s language and allow us to communicate with them.

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