Each week, we bring you the top 5 amazing, ridiculous or just plain awesome pet and animal stories from around the web. We call them, the Furry Five:

5. Kitten removed from tire with K-Y Jelly

Image Via: RSPCA

K-Y Jelly is not just for the bedroom anymore. According to the Birmingham (U.K.) Mail, a stray calico kitten recently got her head stuck in a tire and underwent an unconventional rescue using the lubricant. A man found the cat by following the kitten’s cries into a nearby shed, where she saw her stuck in the hole of a tire frame. RSCPA Inspector Herchran Boal said he originally tried using margarine to slip the cat out. After that failed, a quick-thinking employee suggested using K-Y Jelly. The lubricant proved to be a success, and soon the kitten was free and being showered with love.

4. Texas Couple Shares Home With Two Giant Buffaloes

3. World’s First Vegetarian Shark

Image Via: ShutterStock


A six-foot-long nurse shark living at the Birmingham National Sea Life Center in England has reportedly become the first shark in the world to have developed a preference for vegis over meat. The shark, named Florence, made headlines in 2009 as the first shark in the world to survive an ‘out of water’ surgery that was necessary to remove a rusty fish hook deeply embedded in her mouth that was discovered after she stopped eating. After the surgery, her dietery preferences took an interesting change.
“What we do know is that when an animal suffers a traumatic experience and then radically changes its diet and behavior in an unhealthy way, it isn’t something that we should celebrate,”
2. Guy Gets DUI With Zebra & Parrot In The Car

1. Superhero Dog Can Sense When Owner Will Faint

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