Each week, we bring you the top 5 amazing, ridiculous or just plain awesome pet and animal stories from around the web. We call them, the Furry Five:

5. Gelato Shops in Italy Cater to Canines

Several gelato shops in Rome are increasingly offering scoops of the cold stuff specifically designed for dogs. This means your pet can cool down in the summer time at the same time as you do. The special gelato removes any ingredients that may be harmful to dogs (i.e. eggs, milk, and some sugar), but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t taste good. Several pet owners have admitted to trying the new concoctions, saying the flavors are pretty good for humans too.

image via pawnation.com

4. Duckling Goes for a Jog with a Friend

3. Donkey Saves Lives Amid Colorado Fire

In Fort Collins, Colorado, a donkey named Ellie has done it again! She has helped secure the lives of several other animals in a time of need. When a fire erupted on June 9th and began its blazing trail that eventually damaged 92 square miles including 189 houses, she had the courage and ability to calmly coral several other horses to a place of safety until people arrived to rescue them.  “When help arrived, Ellie walked right up to one of the rescuers and put her head against his chest,” said owner Greg Van Hare.

image via tntpokerclub.com

2. Border Collie Herds Siberian Tigers

1.Viral Shark Photo Proven to be a Hoax

A prevalent photo of sharks swimming in a flooded subway area has been making the rounds via multiple social media outlets lately. However, it has finally be proven to be a hoax. What started out as a rather normal picture of a flooded subway station, was then photoshopped to show sharks swimming at the bottom of escalators in what could easily be someone’s watery grave. Most of the photos claimed headlines of a Kuwait Scientific Center problem in which walls were broken and sharks were able to swim free, but that was not the case. The real Kuwait Science Center had no such issues.

image via discovery.com

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