Think this guy will think twice about mugging you for your food? Think again.

Each week, we bring you the top 5 amazing, ridiculous or just plain awesome pet and animal stories from around the web. We call them, the Furry Five:

5. Bo Obama is a fan of photobombing

What’s the first reaction you have when you see a group of people about to take a picture? If you’re anything like us then it’s “Oooo, I’d really like to ruin their picture somehow!”

Well, apparently, first dog, Bo Obama, thinks just like us as he decided to run through a shot that a reporter for Univision was doing in front of the white house. Hopefully next time Bo puts bunny ears on him though.

4. British man gets out-foxed

A man weighing 15-stone, which we’ll assume to mean plenty bloody big, guv’nuh, was mugged of his food by a wild fox. The man was returning from Tesco, a British grocery store, when the fox accosted him. Apparently, the man tried to go around the fox, but the fox cornered him. The man was eventually forced to give up his garlic bread which the fox took and scampered off. No word yet on why the fox didn’t hold out for the pickled herring, mayonnaise, malt vinegar, and other English delicacies the man was carrying.

3. Sponsor gives Trump the dump

Loud mouthed toupee model, and host of Celebrity Apprentice host, Donald Trump, recently lost a sponsor on account of his sons’ trip to Africa. Whilst in Africa, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump shot and killed a multitude of exotic animals, prompting Camping World to pull their sponsorship of Celebrity Apprentice. This is of course baffling because you’d have thought Camping World would’ve revoked their sponsorship over the dead muskrat Trump wears on his head.

2. This cat thinks it’s a dog

Me-ow! Or should we say, woof?

1. Feral cat control measure gets voted down in Corpus Christi

In case there was any doubt that cats are at an all time high in popularity, the residents of Corpus Christi have spoken out ferociously against an ordinance that would reduce the already unsustainable number of feral cats in the city. Let this week forever be remembered as the week where residents of Texas when faced with the option of either having to kill wild cats or have their city overrun by wild cats chose the latter option.

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