Each week, we bring you the top 5 amazing, ridiculous or just plain awesome pet and animal stories from around the web. We call them, the Furry Five:

5. ‘Love Hotel’ for Dogs in Brazil

Brazil has one of the world’s largest dog populations, second only to the United States, and as such several entrepreneurs have set out to fill the void of having hotels for dogs. But these hotels for the furry friends are not your average pet hotels. No, they are designed specifically to harbor freedom for their dogs to mate as they please. One of the hotel’s creators believes there is a need for this sort of business because “[according to] market studies, people work all day long and do not know where to drop their pets for mating.” Whether or not you are one who desires to help your pets get jiggy with other companions, it will be interesting to see how successful a hotel that is first of its kind can truly be.

image via petswelcome.com

4. Argos the Dog takes his friend Shadow for a Walk.

Wouldn’t you love it if you could train one of your dogs to take your other dog on a walk? That way you’d never have to get up! Well, that’s exactly what they did. Check out this video:

3. Human Yawns Unleash Dog Yawns Too!

You’ve always heard the old idea that yawns are contagious. Well, now it’s being applied not only to fellow humans, but our canine friends as well. According to new research, dogs catch their yawns from the sounds that yawns make and further results also showed an interesting interplay between contagion and social effects. That is, yawns are partly contagious and partly due to a social desire to appear empathetic to those that are yawning; albeit, unconsciously. Finally the article notes that “not only were dogs found to catch human yawns, but they were also found to yawn more at familiar than unfamiliar yawns.” Do your dogs follow your yawns?

image via blogspot.com

2. Lions and Tigers Grow up as Siblings, oh my!

1. Giant Crocodile Breaks Record Size

Found in the Philippines and nicknamed, Lolong, this crocodile has done it big. It has managed to grow in length all the way up to 20.24 feet.  At that length, it’s won the Guinness Book of Records title for being the world’s largest crocodile. The Guinness record is based on data by experts like crocodile zoologist Adam Britton, who measured the animal in his home research center.  And as if it weren’t scary enough to just know that these beasts roam the Earth, news has come out that this particular crocodile has been responsible for several recent fatal attacks. That’s enough for us to say let’s just stay out of the swamps for awhile, don’t you think?

image via nationalgeographic.com

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