Each week, we bring you the top 5 amazing, ridiculous or just plain awesome pet and animal stories from around the web. We call them, the Furry Five:

5. Hang ten! These goats take surfing to a whole new level.

Surfing has been around for quite a while. And although humans aren’t the only ones to try surfing, this is definitely a first for the land-dwelling, tin-can-eating animals that are goats. One man’s passion for surfing has mixed with his ownership of pet goats as he took his pets to play in the water not too long ago off the California shores. He started with some on-shore drills just like any beginner out there would do and then took to the water to slowly show his goats how it’s done.

image via salon.com

4. iPads for Orangutans

3. Cops Handle Noise Complaint About Swearing Parrot
You know the drill, you party a little too hard, people get a little out of hand, and before you know it the cops are called on you for being too loud. Noise complaints common place for college kids and party-goers alike who sometimes get a little too rowdy for their own good. But this story is a little different. This time the cops are called on a parrot. Yes, you read that correctly. A parrot who had learned several vulgarities turned out to be the culprit when an annoyed neighbor decided to phone the police.

image via oshonews.com

2. Elephant Car Wash

1. Singer-Songwriter Frank Ocean Credits his Dog on Latest Album
Here at Petsami, we know how much our fans like their pets, but not every pet lover out there has given credit to their pet for creative inspiration. Frank Ocean, the R&B singer-songwriter who has been getting increasingly more popular as of lately is quite a dog lover. According to him, the credit for his music comes from his dog named Everest. Ocean even goes so far as to place his dog’s name as an executive producer in the credits of his latest album.



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