Each week, we bring you the top 5 amazing, ridiculous or just plain awesome pet and animal stories from around the web. We call them, the Furry Five:

5. Remorseful Thief Returns Puppy

After successfully pulling off the puppy heist of the century, a thief was confronted by his own church’s pastor who correctly identified him as the culprit in a surveillance video of the incident. The pup burglar, at least had the decency to feel some remorse about the situation because after talking to his pastor he agreed to return the dog valued at approximately $1000.

image via lolpie.com

4. Labrador Climbing Gym

3. Rare Hymalayan Snow Leopard Caught on Camera

An extremely rare leopard has been caught on camera at the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve  in the Himalayas. This is only the second spotting of a snow leopard in two years, this time on the outskirts of the Farkya village. Although a special surveillance project was enacted several years ago in an effort to monitor these elusive animals, it was merely luck that this one was captured on film.

image via dailymail.co.uk

2. Mini Horse Wake-Boarding

1. Should You Leave the Air Conditioning on for Your Dog?

It’s a common practice for penny-pinching people of the world to turn the thermostat up or even turn it off when they leave the house, but is that harmful to their pets? A debate has started over what the proper custom should be. On one side, people say dogs have adapted through genetics over the duration of their existence to be fine in different climates, while others believe dogs may overheat and that it’s unfair to keep them cooped up with no air flow. Read on and make a decision for yourself.

image via pawnation.com

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