Love dogs? football? Star Wars? Chances are, you’re into one of the three!  Which is why millions of humans are tuning into the Big Game this Superbowl Sunday.  My favorite part of game time is watching my fellow doggie actors shine in the most creative commercials of the year!  According to USA Today’s 2011 Superbowl Ad Meter, dog-centric commercials tied for first place as last year’s best Superbowl spots.  Advertisers know they can’t go wrong when it comes to kids, dogs… or apparently, Star Wars.

For the second year in a row, the genius ad execs at Volkswagon have produced some of the country’s favorite spots, garnering millions of hits online even before Superbowl Sunday ~ The Bark Side, starring my buddy Duke… and The Dog Strikes Back.  The all-new, super-sporty 2012 VW Beetle inspires the adorable dog, Bolt, to get off the couch and get in shape, in order to chase after with this awesome automobile.  Now, disclaimer: I do NOT suggest any of my fellow dogs escape their house and chase after anything, especially cars!  But, I love all of Bolt’s ruff-fitness ideas: chasing a ball up and down the stairs, building his core with a bosu ball, jogging on a doggie treadmill, pulling weights on a carpet, doing laps in and around the pool, and… the most difficult of all… ignoring bits of supper dropping onto the kitchen floor!  Volkswagon had a hit with last year’s Darth Vader kid spot, The Force, but in my canine opinion?  VW hit the Superbowl Jackpot this year with not one, but TWO FURbulous canine-powered commercials.  It certainly makes me want mom to buy a Volkswagon.

On behalf of my canine actors, I thank you, ad execs at VW.  And on a shameless note… please, keep me in mind if you need a skateboarding pomeranian for a commercial next Superbowl Sunday!  what do you think?  Are you more likely to buy a product if the commercial stars a dog? (or cat?) (or meerkat?)

Lick on.  Hope your humans share lots of Superbowl num nums with you this Sunday!  Just remember to work it off, like Bolt ;)



PS ~ jumping onto my soap box… When humans star in national commercials, they receive a bit of money, called a residual, for each time the commercial airs.  When companies use doggie actors, we are essentially hired as “props”… our trainers make more than us… and even worse, we don’t see a penny if the commercial is a success, as animal actors aren’t eligible for residuals.  So for the humans in Screen Actors Guild.  Don’t you think it’s about time we dogs were accepted into the union?  Just imagine how much $$$ we could donate to animal charities, if animal actors made residuals like humans!  I guess, one paw at a time :) if any fellow animal actors want to petition for residuals, bark at me…