A furry four legged friend will never let you down on Valentine's Day

A witty human named Edward Jesse once declared, “With the exception of women, there is nothing on earth so agreeable or necessary to the comfort of man as the dog.”  Well, I bark to differ.  We dogs have earned the title of human’s best friend for good reason.

Think about it.  You wake up in the morning… and we lick you with all we got.  Because we love you and… we’re secretly hoping our licks may inspire you to skip the shower, and spend more time in bed cuddling with us!  And when you come home… whether it be after a quick 5 minute errand outside, a stressful day at work, or even a long vacation… we greet you with ecstasy and enthusiasm, no questions asked, no matter how long you’ve been away.

Unconditional love isn’t a think we dogs strive for.  It is as much apart of our DNA as our perfectly kissable noses and deliciously fragranced paws.

Valentine’s Day, or as many humans call it, Singles Awareness Day, is fast approaching.  And we dogs couldn’t be more thrilled!  It is the one time of the year many humans acknowledge our importance, as the one creature in their universe who treats every day like a celebration of love.  I’ve lost track of how many suiters have come and gone over the last 9 years … only to pave the way for me to swoop in as my mom’s love hero on Valentine’s Day.

It is a day for animals and humans to acknowledge and appreciate the importance of fur-ever love that I look forward to every year.  Mom & I usually celebrate with a hike, bubble bath and scrumptious dinner together… champagne and strawberries not included.  That usually helps take my mom’s mind off whichever male suitor in her life forgot the dreaded Vday, or dismissed it as a stupid commercialized Hallmark holiday.

And even when I like mom’s boyfriend (which I do this year… hi buddy, if you’re reading this!) I hope the bond I share with my mother inspires him to be a better human… because I can’t think of a better role model for men, than us dogs.  Can you??

Seriously, is there anyone else you'd rather see on V Day?

So if infinite 2-legged loyalty is hard to find, you may want to lower your stands.  Visually.  Unless you are a little person, and you want a giant dog :)  I promise, adopting a dog (or cat!) is the best gift you can give yourself.  And what better way to bring love into your life, than Valentine’s Day?!  There are millions of homeless pets just waiting to encapsulate you with more joy than you can imagine.

And this year, it’s even easier to find your perfect match.  A new initiative from the Richmond SPCA called “Meet Your Match” helps simplify the process with a creative, color-coded series of questions that determine the needs, personality and energy levels best suited for you in your new pet.

And for the rest of my friends?  A new campaign from The Shelter Pet Project promotes local animal rescue organizations, and provides a website that can help you search for a needy pet in your area.  Even if you’re not ready for the responsibility of a four-legged love, consider fostering or even sponsoring a homeless pet, so they may have a better chance of finding their furever home!

For anyone on the fence, this adorable video from The Shelter Pet Project entitled, “People Park” may do you good.

Whether it’s with a new or old four-legged love, or a worthy human, I hope you all have the best Valentine’s Day!

Sending you licks, and all the happiness you deserve…

Your cupid,

Preston Casanova

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