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The Fluffington Post and the ASPCA have joined forces to create a new campaign that is as cute as it is motivating. Designed by illustrator Kiersten Essenpreis, T-shirts offered by the Fluffington Post feature Rosie the Retriever and the slogan “We Can Chew It!” Punny? Yes. Cute? You know it. They’re based on a World War II promotional image depicting women in the work force and featuring the character Rosie the Riveter with the slogan “We Can Do It!” We’ll take one each for the entire staff! Three dollars from every shirt sale will benefit the ASPCA in its continuing efforts to halt animal abuse and find families for homeless animals.

Doggone adorable!

Good looking!

Available in men’s and women’s cuts, the Rosie the Retriever design is printed on soft, high-quality Alternative Apparel t-shirts. And this ain’t a pajama kind of shirt! As the FluffPo proudly boasts, this is an “I’ll wear it to really cool parties and all my friends will be jealous” kind of article of clothing. So what are you waiting for? Show your dog-love pride and help support a great cause, all while being the style envy of your pals. And then maybe they’ll get T-shirts, too! And then you can all be stylish animal advocates!

Shirts are $19 each — not bad considering some cotton T-shirts can cost $50. (We’ve seen it, folks.)

We can chew it indeed!

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