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It was a homerun for Muttville this weekend when one lucky older dog got to meet San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum.

Age is usually a death sentence for older dogs who find themselves without a home. Often suffering from chronic health issues and no longer adorable puppies, they are often left on the sidelines to watch as younger dogs get adopted out to furever homes. But one rescue in San Francisco gives senior dogs a second chance before they strike out. Founded by Sherri Franklin in 2007, Muttville specializes in rescuing, fostering, and finding new homes for dogs older than eight.

Timmy with Muttville founder Sherri.

Proving that senior dogs still deserve all the perks of puppyhood, one very lucky dog named Timmy got to join SF Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum on the field as part of a very special day for Timmy and the selfless volunteers of Muttville.

Before hitting the field, Timmy and the gang got to enjoy a tailgate party sponsored by popchips in the AT&T park lot.

Mmm … pop chips!

Ready to watch the game!

When it neared game time, Timmy hit up the step-and-repeat with Sherri, where they both got a moment with Tim Lincecum, who was happy to receive the pooch. What a lucky moment for everyone!

Timmy meets Tim Lincecum!

So cute!

Muttville has printed up special limited-edition baseball T-shirts to commemorate the special occasion. Quick, get yours before they run out!

Quick! Get yours!

Photos via the Muttville Facebook page

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