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Created in January 2012 by the creators of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Petsami is a digital entertainment network featuring fun and funny pet and animal videos and shows – all hosted by pets and animals themselves who advocate embracing your inner animal instincts. See a car you want to chase? Go for it. See a couch you want to claw? Be our guest.

While the channel is directed at those with fur, feathers, scales, claws, and paws, humans need not feel left out. There is plenty of programming that will appeal to the opposable thumb crowd. Heck, homosapiens might even learn a thing or two for once by tuning into Petsami.

You might be saying “hey wait, slow down, how is the channel going to be ‘by pets?’ Surely humans are going to be running things like they always do.” Not this time is the answer. Every single one of our shows is hosted by an animal. Whether it be Monkey Parker, the stoic anchor of Leashline News or KlipKat the boho shorthair host of the eponymous KlipKat, the only leads you’ll see on this show will be an animal that doesn’t walk upright and feel ashamed about being naked. Celebrity animal advocates Carrie Ann InabaLu Parker, and Laura Nativo round out the Petsami pack and help our best friends in everything they do for Petsami!

So whether you want to laugh, learn, or yell, pull up a chair, or curl up on the warm keyboard if it makes you more comfortable, we’ve got a pet show to sate every one of your animal instincts.

StayWild with Petsami!

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