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kitty jump fail & is halle berry overrated?

KlipKat defends Catwoman.

May 04, 2012 KlipKat

cat hoarders!


March 16, 2012 KlipKat
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Cat, Desert, Hot Dog: Relish the Moment

You will relish this post

March 13, 2012 KlipKat
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cat thinks it’s molly ringwald

KlipKat takes a brief break from talking about Meryl Streep to tell us that she thinks she’s Molly Ringwald. Don’t let the next video sneak

March 08, 2012 KlipKat

the cat who played with fire

Kitty reconnects with an old flame

March 01, 2012 KlipKat
Yarning To Be Free

Cat, Desert, Hot Dog: Yarning to be free

This cat has seen the mountaintop and it made him hungry

February 28, 2012 KlipKat
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little girl plays with her kitty

Need a hand

February 23, 2012 KlipKat

Kitten got too drunk to walk

This kitten just can't figure out the whole stairs thing

February 10, 2012 KlipKat

This one’s in the bag

Catch a funny clip of a cat who really gets caught up one afternoon

February 03, 2012 KlipKat

Armpit licker

KlipKat watches in horror as a kitty can't get enough of her owner's armpit

January 27, 2012 KlipKat
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