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10 dogs that auditioned for Magic Mike

In case you haven’t heard, Magic Mike, the new movie about an aspiring stripper starring Channing Tatum is about to come out and we here

June 26, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

10 animals dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Three years ago today, the world lost one of the biggest performers of all time: Michael Jackson. Whether you were an avid fan that loved

June 25, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
horse car

Tired horse hitches a ride in car

A horse sits in the backseat of a tiny car on the freeway. Want more LOL pet & animal videos? Subscribe to Petsami! Follow Petsami on

June 22, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
shark cat 1

Rare breed of shark cats found off the coast of Brazil

Shark cat, shark cat, does whatever a shark cat does… 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Want more LOL pet & animal videos? Subscribe to Petsami! Follow

June 21, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

10 dogs that are hardcore NBA fans

It’s NBA finals time and the Miami Heat currently lead the Oklahoma Thunder 2-1. Whether you’re a Heat fan or a Thunder fan, you can

June 19, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

15 dogs with eyebrows

Although not every dog is lucky enough to have perfect vision, they still can look extra cute with crazy eyebrows. Check out the furry brows

June 18, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

10 chinchillas chillin’

Feeling a bit hungover from last night? The best way to cure that hangover is by chillin’ on the couch, drinking tons of water and

June 16, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
doggy apple

10 animals react to Apple Keynote

Stop what you’re doing! Apple just announced some big news today at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.  For many animals, the

June 11, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

15 cats that suck at hiding

Remember playing hide-and-seek as a kid? The simpler times were so much fun without all this technology. Now it seems every kid has a iPhone

June 05, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
shutterstock_102089359 copy

Dumb poses cats do on Faceboook

Did you know that over 200 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. Yeah, it’s crazy. Photos are a way to show people what

June 04, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

10 animals that just ate a warhead

Remember when you were a kid and you would try to shove as many Warheads in your mouth, but ended up with burns on your

May 29, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
Emerald Warrior 2011

10 brave air force dogs jumping out of planes

To some, Memorial Day may be just an excuse to have a 3 day weekend. But it is a holiday that should be taken very

May 28, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
2s2 asdasdasd

15 animals that don’t mess around

Animals can be dangerous and have been known to attack humans if they feel they are a threat. Usually, they let us know what’s up

May 23, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

15 unbelievable handimals

Incredible hand painting art created by talented Italian artist Guido Daniele. The attention to detail make it hard to believe that they were actually painted

May 22, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

30 cats that watched the solar eclipse

Sunday was marked by an interesting astronomical phenomenon: an annular (ring-shaped) solar eclipse, which occurs when Earth’s moon passes between our planet and the sun.

May 21, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

10 dogs that bark softly but carry big sticks

Dogs have always loved playing fetch. It’s a great way to get your dog some exercise. But some dogs have the ability to carry a

May 21, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

15 photos of Mark Zuckerberg’s adorable dog

Facebook went public today with the stock price starting at $38. Many project it to be the biggest IPO in tech history! But what about

May 18, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
monkey-flipping-off-middle-fin asdfasdfa sdfger-funny-comedy-animal-chimpze copy

15 monkeys flipping the bird

Let’s face it…Thursdays suck! It’s like we have to endure 1 more day of work before we can hit the weekend! So without further adieu,

May 17, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
cat-heart-3 asdasdasd

10 cats that love love

There’s nothing cuter than when your cat snuggles up on your lap or purs on your leg. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy

May 17, 2012 Funny Pet Lists

15 of the best texts from dog

If you haven’t had a chance to stumble over to “Text From Dog” yet, we highly suggest doing so ASAP! As the title of the

May 16, 2012 Funny Pet Lists
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