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Ask Preston: Canine Birthday Cake Recipe Ideas?

Hey Preston, My dogs birthday is coming up, do you know a great dog-friendly cake recipe? He loves chocolate but I know that dogs can’t

July 06, 2012 Ask Preston
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Ask Preston: Help, I think my dog has pica!

Hello Preston! Things have been going very well with our recently rescued dog- except for one thing.. he is still eating/chewing things that aren’t food-

June 27, 2012 Ask Preston
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Ask Preston: Is the Faux-Grass Greener?

Dear Preston, I just got a puppy and live in a small apartment. I wanted to get one of those “Grass Pad” things so my

June 20, 2012 Ask Preston
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Ask Preston: Homemade Dog Food

Dear Preston, I want to make my dog homemade dog food. Do you have a favorite recipe? Thanks! Brandy Let’s give Brandy a round of

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Ask Preston: Should my dog stay in a doggie hotel?

Dear Preston, I am going out of town on a vacation and have to find a place for my dog to stay while I am

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Ask Preston: What’s the best way to potty train my dog?

Hey Preston, What’s the best way to teach my dog how to be potty trained? Robert Hi Robert! Ahhh, the joys of potty training!  I

May 23, 2012 Ask Preston, Blogs

Ask Preston: Where are LA’s best dog-friendly beaches?

Brad writes: What are the best dog friendly beaches in Los Angeles? Aloha Brad! Paws in the water, tails in the sand… us dogs on

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Ask Preston: 10 tips to teach your dog how to surf

From Tammy, Hey Preston! I want to teach my dog how to surf…Any pointers? Hi Tammy! The Beach Boys were right.  If everybody had an


Ask Preston: 15 tips for camping with your dog

From Seth, When camping with your dog, what are your tips for making the trip more enjoyable for both of us? Dear Seth, Ahhh… the

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Ask Preston: Looking to adopt another rescue dog?

From Eric Wyatt Preston! I have a three year old lab mix and I want to get another rescue dog. What’s the best way to

April 25, 2012 Ask Preston
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Ask Preston: What’s the best way to introduce two dogs?

From Tom I’m looking to adopt a new dog but am afraid he/she may not get along with my current dog. What’s the best way

April 18, 2012 Ask Preston
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Ask Preston: Have you ever met Mr. Winkle?

Hi Preston – Let me first say how much I love you. I saw you on America’s Greatest Dog. I was wondering if you have

April 11, 2012 Ask Preston

De-Mat’ifying Daily Grooming

Linda B. from Wenatachee, WA says her dog doesn't mind bath time so much as she does brushing time and asks for my suggestions on

January 31, 2012 Ask Preston

Fitness for Fido

Kimberly from Las Vegas wants to know how Preston stays in such tip-top shape

January 26, 2012 Ask Preston

There’s Something About Being Spayed & Neutered

Though he's still a stud with the ladies, Janene from Los Angeles asks Preston how he feels about being neutered

January 24, 2012 Ask Preston

Bath Time Advice

Cori asks about making bath time better for her two dogs, Sophie & Lexi

January 23, 2012 Ask Preston

Ask Preston: The place fur pets, by pets

It’s not every day a Pomeranian has the opportunity to reach millions of humans online

January 22, 2012 Ask Preston
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