Ask a Tiger: Are tigers more solitary than other cats?

  @AskATiger Are tigers more solitary than other cats? #forlornfeline — julieann (@juleserick14) July 11, 2012   Hey Julie Ann, hang on a sec. You’ve

July 19, 2012 Ask A Tiger

Ask a Tiger: Most cats hate water, but do you like to swim?

@askatiger I know most cats hate the water, but it’s the summer and since it’s hot I’m wondering if you like to go swimming? —

July 12, 2012 Ask A Tiger
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Ask Preston: Canine Birthday Cake Recipe Ideas?

Hey Preston, My dogs birthday is coming up, do you know a great dog-friendly cake recipe? He loves chocolate but I know that dogs can’t

July 06, 2012 Ask Preston

Ask a Tiger: What do you use to write your column?

@AskATiger Do you have your own laptop, use BlueTooth tech, or dictate tweets to a human? -Tom… — HumaneSocietySedona (@HumaneSocSedona) June 26, 2012  

July 05, 2012 Ask A Tiger

Ask a Tiger: Why do you have a Twitter?

@AskATiger Why do you have a twitter? — steven keashonn (@stevenKetchup) June 21, 2012 Why do I have twitter? That’s a great question, @stevenKetchup and

June 28, 2012 Ask A Tiger
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Ask Preston: Help, I think my dog has pica!

Hello Preston! Things have been going very well with our recently rescued dog- except for one thing.. he is still eating/chewing things that aren’t food-

June 27, 2012 Ask Preston

15 proud otters and bears strike a pose

We think there needs to be an America’s Next Top Animal Model T.V. show. In honor of our lofty dream, we created this list of

June 22, 2012 Pawster
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Ask a Tiger: What’s Your Favorite Food?

@AskATiger ..what’s your favourite food? — Emily Mcleod † (@emilymcleood) May 31, 2012   You’re lucky I just had something to eat, @emilymcleood, otherwise I

June 21, 2012 Ask A Tiger
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Ask Preston: Is the Faux-Grass Greener?

Dear Preston, I just got a puppy and live in a small apartment. I wanted to get one of those “Grass Pad” things so my

June 20, 2012 Ask Preston

Ask A Tiger: Why Do Tigers Have Stripes?

@AskATiger why are you striped? x — David Smith (@davadski) June 4, 2012   Grrreat question! You know, I’ve often wondered that myself. Why do

June 14, 2012 Ask A Tiger
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Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Look At Fetching

Coming June 18 from Vuguru Studios. Check out this behind the scenes look at Fetching! When independent Liza ditches her successful fiancé and lucrative law

June 13, 2012 Pawster

Exclusive: A Sneak Peek Of Fetching

Have you ever dreamed of leaving your comfortable high paying job at a prestigious law firm to start a doggie-day care center?…We didn’t think so!

June 11, 2012 Pawster

Ask A Tiger: What’s The One Animal You’re Afraid Of?

What is the one animal that you’re afraid of? @AskATiger — The Life Game (@the_life_game) May 31, 2012 Big Raj responds Grrr @the_life_game You should

June 07, 2012 Ask A Tiger
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Ask Preston: Homemade Dog Food

Dear Preston, I want to make my dog homemade dog food. Do you have a favorite recipe? Thanks! Brandy Let’s give Brandy a round of

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Ask A Tiger: Do you like squirrels?

@AskATiger Do you like squirrels? As friends, not as meals — Becky & Brittany (@WorkSquirrel) May 25, 2012 Big Raj responds Hello @WorkSquirrel, I absolutely

May 31, 2012 Ask A Tiger
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Ask Preston: Should my dog stay in a doggie hotel?

Dear Preston, I am going out of town on a vacation and have to find a place for my dog to stay while I am

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Ask a Tiger: Bears vs Tigers? Who Wins the Hunger Games?

@AskATiger Hungry bear and hungry tiger want the same food – which one gets it? — Cody The Puppy (@TheSweetestPupp) May 17, 2012 Big Raj

May 24, 2012 Ask A Tiger
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Ask Preston: What’s the best way to potty train my dog?

Hey Preston, What’s the best way to teach my dog how to be potty trained? Robert Hi Robert! Ahhh, the joys of potty training!  I

May 23, 2012 Ask Preston, Blogs

Ask A Tiger: How many white tigers are there in the world?

@AskATiger Eeek!I don’t want to be eaten. How many white tigers are there in the world. — Janet Hoben (@janetfax) April 5, 2012   Big

May 17, 2012 Ask A Tiger
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