u can haz diabetic seizure

This weekend, a kitty named Pudding saved his owner, Any Jung, less than 24 hours after being adopted, when Amy into a diabetic seizure. Yahoo Shine has the full story

Pudding sat on her chest, nudging and nipping at her face until she woke up. She briefly regained consciousness, but couldn’t summon Ethan. Pudding again played Superman, pouncing on the boy, who then woke up and called for help.

Jung — and her doctors — don’t think she would have survived the night if not for Pudding’s heroics. He’s since learned to sit by Jung’s feet and meow when he senses that her blood sugar is low.

In an unrelated story, a local tabby has become frustrated that licking his owner while she sleeps and pouncing on her son doesn’t result in getting a late night meal.

Now our top five pet rescues:

Pet Boa Predicts Owners Seizures

Is that a seizure you're having or are you just nervous to see me?

Redrock, a boa has successfully alerted his owner three times of an impending seizure by wrapping himself around the human’s neck. Personally we’d prefer a simple “you’re going to have a seizure, bro!” But we suppose that maybe we should just be happy that Redrock can detect seizures in the first place. [TakePart]

Dog Gives Owner The Heimlich 

I went and grabbed this body bag in case you don't survive!

When Debbie Parkhurst began choking on an apple and failed to successfully perform the Heimlich on herself, she thought she was a goner. Luckily, her golden retriever, Toby, knocked her to the ground and started hitting her back with his fore legs until she coughed up the apple. Let that be a lesson to you, Debbie. Carbs kill. [MSNBC]

Charlie The Guard Bird

Macaw said knock you out

An Alaskan man was in the process of being beaten and robbed when his pet macaw, Charlie, proverbially decided that Polly wanted a can of whoop ass. Charlie attacked and clawed the attackers who took a page out of famous Alaskan Sarah Palin’s book and decided to quit in the face of adversity. [TheStir]

Beagle Dials 911

I know I left that cell phone around here somewhere

Belle the beagle’s owner had just passed out due to low blood sugar levels. No sweat she said before calmly biting the 9 button on the phone which speed dialed 9-1-1. Belle’s owner is still alive and well and very glad he signed Belle up for that ROLLOVER minutes plan. [MSNBC]

Cat Saves Owners From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Big Brother cat is watching out after you

An Indiana family was awakened one night by the screaming meows of their cat, Winnie. Winnie had been able to detect an elevated level of carbon monoxide, which shares the nickname “the silent killer” with fireworks and locomotives. Because of Winnie, her owners were able to call 9-1-1 in time and be saved, allowing them to live and see their favorite show, The Wonder Years, finally make it  to Netflix Instant. [MSNBC]

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