Ruffs up, and welcome to Petsami, the first entertainment network fur pets, by pets! I am honored to join this menagerie of fun, silly, furry, slimy, feathery and damn sexy beasts, all coming together fur your cyber pleasure!

It is our #1 goal at Petsami to entertain, educate, and even empower you to help us make this world a better place fur animals. Ever since appearing on Greatest American Dog with momma, it’s been my passion to use 15 seconds of fame to make a difference. I am beyond grateful to Petsami for this new platform to stay connected with my closest fans and fur-riends!

It’s not every day a Pomeranian has the opportunity to reach millions of humans online, so I am launching my very own pet-advice column ~ #AskPreston Got a question about training? Need advice on traveling with your pet? Want to know what to look for in a veterinarian?

Please feel free to post, tweet, comment or email your questions about anything and everything pet-related. I’m on a quest to help deepen the bond you share with your pets, and help your four-legged loves live the happiest, healthiest life paw-sible!

Lick. Love. Pursue happy. And join me, on Petsami!

xox, Preston Casanova Nativo